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Closing Plastic Loop
Cicada-inspired waterproof surfaces closer to reality, researchers report
Honouring slaves experimented on by ‘father of gynaecology’
Paper: Congress must clarify limits of gene-editing technologies
Relative Restrictiveness of Each State’s Voting Environment in 2020
Exercise and nutrition regimen benefits physical, cognitive health
Finding one elusive bird
Carnegie Mellon Heads New Center for Studying Structure of Cell Nucleus
Rochester lab sets new record toward long-sought goal
‘Finding Yingying’ streams at Chicago International Film Festival Oct. 14-25
Iowa State engineer aids $9 million project to manufacture bio-based electronics
Unearthing a fossorial snake
Study finds fungal disease of snakes in 19 states, Puerto Rico
Genomic study reveals evolutionary secrets of banyan tree
Genomic study reveals evolutionary secrets of banyan tree
Multi-instutional team extracts more energy from sunlight with advanced solar panels
Female Spanish-only speakers get screening mammograms less often than other women
AFCEC space optimization efforts key to rightsizing facilities at installations
Lt. Gen. David W. Allvin confirmed to be next VCSAF
2020 Ebert Symposium to explore changing times in film, media
Millions of Latinos at risk of job displacement by automation
Paper: Lawful discrimination by businesses creates ‘customer caste’
$11.4M Army grant supports aircraft hybrid-electric engine research at UW-Madison
Gene expression altered by direction of forces acting on cell
NASA Report Details How Agency Significantly Benefits US Economy
‘Pressing Issues’ at Krannert Art Museum shows WPA printmakers’ thoughts on social justice
Can wearable technology help older adults maintain healthy lives?
Today’s immigration policies rooted in long history, author says
NIST Awards $11 Million to MEP Centers in 10 States
‘Front of Package’ Nutrition Labels Improved Nutrition Quality
Most homemade masks are doing a great job, even when we sneeze, study finds
Parkinson’s trigger in focus for new international research
Mysterious cellular droplets come into focus
Thunderstorms may be a portent for illness among older adults
Choosing right cover crop to protect soil
Cholesterol metabolite causes immune system to attack T cells instead of breast cancer, study finds
U.S. Air Force, Navy accelerate quantum research with international virtual event
Additions to President Trump’s Supreme Court List
U.S. President Trump’s Remarks on Judicial Appointments
Illinois archivist’s prize-winning essay reveals Jewish origins of Viennese cuisine
Cell-autonomous immunity shaped human evolution
Return of cultural objects to Country
NASA Selects Catherine Koerner as Orion Program Manager
Federal Reserve Board announces termination of enforcement action with Allied First Bancorp, Inc
Study shows polymers eliminate aerosolisation in dental settings
Rise in labor earnings inequality during pandemic reversed by stimulus, unemployment checks
U.S. President Trump Announces Judicial Nominee 3 September
Take me back to ballgame – and other sports venues