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End GP Performance Pay: Decline in Care Quality in Scotland
Artificial Enzyme Developed to Quickly Detect Disease-Related Hormones in Sweat
Protect Vital Heart Health Test from Cuts
Mutation Linked to Arrhythmia: Protein Breakdown Mechanism of Heart Disease
WHO: Many Still Unable to Access Chronic Disease Meds
Smokeless Tobacco, Cigarettes Pose Vascular Health Risks
Statin Use Varies by Race, Risk of Heart Disease
COVID-19 Disrupts Access to Noncommunicable Disease Medicines
Public’s View of Obesity Changed by Pandemic: Survey
Researchers shine light on how stress impacts women’s hearts
Clinical Trial Tests New Type 2 Diabetes Treatment
HonorHealth Research Institute Adopts New Radiation Tech for Heart Disease
Veterans: New Program for High Cholesterol, CVD
AI Aids Manchester Scientists in Comprehending CHD
Machine Learning Predicts Risk of Death from Hospital Tests
Data Integration Improves Heart Disease Research
Nutrition now has permanent home at Parliament House
Gene Therapy Advances to Treat Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Athletes
GM Secures Millions to Improve Disease Treatment, Save Lives
Genetics of Night Owls Protects Night Shift Workers from Sleep Loss
Identifying healthcare needs of Travelling Showpeople
Estrogen Linked to Heart Rhythm Disorder Risk
Mediterranean Diet Cuts CVD, Death Risk in Women by 25%
60% Greater Hypertension Risk in Disadvantaged Youth
Smart ring offers simple way to monitor your health
Mediterranean Diet Cuts Women’s CVD Risk by 25%
Women’s Health: Mediterranean Diet Reduces Heart Disease Risk
CHOP’s Philly Spin-In Raises $1.1M for Cardiac Center
Birth Complications Tied to Death Risk Decades Later
Gene Linked to Pulmonary Hypertension Could be Treatment Target
Great Dane Puppy’s Heart Saved by Advanced Tech
Great Dane Puppy’s Heart Cured with Tech
Statins May Reduce Heart Disease in People with Sleep Apnea
Dim Lights at Bedtime: Lower Risk of Gestational Diabetes
Diabetes and Toothlessness Together Worsen Cognitive Decline
17% Rise in MN Death Rate Linked to Deaths of Despair
Severe Covid can increase risk of cardiovascular disease
Stronger laws to crack down on illicit tobacco
Menopause and Weight Gain: It’s Complicated
ESC to Host Preventive Cardiology 2023 Event
Screening for vitamin C levels could improve diabetes outcomes
Autism in Children Linked to Cardiometabolic Diseases: Meta-Analysis
New guidance published to clean air in kitchens
Ozone Pollution Linked to Higher Cardiovascular Hospitalizations
Ozone Pollution Linked to More Cardiovascular Hospitalizations
Explanation for postmenopausal middle-aged spread
Heart Foundation urges Australians not to reject cholesterol meds
Research explains middle-aged spread in postmenopausal women