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Supplement appears to boost muscle, mitochondria health
Promising gut microbiota researcher receives prize
Gut bacteria differences between Black and white women linked to insulin sensitivity
New era for European molecular biology
Consuming sweeteners during pregnancy may affect baby’s microbiome and obesity risk
Study Finds Distinct Gut Microbiomes in Male and Female Carnivores
Genomic regions discovered that could help understand obesity
Research links gut fungi to intestinal inflammation in Crohn’s disease patients
New way to alter DNA, affect health circumvents gut bacteria
Study Finds Reduced Microbial Diversity in Guts of Wild Bears That Eat Human Food
Dietary fiber improves outcomes for melanoma patients on immunotherapy, research shows
High-fiber diet associated with improved progression-free survival and response to immunotherapy
High-fiber diet may improve response of melanoma patients to immunotherapy
Dietary fiber improves outcomes for melanoma patients on immunotherapy
People with IBD have more microplastics in their feces, study says
New species of bacteria named after John Innes Center
People with IBD have more microplastics in their feces
Pathway to better eye health runs through gut
Oral and gut microbes can inactivate an antidiabetic drug, Princeton scientists find
Bacterial Battle: How Protective Cultures Can Protect Us from Food-Borne Pathogens in Cheese
A step toward “living biotherapeutics”
Stool and Blood Preserved Early in HIV/AIDS Pandemic Reveal How Microbiome Influences Disease Susceptibility
Impact of drugs on gut microbes is greater than we thought
Gut Microbes May Drive Weight Gain after Smoking Cessation
Molecule found in seafood plays role in protecting and improving cognitive function, researchers find
New project to investigate impact of exercise on gut microbiota and brain health in middle age
Probiotics improve nausea and vomiting in pregnancy
How Social Dynamics Influence Gut Microbes of Wild Lemurs
Scientists attacking menacing ‘superbug’
Adding Single Type of Bacteria to Gut Microbiome Boosted Anti-Tumor Immunity in Mice
Adding single type of bacteria to gut microbiome boosted anti-tumor immunity
Study shows how digital and molecular data can be integrated and used to improve health
Scientists discover gut bacteria that improve memory in bees
Researchers discover gut bacteria that improve memory in bees
“We may soon reach a tipping point when AMR surpasses heart disease and other so-called lifestyle illness as leading cause
Scientists want to give formula-fed babies another option
Research links stress to Crohn’s disease flare-ups
When gut’s internal ecosystem goes awry, could an ancient if gross-sounding treatment make it right
Food scientists create zinc index for human body
Exercise increases body’s own ‘cannabis’ which reduces chronic inflammation, says new study
How inner dwellers of our gut affect our immunity
Fraternizing vampire bats share ‘social microbiomes’
Woodrat microbiomes: It’s who you are that matters most
Microbiome discovery may open new doors to development of treatments for gastrointestinal diseases
Gut bacteria don’t cause autism. Autistic kids’ microbiome differences are due to picky eating
Probing How Microbiomes Affect Our Health
Emory receives $6 million grant to accelerate Parkinson’s disease treatment research
New insights into how infant microbiome impacts early childhood behavior in boys and girls