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Vaccinia virus MacGyvers makeshift tool to repair its DNA, exposing vulnerability
Ky Cancer Needs Assessment Report Details Critical Steps to Address Cancer Burden
Grass-roots providers stay mobile in Ukraine
Seven out of ten patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease feel stigmatized
NIH launches clinical trial of Epstein-Barr virus vaccine
Covid research campaign moves from basic science to antiviral drug design
Integrating HIV and mental health services for better overall health
University of Missouri grant boosts public health messaging to parents considering various vaccines for their children
New funding for hepatitis campaigns
Blood test could reveal transition to cancer in people at risk
New guidelines from WHO recommend simpler, safer treatment for cryptococcal disease in people living with HIV
Blood-borne viruses on increase
New data suggest STDs continued to increase during first year of Covid pandemic
One-dose Human Papillomavirus vaccine offers solid protection against cervical cancer
Accessible care key to treating hepatitis C in people who inject drugs
Accessible care key to treating hep C in people who inject drugs
Solar nanowire-nanotube filter offers easy access to clean drinking water
Increase in hepatitis cases in children under investigation
QuickStart to treatment for hepatitis C
Medicare beneficiaries without low-income subsidies were less likely to fill important prescriptions
Covid pop-up vaccination clinics to open over school holidays
New CDC data illuminate youth mental health threats during Covid pandemic
Boosters highly effective against COVID hospitalization, death
Revamped design could take powerful biological computers from test tube to cell
Insights to inform influenza health worker vaccination programmes
Significant reduction in deaths from hepatitis C in England, UKHSA reports
Equine hepatitis viruses and hepatitis C
Zero Discrimination Day, 1 March 2022
NYU Research Competes in STAT Madness 2022
Cell research on rare disease finds new link to inflammation
Uptake of childhood immunizations increased during Scotland’s national lockdown in 2020
ACIP Releases 2022 recommended adult immunization schedule
Study shows new scoring system can help clinicians predict 30-day mortality risk for patients with alcohol-associated hepatitis
Healthy Canberra Grants focus on reducing harm from risky behaviour
Research finds potential target for alcohol-associated liver disease
Helping body overcome Covid
U of T researchers find trove of proteins that may influence cystic fibrosis
UN experts call for urgent repatriation of seriously ill woman from Syria camp: Canada
Novel synthetic process for core structure of fungal antiviral agent Neoechinulin B and its derivatives
Henry Ford Health System study reveals admissions for alcoholic hepatitis rose 50%in early months of pandemic
Menas Polluted Skies And Seas Hurt Economies, Livelihoods
Hepatitis E virus defies alcohol-based hand disinfectants
Study finds that patients with alcohol-associated cirrhosis have worse outcomes in recovering from critical illness
Research reveals that patients with alcohol-associated cirrhosis have worse outcomes
Power of our Immune System, Patient Defies Odds
U of M research found that patient out-of-pocket spending increased for hepatitis B medication
Genetic selection may eradicate infectious diseases
Researchers identify novel pathways responsible for liver cancer