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Researchers discover surprising new way that tuberculosis suppresses immunity
Scientists awarded £230k to help unlock immunotherapy for men with prostate cancer
Studies uncover details of “exhausted” immune cells in patients with chronic infections
Imaging method predicts how well stem cells can differentiate into cardiac muscle cells
How microscopic fungus could lead to breakthrough in oral cancer research
How cells remember inflammation
Nerve fibre loss and rise in key immune cells on eye surface may signal ‘long COVID’
T Cell Response Not Critical for Immune Memory to SARS-CoV-2 or Recovery from Covid
New breakthrough to help immune systems in fight against cancer
Penn Medicine Discovery Clarifies Problem of T-Cell “Exhaustion”
Are Immunocompromised Patients Left Out by COVID Vaccines?
Advantages of intranasal vaccination against Covid
Why do some people get severe COVID-19? nose may know
Brain-repair discovery could lead to new epilepsy treatments
Longer interval between first and second Pfizer vaccine boosts antibody levels and ‘helper’ T cells
Advanced bladder cancers respond to immunotherapy regardless of gene mutation status
‘Good cholesterol’ may protect liver
Discovery of Unknown Brain-Repair Process Could Lead to New Epilepsy Treatments
Cell-analysis technique could combat tuberculosis
Llama ‘nanobodies’ could hold key to preventing deadly post-transplant infection
Scientists find immune component to rare neurodegenerative disease
Blocking how malaria parasite suppresses immune response
Study reveals immune cells that drive gastrointestinal disease in babies
Scientists developing inhalable COVID-19 vaccine spray
Novel autoantibody adds fuel to COVID-19 ‘firestorm’ of inflammation, blood clots
Can CBD help people with psoriasis find relief?
Research reveals why second dose of COVID-19 vaccine shouldn’t be skipped
Simple compound to control complex gut microbes
Biological ‘fingerprints’ of long COVID in blood could lead to diagnostic test, say Cambridge scientists
Long COVID: Unpicking lasting impact of COVID-19
Immune System May Need ‘Continuing Education’ to Protect Pregnancy
Early-life inflammation induces depression in adolescence
Investigating how B cells and antibodies in immune system respond to breast cancer
Progress towards new treatments for tuberculosis
Scientists identify key molecular pathways controlling anti-tumoral functions of immune cells
Signs Are in Matrix
HKU biologists identify and demonstrate a naturally abundant venom peptide from ants that activates a previously unknown pseudo
Browne lab Earns NIH Grant to Study Cannabis Effects on HIV Reservoir
SMART researchers develop a method for rapid, accurate virus detection
Discovery shows how tuning immune system may enhance vaccines and ease disease
Multiple immune reactions when transplanting cartilage into monkeys
UT Southwestern scientists closing in on map of mammalian immune system
VP&S Launches New Initiative on Human Tissue Immunity and Disease
Research ID’s immune cells that sculpt inhibitory neurons, regulate brain wiring
Structures discovered in brain cancer patients fight tumours
Developing cancer therapies with stem cells
Oncotarget: General anesthesia for pancreatic cancer surgery
Researchers find potential path to a broadly protective COVID-19 vaccine using T cells