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WHO: access to HIV medicines severely impacted by COVID-19 as AIDS response stalls
Better protection against meningococcal and pneumococcal diseases
MSN: Hepatitis C-positive livers safe for transplantation
Vaccine modelling shaping global policies for hepatitis B elimination
Green chemistry innovations honored by American Chemical Society and EPA
MHRA suspends recruitment to COVID-19 hydroxychloroquine trials
Stigma towards people who inject drugs and sex workers prevalent according to new study
UConn Researcher Hopes to Stop COVID-19 in Its Tracks
Key lies in genes
Universal Virus Detection Platform to Expedite Viral Diagnosis
Gene sequencing guides girl’s life-changing arthritis treatm
New Liver Cancer Research Targets Non-Cancer Cells to Blunt Tumor Growth
Over quarter of a million children in Libya are at risk from vaccine-preventable diseases
Research aims to identify why some people become severely ill as a result of COVID-19
Liver cancer: awareness of hepatitis D must be raised
Turgay Ayer and Interdisciplinary Team Develop COVID-19 Spread Simulator
Can COVID-19 spread through fecal matter?
Deactivating coronavirus on N95 respirators for reuse
Intensive hunt for drugs to fight COVID-19
Expanding mandatory testing to better protect police during Coronavirus pandemic
In praise of nursing, and nurses
Slavery entailed spread of epidemics
New partnership to accelerate research of COVID-19 vaccine
Financial Incentives Boost Doctor Training in Opioid Treatment Medication
New COVID-19 guidance for gastroenterologists
Billions worldwide living with herpes
African Skeletons From Early Colonial Mexico Tell Story of First Generation Slaves
New estimates highlight need to step up response to hepatitis D
‘Moving as fast as we physically can’: scientists unite in fight against COVID-19
New Macrolactone Database Could Aid Drug Discovery, Research
Government must implement reduced deferral period for gay and bisexual men to donate blood
Coronavirus research funding opportunities
Immunisation season is here
University of Alberta virology lab finds drug originally meant for Ebola is effective against a
Image challenge: unusual calcified lesions of liver and lung in a young woman
How Mapping COVID-19 Could Help Drug Companies
Large majority of state’s heroin users want to reduce
Treatments for Coronavirus – repurposing existing drugs
PBS changes improve access for hep C cure
Burnet appointments to COVID-19 Taskforce
FSU Interior Architecture and Design instructor redesigns local homeless shelter amid COVID-19 crisis
Rapid infectious disease shifts in Chinese children and adolescents prior to covid-19
Cancer drugs show promise in preventing malaria
Experimental AI Tool Predicts Which Patients with Pandemic Virus Will Develop Serious Respiratory
Testing rate fall leaves thousands of Australians at risk of hepatitis C
Testing rate fall leaves thousands at risk of hep C
New Hepatitis C cases down by almost 70 per cent in HIV positive men
Study Uncovers Increasing Global Rates of Liver Cancer