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Extreme heat is threat to wider range of people than we thought
New ways for dynamical prediction of extreme heat waves
Know. Predict. Warn. Act
NASA Participates in UN Climate Change Conference
Survivor salmon persist through drought and ocean warming
We’re acting, but are we making difference?
Amid UN alarm bells, Greens outline vital components of Net Zero
New center pools expertise to act on climate change
Inaction over illegal palm oil in Indonesia’s megadiverse forest estate jeopardises people and planet
UNWTO, WTTC & WTM Ministers’ Summit commits to Investing in Tourism’s Sustainable Future
Nearly 6 million children are driven into severe hunger by hot, dry shifts of strong el Niño
UN Child Rights Committee rules that countries bear cross-border responsibility for harmful impact of climate change
Urban densification processes put increasing pressure on urban greenspaces
Cooling effect of European forests mapped for first time
Soft corals, hard problem: new technique will reveal corals vulnerable to bleaching
New program puts learners on fast track for jobs in renewable energy sector
New forecasting tool enables proactive conservation of New Zealand blue whales
Marching band kids at risk from heat illness
Rapid Arctic warming likely drives extreme winter weather events in US
British Embassy in Turkmenistan donates 7,000 books on climate change to schools
New ‘Disaster Ready’ resource to hit Primary Schools
How wildfire can create healthier forests
How Do We Know if Extreme Weather Events Happen because of Climate Change?
Peculiar state of matter in layers of semiconductors
Companion animals in climate crisis: How pet owners can reduce their environmental impacts
Corals survive heat with bacterial help
Geography, economic level affect adaptation to extreme heat
“Every additional tonne of carbon dioxide increases rate of climate change”
Minister Jonathan Wilkinson Issues Statement on 54th Session of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Climate change widespread, rapid, and intensifying – IPCC
Urbanization Magnified Nighttime Heat Waves in China
Why do we need sharper weather and climate models?
Researcher examines extreme heat, multiple sclerosis link
Thawing permafrost releases greenhouse gas from depth
Statement by Patricia Espinosa on National Climate Plans Submitted by 31 July
Climate change: Shattering temperature ceiling
Statement by President Joe Biden on Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal
UN climate science talks open amid heatwaves, floods and drought
What’s politics got to do with it?
Perverse cycle of warming climate and rise of air conditioners
Statement by Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau following Federal-Provincial Territorial Ministers Meeting
Federal-Provincial-Territorial Ministers of Agriculture: Readout of Virtual Meeting
Northwest heat wave ‘should not have been possible’
How chemistry makes carbon dioxide removal possible
How to care for heat-damaged plants
Remote Control for Plants
Reforestation may help mitigate droughts
Environment and Climate Change Canada warns western Canadians about dangerous record-high temperatures