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Green Hydrogen Plants to Boost Efficiency of Green Steelworks
Stanwell, Consortium Advance Renewable Hydrogen Project in Gladstone
Stanwell, Consortium Move Ahead with Large-Scale Gladstone Hydrogen Project
Solid Air Spurs Sustainable Development
New method improves mining yields, captures CO2 from air
Low-Carbon Hydrogen Can Boost Emissions Reduction and Economy
Multi-billion Pound Investment to Boost Scotland’s Green Growth
Bavaria’s Chemical Triangle launches hydrogen project
Minister Wilkinson to announce at Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2023
Brazilian Researchers Develop Method to Increase Fuel Cell Production
Switch to Hydrogen Fuel Could Extend Methane Crisis
How can UK steel industry stay relevant? It must decarbonise
Enzyme that could help make energy dreams come true
Bacteria enzyme extracts energy from hydrogen in air
Latrobe Welcomes Hydrogen Investment
DOE Backs Gulf Coast Clean Hydrogen Initiative
Safety Tech Developed for Hydrogen Storage Underground
Texas Poised to Spearhead Hydrogen Economy: Report
Fuel-Cell Nanocatalyst Easily Produced for Hydrogen Economy
UK Boosts Hydrogen Sector with New Certifications
Macquarie Asset Management agrees sale of Open Grid Europe stake
UH Offers Timely Hydrogen Economy Micro-Credentialing Course
Minister Vandal Invests in Alberta’s Hydrogen Economy
Hydrogen’s Role in Energy Web Sparks Regulatory Change
UK govt to Invest £102m in Nuclear, Hydrogen Tech
Global green energy company Fortescue Future Industries partners with Puget Sound Energy to explore green energy supply
Fortescue and ATCO unveil Western Australia’s first green hydrogen refuelling station
Transforming Australia into hydrogen powerhouse
Rice lab’s catalyst could be key for hydrogen economy
Researchers create green fuel with light switch
Rice lab’s catalyst could be key to hydrogen economy
How fine bubbles lead to more efficient catalysts
How ABB is leading charge for connected energy sector
Canada makes significant investment in Alberta’s clean hydrogen sector and outlines next steps to help Canadian industry sectors
New catalyst can turn smelly hydrogen sulfide into cash cow
Rice lab advances water-splitting catalysts
Teesside and Durham Universities embark on £11million project to support hydrogen innovation in Tees Valley
Key role for Liverpool scientists in UK green energy development research
Consortium greenlights green energy corridor between Queensland and Korea
Super-dense packing of hydrogen molecules on surface
New report highlights alarming lack of hydrogen training
Official Opening of Helmholtz Hydrogen Cluster HC-H2 in Brainergy Park Jülich
Farmers growing Australia’s food look to cheaper power as costs bite
KAIST Research Team Develops Diesel Reforming Catalyst Enabling Hydrogen Production for Future Mobile Fuel Cells
WA renewable hydrogen industry on show in South Korea
Funding injection for urban rewilding, hydrogen tech
Community acceptance of hydrogen up, but still long way to go
Renewable energy innovation boosted by £37 million government funding across UK