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Seafood industry waste product could help protect New Zealand’s rivers and streams
Laser research to boost deep space missions
Cross city pipeline project almost complete
Smartphone screens effective sensors for soil or water contamination
Research reports strong indications of freshened groundwater offshore Maltese Islands
Flood Forecasting Centre first 10 years
Landholder certainty vapourised with gas plan
Researchers tap into how we might better manage water
Freshwater linked to beachworm deaths
UBCO researchers light way to cleaner water
Three Wageningen scientists awarded Vidi-grant
Childhood Lead Exposure May Adversely Affect Adult Personalities
Researchers: Let crop residues rot in field – it’s a climate win
Dry June in Perth sees almost half average rainfall for month
Curtin rock physics whiz awarded international honour
Regional workshop on disruptive technologies for improved groundwater management
EPA rules out poisoning as cause of beach worm deaths
Himalayas: water resources under threat
WUR uses groundwater for heating and cooling
Biodiversity ‘hotspots’ imperiled along California’s streams
Critical minerals portal to strengthen supply chains
Scientists turn contaminated soil from waste to resource
Environment Agency and eBay crack down on illegal vehicle breakers
Temporary water restriction for Upper Lachlan groundwater extended
Federal government must audit Adani’s water plans
World’s deepest nuclear clean-up underway
Habitats protected in Norfolk through stricter abstraction limits
Highways England digs deep to prepare improvement to vital East Anglia junction
Metal catalysts used for environmental sustainability found to degrade and become less effective
Efficient biofilters can slow climate change
State Government confirms only Heatherton site will be considered for train stabling yards
New measures announced to fight tomorrow’s drought today
Ultra-Sensitive Radiation Detectors Provide Deeper Dive into Groundwater
Bioreactors chip away at nitrogen pollution
Scientists offer a new way to identify ‘sweet spots’ for managed aquifer recharge
Groundwater Depths Affect Nutrient Resorption of Desert Phreatophyte
Dragonflies: Species losses and gains in Germany
Clean bill of health for Macquarie Island marine life 5 June 2021
Mars has right ingredients for present-day microbial life beneath its surface, study finds
Forecast looks at Columbia Basin water availability
Sustainable archaeology: Research into Easter Island’s past may aid its residents today
Uneven flow: When water catchments don’t recover from drought
Switch off sprinklers to save precious water this winter
TRC commences Pilton landfill rehabilitation
Keeping more ammonium in soil could decrease pollution, boost crops
Good bacteria can temper chemotherapy side effects
UNH research: Journey of PFAS in wastewater facilities highlights regulation challenges
Lemon Springs update