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Optimising gut health helps to prevent antibiotic resistance
Secret of plant dietary fibre structure revealed
Heartburn treatment a poor match to cancer drug
Yale teams get multi-million-dollar awards to study biology of Parkinson’s
Antibiotic pre-treatment reduces joint inflammation
Mayo scientists develop mathematical index to distinguish healthy microbiome from diseased
Immune system affects mind and body, study indicates
Study tracks human milk nutrients in infant microbiome
Each human gut has a viral “fingerprint”
Antibiotics associated with increased risk of inflammatory bowel disease
Hidden Math of Bacterial Behavior
Team will use zebrafish in new study of aquatic symbioses
A new tool for modeling human gut microbiome
Penn State Microbiome Center and GALT enter collaboration to advance research
Scientists discover key to restricting antibiotic resistant bacteria
Unparalleled inventory of human gut ecosystem
Changes in senior roles at EMBL
Bird droppings carry risk of antibiotic resistance
Mom and baby share “good bacteria” through breast milk
Gut bacteria improve type 2 diabetes risk prediction
Inaugural global bidirectional grants awarded at Emory
Inflammatory bowel disease linked to doubling in dementia risk
Pioneering research reveals certain human genes relate to gut bacteria
Ohio State Study: Prenatal Stress Can Cause Long-Term Behavioral Deficits In Mice
Vitamin D could help mitigate chemotherapy side effects
Study investigates potential for gut microbiome to alter drug safety and efficacy
Environmental contaminants alter gut microbiome, health
Researchers use old equations coupled with new methods to help decode massively complex gut microbiome
Close encounters in forest: western lowland gorillas
Scientists Explore Links Between Genetics, Gut Microbiome, and Memory
How could Covid-19 and body’s immune response affect brain?
Calling citizen scientists: contribute to research on COVID-19 and microbiome
New WSU-PNNL partnership to advance gut microbiome science
Origin of Feces: coproID Reliably Predicts Sources of Ancient Poop
Heart study debunks meat metabolite myth
Researchers Get Important Glimpse Into Microbiome Development in Early Life
Researchers reveal mechanisms behind a natural bacteria killer
New video game enlists players to help advance scientific research
Lifestyle trumps geography in determining makeup of gut microbiome
Drug Used to Treat Liver Disease Also Affects C. diff Life Cycle, Reduces Inflammation
Antibiotics can limit body’s ability to uptake analgesics
Mapping Bacterial Neighborhoods in Gut
Gut bacteria and immune system-mapping out interactions
Dr Meagan Craven wins 2020 Minister’s Award
Study links depressive symptoms during pregnancy with lowered immunity in infants
Microba co-founder and gut analysis expert to head microbiome research at QUT
How transient invaders can transform an ecosystem
QIMR Berghofer researcher appointed to help guide childhood nutrition initiative