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New report suggests framework to improve Native Hawaiians health disparities
Cardio fitness notifications are available today on Apple Watch
People with long-term health conditions urged to get flu vaccine before Christmas
What history tells us about long-term effects of a pandemic
CDC expands local area health estimates to include data for entire U.S. New PLACES data help inform local health
ERC Consolidator Grants for four Leiden researchers
WHO reveals leading causes of death and disability worldwide: 2000-2019
New alcohol guidelines urge Aussies to go easy on booze
UVA IDs Genes That Influence Our Risk for Deadly Coronary Artery Disease
A new study in Melbournes west aims to prevent heart failure
New study finds fish oil omega-3s EPA and DHA work differently on chronic inflammation
COVID-19 advice may have reduced heart attack risks
COVID-19 unemployment may bring increased risk of heart disease
Overwhelming response to heart disease study
Research team uncovers significant reason older adults are at increased risk of suffering a heart attack
Replacing red meat with plant foods may reduce risk of heart disease
Longevity gene could be key in reducing risk of death for men with chronic disease
Lack of Teacher Support during Pandemic Causes Acute Emotional Harm
Strength training: how does Australia shape up?
Statins can save lives, are they being used?
Cancer survivors at higher risk of hospitalisation or dying from flu
Donor support to help fund breakthrough research into heart disease
Study seeks family and friends of people with heart disease to map heart risk profile
COVID-19 and holiday’s: 5 things you can do to physically prepare for long winter
Court rejects sick Qantas workers bid for leave
Court rejects Qantas workers bid for sick leave
Maintaining a healthy heart through bile acids
Low-cost population-wide salt reduction strategies could save lives
Childhood experiences and environment also have an impact
Every move counts towards better health – says WHO
Managing chronic disease in rural and remote communities
Team leads Cochrane Review on physical activity for people with congenital heart disease
Treatment shows reduction in heart failure after myocardial infarction
Cardiac Center at CHOP Launches New Educational Lecture Series for Healthcare Professionals
Green Mediterranean diet may be even better for health
Mount Sinai Adult Congenital Heart Disease Center Earns Accreditation from Adult Congenital Heart Association
Rensselaer-Developed Algorithm Accurately Predicts COVID-19 Patient Outcomes
Well-managed type 2 diabetes patients have 21% higher risk of cardiovascular disease
Breakthrough in studying enzyme that ultimately produces fish odour syndrome
Artificial intelligence and satellite technologies reveal detailed map of air pollution across Great Britain
New research continues to support role of eggs in a healthy diet for diabetes
Bristol secures £45M to advance gene therapy treatment of chronic kidney diseases
A bypass route for coronary vessels in heart?
Aussie kids’ personal data unprotected, as harmful digital marketing increases
Aussie kids at risk as harmful digital marketing grows
Alano embraces Jump Rope
UCLA model ID’s areas that should have priority for vaccine, other COVID-19 help
Researchers study how immune system responds to COVID-19