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Finding improves tumour response to immunotherapies
Plant virus plus immune cell-activating antibody clear colon cancer, prevent recurrence
How tumors make immune cells ‘go bad’
Biological clocks set for skin immunity
Inhaled toxic particles take direct route from lungs to brain – study
Researchers Uncover Molecular Basis of Antigen Processing for Cancer Target MR1
Enzymes linked with immune cell activity could hold key to better understanding inflammation
Chinese Medical Journal review examines role of macrophages in progression of acute kidney injury to chronic kidney disease
Math model predicts efficacy of drug treatments for heart attacks
Novel drug combo activates natural killer cell immunity to destroy cancer cells
MD Anderson, Invectys and CTMC announce strategic collaboration for CAR T cell therapy development
Fecal transplants show promise for protecting newborns receiving antibiotics
$2.38M to test nano-engineered brain cancer treatment in mice
Breakthrough Finding Could Yield Benefits for Patients with Diabetes
Emory immunologists identify critical immune cell target to treat Covid complications
New research identifies more than 1,000 genes linked to severe Covid
Research finds more than 1,000 genes linked to severe Covid
DNA nanotech safe for medical use, new study suggests
Stress accelerates aging of immune system, study finds
Early, encouraging data for glioblastoma treatment reported at ASCO
IgG antibodies in breast milk help shape infants’ gut bacteria and immunity
Researchers prove that inhaled vaccines offer better protection and immunity than nasal sprays
Hormones contribute to sex disparities in bladder cancer
Australians call for equitable access to new era in fighting cancer
Mechanism is found explaining how cancer cells turn into normal harmless ones
Cancer and immunotherapy – game of cat and mouse
Tribeca Film Festival to Debut Documentary Tracing Path to Penn Medicine and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Transformative
How Cells Navigate in Messy Environments
Immune protein may drive alcoholism relapse
Targeted micronutrition ameliorates allergy symptoms
Rapamycin increases Alzheimer’s-associated plaques
Treating sarcoidosis with JAK inhibitor shows promise in clinical trial
Gene variation may be early indicator for gastric cancer
Researchers develop microbubble technology to enhance cancer immunotherapy
Color-changing mouse model allows researchers to non-invasively study deep tissues
Studies reveal new insights into gut microbiome impact on immunotherapy response
Researchers Team Up to Unravel Mysteries of Puzzling Bacterial Signals in Our Blood
Promising Results for Chemo Immunotherapy Combination Against Pancreatic Cancer
How drugs work better when encapsulated in nanoparticles
NASA to Highlight Climate Research on Cargo Launch, Sets TV Coverage
Immune therapy targets cells that cause leukemia relapse
“Masked” cancer drug sneaks through body to deliver anti-tumor treatment with fewer side effects
Blocking enzyme could hold key to preventing, treating severe Covid
Microgravity analog culture profoundly affects microbial infection process in 3-D human tissue models
Immune recognition of self and non-self explored in new study
SMART researchers enable early-stage detection of microbial contamination in cell therapy
Cancer immunotherapy capable of modulating tumor immunophenotypes
Doctor says my mole is a melanoma