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‘Deeds rife with physical nastiness’: book examines violence in Icelandic sagas
Secretary Blinken’s Travel to Denmark, Iceland, and Greenland
New laws to ensure UK has skills it needs
Traffic light system safe return to international travel
Climate change threatens winged harbinger of spring
UK Government confirms traffic light list ahead of cautious return to international travel
PCB contamination in Icelandic orcas: a matter of diet
Antarctica remains wild card for sea-level rise estimates through 2100
Statement on 70th Anniversary of Bilateral Defense Agreement Between U.S. and Iceland
Scientists get first detailed look at how charge transfer distorts a molecule’s structure
A zero emissions future for road transport
ASI certifies Rio Tinto’s ISAL smelter for responsible production
Screening healthcare workers could serve as early warning system for future viruses
Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination closes one hundred and third session after adopting concluding observations
Secretary Blinken’s Call with Icelandic Foreign Minister Thordarson
Global glacier retreat has accelerated
St Vincent eruption is a reminder of how volcano research and monitoring can save lives
New research centre to strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship
Particles from volcanic eruption worsened respiratory conditions
Iceland becomes 10th nation to join UK-led Joint Expeditionary Force
Climate explained: what was Medieval warm period?
Statement on serious Human Rights Violations and Abuses against LGBTI Individuals
Human Rights Committee issues findings on Finland and Kenya
Volcanic pollution link to respiratory disease increase
“Food systems in West Africa are resilient, but also vulnerable”
Europe’s imprisonment rate continues to fall: Council of Europe’s annual penal statistics
Breeding barley for a changing climate
Funding drives research into treating people with ADHD and cardiometabolic diseases
A Swiss Army Knife for Genomic Data
Fishing net litter on beaches: what can be done to prevent it?
Pandemic Pushes Back Gender Parity by a Generation, Report Finds
Power of quotas and why Australia needs them
Scientists zero in on role of volcanoes in demise of dinosaurs
Human Rights Committee closes online one hundred and thirty-first session after adopting concluding recommendations on Finland
By 19 states in support of establishment of International Accountability Platform for Belarus
Scottish Secretary speech on defence in Scotland
Feasibility study on export of South Australian green hydrogen to Rotterdam
Lack of prey reduces breeding success in puffin populations
Treaties Committee reports on endangered species trade changes
Data suggest no increased risk of blood clots from AstraZeneca vaccine
Traces of Earth’s early magma ocean identified in Greenland rocks
UN health agency backs AstraZeneca COVID vaccine amid blood clot concerns
AstraZeneca ChAdOx1–19 vaccine
Unprecedented number of women leaders, but parity still far off
Over 20 Minister Champions Call for Urgent Action in Lead-up to Energy Summit
UNE North to play key role in post pandemic recovery challenge event
How do you know where volcanic ash will end up?
On United States – Iceland Strategic Dialogue