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Colorectal cancer partner-in-crime identified
Bovine embryo completely regenerates placenta-forming cells
IPS cells to regulate immune rejection upon transplantation
A gold butterfly can make its own semiconductor skin
Missing link in rare inherited skin disease exposed
West Nile virus triggers brain inflammation by inhibiting protein degradation
Deep-sea osmolyte makes biomolecular machines heat-tolerant
Let europium shine brighter
Why robots are pioneers in future of agriculture
Spotlight on Research: Here’s what happens when birds tap dance
Mechanical force as a new way of starting chemical reactions
Associate Professor Shigeru Aoki leads expedition to Antarctica
Spotlight on Research: Going nano to enhance drug delivery systems and single cell analytics
Bio-inspired hydrogel can rapidly switch to rigid plastic
Fine-tuning gene expression during stress recovery
Eurasian Continent remembers and amplifies cold waves as Arctic warms
Marine community composition shifts in predictable ways in warming oceans
Genetics of species-specific birdsong revealed
Getting glued in sea
Forecasting dengue: Challenges and a way forward
Strong winter dust storms may have caused collapse of Akkadian Empire
Song-learning neurons identified in songbirds
A compound effective to chemotherapy-resistant cancer cells identified
A simple way to control swarming molecular machines
Life’s building blocks may have formed in interstellar clouds
Molecular link between chronic pain and depression revealed
A new duck-billed dinosaur, Kamuysaurus japonicus, identified
New whale species discovered along coast of Hokkaido
Deep snow cover in Arctic region intensifies heat waves in Eurasia
Environmental DNA proves expansion of invasive crayfish habitats
Deciphering pancreatic cancer’s invade and evade tactics
Drug combination effective against bovine leukemia
Spotlight on Research: Female marriage migrants and care workers, and quest for recognition
Finding weakness in bacterial protein to fight anti-biotic resistance
Climate change alters tree demography in northern forests
Turkestan cockroach selling online is a companion of common household cockroach
Protein that gives identical cells individuality
“The way you move”: Body structure brings coordinated movement
Early arrival of spring disrupts mutualism between plants and pollinators
Caspase-1 initiates apoptosis, but not pyroptosis, in absence of gasdermin D
NASA Highlights Science on 18th SpaceX Resupply Mission to Space Station
Fresh look at mysterious Nasca lines in Peru
Spotlight on Research: What we need to know to sustain our natural resources
DNA origami to scale-up molecular motors
DN gels – a potential weapon to fight cancer