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Dietary cholesterol worsens inflammation, sickness in mice with influenza
Screening Program Could Identify 1 Million Americans with Genetic Heart Disease
Study links High-fat diet to nitric oxide levels, cancer development
Microbes Help Orchestrate How Gut Uses its Genes
Research links between obesity, age and body chemistry
Novel therapy ameliorates obesity and Type 2 diabetes fed high-fat diet
Exercise During Pregnancy Reduces Risk of Type-2 Diabetes in Offspring, Study Finds
Researchers find gut microbiota regulate pancreatic growth, exocrine function, and gut hormones
Scientists uncover key regulator of body weight
Researchers have uncovered regulator of body weight that could lead to new treatments for metabolic disorders
Boosting liver mRNAs curbs appetite, body weight in obese mice
Can weekly prednisone treat obesity?
Key protein facilitates regeneration of liver blood vessels
Specialized liver blood vessel identity factor required for regeneration
How obesity can rewire immune system and response to immunotherapy-and how to change that
Researchers find new strategy for preventing clogged arteries
New study explores links between obesity and periodontal disease
Colon Cancer Prevention Program at UConn Health Saving Lives with Early Detection
FSU psychologist receives 1.8M NIH grant to study eating disorders, obesity
Penn Medicine Discovery Could Lead to Fewer Side Effects from Diabetes Treatment
New study relates liquid fructose intake to fatty liver disease
Diseased male livers undergo sex-change
Diabetes, metabolic syndrome treated with novel class of compounds
Obesity in mice lowered by increasing effects of key weight-regulating hormone 21 January
Obesity in mice lowered by increasing effects of key weight-regulating hormone
Circadian clock in heart failure
Gene-blocking could be key to curbing obesity
New target may help protect bones as we age
Potential protector against mild heart attack’s aftereffects on metabolism
HKU biologists reveal how obesity damages skeletal muscle metabolism, naturally occurring flavone is identified as potential drug
How unhealthy diet makes you sick
“Taming storm”: Neuroimmune interactions and brain plasticity
Tackling Disparities in Stomach Cancer: Columbia Study May Lead to First Screening Guidelines
New study finds possible link between obesity and gum disease
Obesity raises risk of gum disease by inflating growth of bone-destroying cells
PFAS exposure, high-fat diet drive prostate cells’ metabolism into pro-cancer state
Fat-Secreted Molecule Lowers Response to Common Cancer Treatment
‘A Swiss Army knife’: Daniel Drucker bets gut hormone GLP-1 can be used to treat far more than diabetes
Research reveals potential strategy for fighting obesity
Postmenopausal women may benefit from estrogen compound research
Researchers find that interrupting high-fat, high-calorie diet with regular cycles of fasting-mimicking diet helps mice live longer
Interrupting high-fat, high-calorie diet with fasting-mimicking diet helps mice live longer life
How highly processed foods harm memory in aging brain
Scientists Map Brain Circuit that Drives Activity in Fertile Females
Cousin of Viagra Reduces Obesity by Stimulating Cells to Burn Fat, Study Shows
Cousin of Viagra reduces obesity by stimulating cells to burn fat
Scientists simulate an acute decline in exercise, as many experienced during COVID19 lockdowns, to study its metabolic consequences
How high-fat diets allow cancer cells to go unnoticed