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Pancreatic Cell Loss Linked to Diabetes Development
Brain Rewired by Childhood Over-Eating, Spurs Adult Overeating
Excess Calories in Youth Leads to Adult Overeating
Loss of Pancreatic Cell Type Linked to Diabetes
Why Is Colorectal Cancer Rising Rapidly among Young Adults?
Fruit Fly Muscle Preserved by Rhythmic Eating Under Obesity
Science of Kindness
Genes Linked to Obesity Complications Differ by Sex
How high fat diet allows expulsion of intestinal parasite worms
High-Fat Diet Impairs Brain’s Ability to Regulate Food Intake
Diabetic Mice Find Relief with Serine Supplement
MSK Study Finds New Insights, Jan 20th, 2023
Why Obesity is More Risky for Men: York U Study
Obesity May Leave Lasting Impacts on Innate Immunity, Neuroinflammation
Macrophage PPARγ Acetylation Inhibits Fat Tissue Performance
Gene That Explains One Chip Can’t Stop’ Phenomenon Identified
Most common type 2 diabetes drug needs action of cellular-stress-response protein to make effect
Female Brain Protected by Subcutaneous Fat: Study
Liver cancer study encourages caution with some gene therapies
Novel Complex May Help to Modulate Lipid Metabolism
Mom’s Dietary Fat Rewires Male And Female Brains Differently
Maternal dietary fat rewires male and female brains differently
High-fat diet can provoke pain sensitivity without obesity, diabetes
Genome sequencing supports Nile rat animal model for diabetes research
Diet high in saturated fat can reprogram immune cells
New insights into mechanisms causing diabetes
Time-restricted feeding can alleviate excessive dark-phase sleepiness, ZJU scientists discover
High-fat diet in pregnant monkeys impairs fetal blood stem cells
Why late-night eating leads to weight gain, diabetes
Syncing feeding with circadian clock mitigates obesity through increased thermogenesis
First-of-its-kind study reveals single-cell changes in metabolic tissues
Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease progression
Scientists chart how exercise affects body
Researchers chart how exercise affects body
TXNIP involved in increased secretion of glucagon from pancreatic alpha cells
High-fat diets trigger inflammatory immune cell generation in bone
Genetics and diet influence bile acid homeostasis
Stress granules may drive obesity-associated pancreatic cancer
Cold method for clearer fatty liver observation found
Why does fasting reduce seizures?
Sugar Disrupts Microbiome, Eliminates Protection Against Obesity and Diabetes
Circadian clocks play key role in fat cell growth
Research reverses long-held ideas about relationship among diabetes, fat and cardiovascular disease
Calquence tablet formulation approved in US across current indications
Researchers Identify Potential Target for Treatment Among Patients With Type 2 Diabetes
Scientists identify potential target for treatment among patients with type 2 diabetes
Benefits of Camel milk on Diabetes in University of Melbourne Study
Lactating mice pass along common antimicrobial to pups, initiating liver damage