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Dynamics of adaptive immunity in tuberculosis uncovered
ATP from sensory neuron-interneuron crosstalk is key to spreading inflammation in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Identifying new drug targets for inflammatory autoimmune diseases
Got COVID again? Your symptoms may be milder, but this won’t always be case
Covid, MIS-C and Kawasaki disease share same immune response
AIS Arena Covid mass vaccination clinic to close but free vaccines still available
Biomaterial improves islet transplants for treatment of type 1 diabetes
Immune cell characteristics mapped across multiple tissues
Bacteria that cause dysentery also actively block body’s ability to fight infection
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease causes premature aging of immune system
MRNA booster vaccines may be good investment in developing countries
Solid tumors use type of T cell as shield against immune attack
TGA commences evaluation of Moderna COVID 19 vaccine for children aged 6 months to 5 years old
Updates on gene therapy for ‘bubble boy’ disease and cellular immunotherapy at ASGCT
Common steroids after ‘long Covid’ recovery may cut risk of death by up to 51%
Sweet discovery could drive down inflammation, cancers and viruses
New discovery may hold key to fighting deadly infections
Volunteers receive first dose in clinical trial of Melbourne-made Covid vaccines
Australian researchers in race to prevent prostate cancer deaths
Children with history of maltreatment could undergo an early maturation of immune system
Fruit flies prioritize mating over survival
Monash University scientist elected to Royal Society
Frozen testicular tissue still viable after two decades
Study Identifies Potential Treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Researchers identify key factors impacting adaptive therapy
Seniors urged to prepare for flu season
COVID vaccination recommendations evolve over time
NIH launches clinical trial of Epstein-Barr virus vaccine
Breaking shield that protects pancreatic cancer from immunotherapy
USC clinical trial of potential new influenza vaccine
Repairing tendons with silk proteins
We’ve pinpointed blood proteins activated in most severe cases of COVID in children
Recurrent UTIs linked to gut microbiome, chronic inflammation
‘Resetting’ injured brain offers clues for concussion treatment
Covid vaccine technique shows promise for heart disease
Covid vaccine technique reveals promise for heart disease
Why Do Some People Get Sicker than Others from COVID?
CAR T drives acute myeloid leukemia into submission in pre-clinical studies
Risk factors for severe Covid in hospitalized adults differ by age
Clinical trial of potential vaccine for cytomegalovirus
New details behind body’s response to tuberculosis could lead to more effective vaccine
Promising combination therapy for triple-negative breast cancer
RNA binding proteins help T cells pick their weapons before battle
Australian scientists find genetic cause of lupus
How one inflammatory disorder exacerbates another
Scientists assess power of T-cell immune response to Omicron BA.1 and BA.2
RTS,S malaria vaccine may do more than we thought
Moderate exercise improves immune response in breast cancer survivors