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USTRANSCOM’s motto embodied in Operation Fly Formula
Senior leader announcement: Week of May 23
Denial of structural racism linked to anti-Black prejudice
Are Republicans and Democrats driven by hatred of one another? Less than you think
Dietary cholesterol worsens inflammation, sickness in mice with influenza
Nominations Sent to Senate 20 May
Secretary Blinken At Food Security Ministerial
Researchers hone long-range forecasting of US tornadoes, hail
Agencies announce public meeting on proposed Bank of Montreal acquisition of BancWest Holding Inc. and Bank of West
Virtual news briefings and research highlights, APS 2022 Convention
Long-Term Study of Pregnant Women Finds Increasing Chemical Exposure
Predictable home environment protects against development of heart disease risk factors after child abuse
Student expenditures decrease at some colleges that receive promise scholarship funds
Study links High-fat diet to nitric oxide levels, cancer development
Fighting white-nose syndrome in bats benefits agriculture, study shows
UT Supercomputer Helps Unveil Black Hole at Our Galaxy’s Heart
Changes in cholesterol production lead to tragic octopus death spiral
Astroonomers help capture first image of Milky Way’s black hole
Illinois astronomers help capture first image of Milky Way’s black hole
Secure Act regulations seek to dispel ‘illusion of wealth’ for older adults
More greens, less sugar and fries: Abriendo Caminos study finds promising results
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks at Democratic National Committee Fundraiser 12 May
Remarks By President Biden at International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers 40th Annual Conference
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks on Supporting Farmers and American Families
Press Gaggle by Principal Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre En Route Kankakee, Il
President Biden’s Statement on Consumer Price Index in April
Assistant Secretary for Fish and Wildlife and Parks Shannon Estenoz Tours Civil Rights Sites in Illinois
Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki, May 10, 2022
Drone-delivered defibrillators could save lives
Long-term national study of pregnant women finds increase in chemical exposure
Environmental Justice for All
MIT class journeys to fascinating places where mechanical engineering affects biology
Photosynthesis unaffected by increasing carbon dioxide channels in plant membranes
New CMJ review article examines link between bacterial infection and colorectal cancer
Health experts caution against ‘new normal’ strategies for Covid
Study of Pregnant Women Finds Increasing Chemical Exposure
Research of pregnant women reveals increasing chemical exposure
Ice-capped volcanoes slower to erupt, study finds
Class Acts: Morgan Pfeiffer
Remarks By President Biden on Bipartisan Innovation Act
Press Gaggle by Press Secretary Jen Psaki
Quantum network solutions, by ground and by air
Boeing Names Northern Virginia Office Its Global Headquarters; Establishes Research & Technology Hub
Nominations Sent to Senate 6 May
U of I SMARTFARM researchers use novel AI to model GHG emissions
‘factory reset’ for brain may cure anxiety, drinking behavior
‘factory reset’ for brain cures anxiety, drinking behavior
Will climate change increase risk of aflatoxin in U.S. corn?