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Making Cells Talk Again
Cytokine APRIL protects from atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease
Researchers use stem cells to make insulin-producing pancreatic beta cells
Research finds biomarker that may help predict benefits of immunotherapy
Pregnant women with Covid face higher risk of pre-eclampsia
Natural infection versus vaccination: Differences in COVID antibody responses emerge
Why do short-lived lung infections lead to long-lasting lung damage?
Studying mosquito immune cells could improve understanding of disease transmission
No swimming? Molecule regulating sperm motility discovered
Trailblazing Rice bioengineer is turning cells into disease fighters
Research defines spleen-heart connection in cardiac repair
Synthetic tissue model with blood vessels
Severe Covid symptoms in elderly are consistent with weaker immune system
Sugars from human milk could help treat, prevent infections in newborns
Can heartburn drug help doctors treat Covid?
Varying immune cell levels in canine brain tumors could provide therapeutic targets
PirB functions as an intrinsic suppressor in hippocampal neural stem cells
HKUMed designs novel nanoscale surface structure to accelerate implant-to-bone integration through immune coordination
Heat-controllable CAR T cells destroy tumors and prevent relapse in new study
Post-COVID recovery: Flanders invests heavily in KU Leuven research infrastructure
COVIDome Online Portal Can Rapidly Accelerate Coronavirus Research Worldwide
Histamine could be key player in depression, according to study in mice
Scientists identify for first time live immune cells in coral and sea anemone
Small protein protects pancreatic cells in model of type 1 diabetes
Penn Study Details Robust T-Cell Response to mRNA Covid Vaccines-a More Durable Source of Protection
Lung cancer: Hope for increasing immunotherapy efficacy
Research into small protein sheds light on battling autoimmune disease
Researchers Find Important Clue to Rare Inflammatory Disease in Children Following Covid Infection
Ultrasound remotely triggers immune cells to attack tumors without toxic side effects
Hope for increasing immunotherapy efficacy
Treating asthma with gene silencing nanocapsules
Red blood cell alterations contribute to lupus
Protein-based Covid vaccine that mimics shape of virus
Covid vaccine strategy to give body ‘border protection’
Mount Sinai researchers find important clue to rare inflammatory disease in kids following Covid infection
Beige fat “indispensable” in protecting brain from dementia
Spotting – and hearing – heart attacks before they strike
Vaping just once raises oxidative stress levels in nonsmokers, increasing disease risk
Innovative coating for blood vessels reduces rejection of transplanted organs
Organoid bladders reveal secrets of UTIs
Reducing organ transplant side-effects
Outcomes of psoriasis treatment can be predicted by white blood cell response to test, scientists discover
How Dangerous Is Delta Variant? Here’s What Science Says
Pfizer Announces Positive Top-Line Results from Phase 2b/3 Trial of Ritlecitinib in Alopecia Areata
Researchers find possible culprit of inflammation that causes death in Covid patients
Study Reveals What Triggers Lung Damage during Covid
New Strategy for Precise Isolation and Molecular Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells and Fusion Cells
Fat ‘Shield’ Protects Immune Cells-and Some Cancers-from Destruction