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HKUMed in alliance with international research collaboration discovers inborn errors of immunity
Immunological cause of severe COVID-19 identified
COVID-19 Discovery in Children May Inform Development of Vaccines, Treatments
Scientists trace severe COVID-19 to faulty genes and autoimmune condition
Microelectronics shed light on neural behaviour
Genetic variation unlikely to influence COVID-19 morbidity and mortality
University of Sydney to advance COVID-19 DNA vaccine to human trials
Placebo effect meets proteome
Role of bone marrow immune cells in COVID-19 revealed
Australia’s largest group of inflammation researchers
No ape jape: gibbons need protection from COVID-19 too
New vaccine strategy harnesses ‘foot soldier’ T-cells to provide protection against influenza
COVID-19 mortality rates higher among men than women
Enesi Pharma & Uni of Adelaide to fast-track development of world-first Zika virus vaccine
New study reveals why flu can be devastating for pregnant women
What we know about COVID-19 and kids
Long-term COVID-19 containment will be shaped by strength and duration of natural, vaccine-induced immunity
Anthropologists compare a composite measure of physiological dysregulation among humans and other primates
Chief Scientific Advisor and Chief Medical Officer briefing on coronavirus
Ohio State To Study COVID-19 In First Responders With $10 Million Grant
Further Investment In Three New Australian COVID-19 Vaccine Research Projects
Novel Cancer and Flu Vaccine Technology Adapted for COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate for Elderly
MRFF backs COVID-19 vaccine candidate
Do-it-yourself COVID-19 vaccines fraught with public health problems
Powerful, double-decker bus-sized microscopes help scientists uncover possible COVID-19 treatment
Scientist calls for EU to enforce non-animal antibody production in research and industry
Biomarker predicts who will have severe COVID-19
UC Davis applies microneedles to deliver gene therapy inside eye
Study sheds light on some tumors’ ability to evade a promising immunotherapy strategy
Antibiotic pre-treatment reduces joint inflammation
Bacteria Could Provide Us with Next Antivirals
Rutgers Is Study Site for Monitoring and Predicting Kidney Risk in COVID-19 Patients
Injectable hydrogel could someday lead to more effective vaccines
Novel immune-oncology approach for potential cancer treatment
New findings on function of Mitofusin 2 in bacterial infection and inflammation processes
COVID-19 Biobank at Brown and Lifespan fuels critical research amid pandemic
New blood test finds undetected COVID-19 cases
Biopesticide startup gets $750K more in NSF funding
Immune system affects mind and body, study indicates
Cholesterol metabolite causes immune system to attack T cells instead of breast cancer, study finds
Landmark coronavirus study to trial inhaled Imperial and Oxford vaccines
Mechanism discovered how coronavirus hijacks cell
Middle-Aged Individuals May Be in a Perpetual State of H3N2 Flu Virus Susceptibility
Global consortium launches new study into long-term effects of COVID-19
Antibody Test Developed for COVID-19 That is Sensitive, Specific and Scalable
New study will look at how immune system responds to COVID-19
New immunotherapy to beat cancer
For an effective COVID vaccine, look beyond antibodies to T-cells