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World Bank OKs $363M to Enhance Water Supply for 2M Rural Households in Karnataka
Fieldwork Class Studies Climate Change Signs in Hawaii
UC Davis Grows Tree Canopy for Climate Adaptation
Singleton Horticulture Project Assessed for Environmental Impact
New Groundwater Access Facility to Tackle Horn of Africa Droughts
World Bank: Water Security Vital for Development in South Sudan
Voluntary Water Purchasing Tender Launched to Bridge Gap
Black and Latinx Californians Most Exposed to Oil, Gas Wells
Water Tender to Bridge Murray-Darling Gap: Plan Opens
Groundwater Pollution & Sustainability: How Scientists Study
Microbes Key to Unlocking Forever Chemicals from Fertilizer
Launch of Water Academy at UN 2023 Water Conference
Peabody Mine Risk to Sydney’s Water: Report
Best foot forward from Greenpeace to blue carbon
Nitrate found to release uranium into groundwater: Study
Application Window Opens for 2024 Countryside Stewardship Agreements
Following water cycle in forest
Materials Research: New Supercomputer at KIT
River Deltas Valuable, Under Threat
Global Sustainable Ag Water Use: Is It Possible?
Ancient Microbial Dark Matter Explored in New Study
Advancing water treatment for sustainable future
UT Austin Examines Global Water Supply
Forever Chemicals Risk for Skiers, Snowboarders Unrecognized
Warming Brings More Intense Droughts, Wet Events
Nitrate Pollution Converted to Ammonia Efficiently
Lower Great Southern’s next major water source ramps up
New study uncovers clues on Earth’s climate control
Nitrate in drinking water linked to prostate cancer risk
Researchers help reveal evidence of rare Roman Temple
How environmental disasters affect ecosystems
PFAS Found in Food from Plastic Containers
WVU expert creates tool to diagnose US stream health
Oregon State Invents Catalyst to Purify Herbicide-Contaminated Water, Generate Hydrogen
Niger Joins UN Water Convention, Saving Lake Chad
New study could help pinpoint hidden helium gas fields
Honeycombs in desert
Geotech Works Kick Off At Bendigo Games Village
UK and Int’l Effort to Clear Nuclear Waste Sites Announced
Murray-Darling Basin Authority Communique 28 February
Electricity Generated from Wastewater Filtration Process
Lemon Springs February update
If peatland burns, water bodies and drinking water can suffer
Arsenic Taints Private Wells in Western Great Basin
Bridging Gap under Murray-Darling Basin Plan
Murray-Darling Basin: Strategic Water Purchasing to Fill Supply Gap
Arsenic Detection Enhanced in Water, Food, Soil
Japan Investigates Land Subsidence Using DInSAR, Material Conservation