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New Device Design Brings Unparalleled Confidence to Cell Measurements
Engineers develop new tool that will allow for more personalized cell therapies
Scientists identify key molecular protector of gut health
New $3.25M NIH grant to support research in oral manifestations of HIV, including mouth cancer
Weight cycling increases diabetes risk
Mother’s immune cells appear to exacerbate complications of preeclampsia
Unique origin of neutrophil’s chemical messaging system
How intestine replaces and repairs itself
Research finds new mode of triggering immune responses
NASA, SpaceX Launch Climate Science Research, More to Space Station
Genetic discovery to improve lung cancer treatment
How mitochondrial damage ignites ‘auto-inflammatory fire’
Research finds prebiotic and bone restorative effects of prunes
Study identifies kids with cancer at risk of lethal infections
Scientists capture images of antibody attacking neuron receptor
Scientists Map Networks of Disease-Associated Immune Genes
UT Southwestern researchers capture first images of antibody attacking neuron receptor
In Colitis Patients, Skin Conditions May Originate in Gut
Discovery Points to Better Treatment for Brain Tumors
NASA Highlights Climate Research on Cargo Launch, Sets Coverage
Researchers analyze structure of antibodies that could be key to more effective cancer treatments
One-time gene therapy injection could provide HIV treatment that may last lifetime
New gene profiling technology reveals melanoma biomarkers
Severe flu risk as immune cells swap with age
Understanding how microbiota thrive in their human hosts
Inauguration Mangala Srinivas: ‘We need noninvasive techniques to study moving cells in organism’
Research lays foundation for new treatment strategy
Researchers Develop Next-Gen Cancer Therapy
UNC School of Medicine Names 2021-22 Yang Family Biomedical Scholars
Finding HIV’s sweet spot
Small NIH study reveals how immune response triggered by Covid may damage brain
Small NIH study finds how immune response triggered by Covid may damage brain
New vaccine may protect against future variants of Covid
New device could accelerate development of T-cell immunotherapies for cancer
Fourth-generation Vaping Devices Increase Risk to Immune Cells
Surgery may be avoided for children with rare skull tumor
Mere sight of meal triggers an inflammatory response in brain
Mapping ‘energy fingerprints’ of lung cancer leads to fundamental treatment rethink
Immune cells anchored in tissues offer unique defenses against pathogens and cancers
Research on mechanisms involved in alveolar infection
Researchers pioneer new way to detect microbial contamination in cell cultures
Cold temps may help to combat obesity and related metabolic diseases by reducing inflammation, researchers find
Researchers prevent “exhaustion” in cancer-fighting T cells
Highly effective memory B cells localized in lungs
New way in which T cells learn to tell friend from foe
Curbing Candida: Cells That Keep Fungal Infections at Bay
Females itch less than males
In Brief: Scientists Develop New Approach to Imaging Mechanisms of Viral Infection