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Effects of melting glaciers on food production in South Asia
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High-tech metals germanium and gallium from deep sea?
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In sediments below Antarctic ice, scientists discover giant groundwater system
Water scarcity predicted to worsen in more than 80% of croplands globally this century
Caltech Breaks Ground on Resnick Sustainability Center
Biden-Harris Administration Announces $10 Million in Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Investments for Tribal Water Systems
New articles for Geosphere posted online in April
Lemon Springs project update
Local innovative technology to assist Swan Valley Groundwater Investigation Project
Risk of lower groundwater levels in northern Sweden with warmer climate
Health, environment and imaging are focus of this year’s Schmidt Transformative Technology Fund grants
Can planting tree tackle climate change?
New treatment plant secures Clifton’s water future
Water security plan for Lower Hunter
Developers also have role in managing construction waste
Better gauge of dry river flows
Researchers model landscape formation on Titan, revealing an Earthlike alien world
How to assess community’s resilience
$5 Million NSF Grant to Address Climate Inequities Through Data and Narratives
It’s pore that counts
New research detects pre-eruption warning signals at Whakaari White Island and other active volcanoes
Geotech investigations to get underway for pumped hydro at Lake Onslow
How much methane and CO2 do Siberian lakes gather during winter?
Groundwater level threatens to fall in Germany due to climate change
Atlas of Australian Mine Waste puts secondary prospectivity on map
Bacteria generate electricity from methane
Iron bacteria blooms in Blue Mountains given wet period
Data from Geoscience Australia underpins massive exploration activity across Northern Territory
Telethon grants give boost to children’s health research
New Exploring for Future results confirm NT as exciting exploration frontier
When floodwaters recede, where do they go?
Week in life of Council during flood
Lemon Springs update April 2022
Water Security project for Wellington’s future needs
NSW SES Evacuation Warning – Stuarts Point
QUT grant success to focus on key Australian economic industries and environment
From lab to slab: rubber concrete flexes into residential market
Sandbags available at Stuarts Point
Queensland Premier speaks out for producers affected by coal seam gas development