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Major new hydrogen proposal welcomed
Genetics: Biosynthesis pathway of a new DNA nucleobase elucidated
Researchers Reveal Robust Ethane-trapping Porous Organic Cage for Efficient Ethylene Purification Application
NWRIC CEO Week in Review 9 July
New plasma etching system significantly expands MIT.nano process capabilities
Why Is This Weird, Metallic Star Hurtling Out of Milky Way?
Launch of International Hydrogen Energy Centre
Aryl Radical Formation by Aryl Halide Bond Cleavage by N-Heterocyclic Carbene Catalyst
Global Partnership for Hydrogen launched during Vienna Energy Forum
Energising Tasmania now supporting more than 100 qualifications
Exploring future of energy resources
Major overhaul to keep Wivenhoe pumping
Australia falling behind on zero emission trucks
Brand new rail tech to ‘pandemic proof’ train travel
Singlet Oxygen Selectively Degrades Oxytetracycline in Fenton-like Oxidation
Closing gap on missing lithium
New ferries to reduce emissions and strengthen link between islands
New work showcases chemistry of an upcoming fuel cell electrolyte
Microbes feast on crushed rock in subglacial lakes beneath Antarctica
Intergenerational Report offers chance to reflect on need for sustained investment
Unique exoplanet photobombs CHEOPS study
Defect and interface engineering for e-NRR under ambient conditions
New appointments announced for Queensland Government corporations
A major addition to chemists’ toolkit for building new molecules
Researchers Fabricate Bio-friendly X-ray Detectors based on Metal-free Perovskite Single Crystals
Fifth quartet: Excited neon discovery could reveal star qualities
A novel energy storage solution featuring pipes and anchors
Low energy hydrogenation without hydrogen: Efficient catalysis in a stable emulsion gel
To find out how galaxies grow, were zooming in on night sky and capturing cosmic explosions
Marine sediments explain how part of Brazil’s Northeast region became semi-arid
Producing hydrogen using less energy
Oman and IEA to host Ministerial Dialogue on clean energy transitions and economic resilience
Four-component, and asymmetric radical 1,4-oxy-trifluoromethylation to olefins
Early detection of chronic diseases may be possible through breath test
Second unit back online at Callide
Incentives for switching to electric vehicles
Tasmania continues to lead in climate action
Energy rebates to support regional farmers and employers
Research highlights techniques for studying materials under extreme conditions
HSF has advised Renault Group on creation of joint venture HYVIA with Plug Power
Callide unit returns to service
Geoscience Australia releases inaugural Australian Energy Commodity Resource assessment
Amazing world of flame balls, doughnuts and horseshoes
Manchester launches Advanced Nuclear Energy roadmap
Fortescue Future Industries CEO Julie Shuttleworth awarded Member of Order of Australia
Effects of ‘Fenton-like’ reactions of ferric oxalate on atmospheric oxidation processes and radiative forcing
Newly Developed Ion-conducting Membrane Improves Performance of Alkaline-zinc Iron Flow Batteries
Energy National Cabinet Reform Committee