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IMF Finishes 2022 Consultation with Hungary
£3m Awarded to Study Feelings of Claiming Benefits Abroad
OECD Calls on Hungary to Combat Bribery: Jan. 2023
Holocaust Education Gains Ground in Africa, Arab World and Europe
Polygamous Birds Have Fewer Mutations
Law academic wins landmark case on freedom of expression
Dogs Communicate With Humans, Not Pigs
Secretary Blinken Appears on NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me
Study sheds new light on demographics of ear-cropped dogs in UK
Government to ban display and possession of Nazi symbols
Statement by Minister Hussen on Raoul Wallenberg Day 18 January
Raoul Wallenberg Day Keynote Address
Greece: Activists, Volunteers On Trial for Migrant Rescue
UN Warns: 26% of Water Storage at Large Dams to Disappear by 2050
Cells’ Circadian Clock Unaffected by Starvation
OECD Updates Consumer Prices on 10 Jan 2023
Texas Probe of Civic Groups Poses Risk to Rights
EU Delegation Reaffirms Support for Sudan People After Visit
Follow-Up Conference on Holocaust Era Issues Post Terezin Declaration
ECB extends liquidity lines with non-euro area central banks until 15 January 2024
Drought encouraged Attila’s Huns to attack Roman empire, tree rings suggest
Greenpeace’s 2022 Fleet: Top Ships Revealed
Attila Huns Invasion Linked to Drought: Tree Rings Show
NATO Battle Group in Bulgaria Achieves Full Capacity
Paper: Within-job gender pay gap persists
Management of frozen or seized property: new report assesses compliance with Warsaw Convention
Discrimination Based on Covid Vaccination Status
Death spiral: New James Webb Space Telescope images show star’s murder scene
EU admits Croatia to Schengen Without Regard To Abuses at Border
Clues Found Regarding Tumor Suppressor Gene’s Breast Cancer Activity
Clues found regarding tumor suppressor breast cancer activity
Coalition launches to strengthen commitment to transboundary water cooperation
Implementing European Court of Human Rights judgments 7 December
Consumer Prices, OECD – Updated 6 December
Implementing European Court of Human Rights judgments 6 December
Actions from Brussels to Ukraine call for new deal for nature
MedTech startup named WA Innovator of Year 2022
Data Misused for Political Campaigns in Hungary
Pandemic fatigue fueled political mistrust and conspiracy belief across Europe and US
Genes and Languages
IAEA Sees Operational Safety Commitment at Saeul Nuclear Power Plant in Republic of Korea
GDP Growth – Third quarter of 2022, OECD
Worldwide IP Filings Reached New All-Time Highs in 2021, Asia Drives Growth
New TLI Project Launched: Global Resistance to Authoritarian Diffusion – GRAD
Rising housing cost to income ratio strongly linked to poor health, death, suicide
Hungary sees 116% growth in noninvasive prenatal testing | BGI Perspectives
Lithuania joins OECD Development Assistance Committee
EU’s recent deregulation of asylum rights is vague, critically dangerous