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Winners of 2019 SWAP awards revealed
Healthy low-fat insect and plant protein launched in Wales
Somerset landowner kills fish by tipping chemicals on ground
Say goodbye to Queensland Fruit Fly
Seize some seeds from garden for planting next year
Minister launches 50th Conservation Week – Nature needs us
Elm leaf beetle treatment and herbicide spraying to commence
EPA seeks information after satin bowerbirds killed by illegal insecticide
Scale of suicides by pesticide poisoning revealed
Transgenic mosquitoes pass on genes to native species
Find inspiration for a more sustainable garden
Mobile pest surveillance units to give plant industries vital pest and disease information
Researchers dig deep to future-proof restoration
David Livingstone Smith’s work highlighted in several publications
Volunteers from 5 countries worked at TSU
Time-Saving Software in an Age of Ever-Expanding Data
Major research project looking for robust DIY plants
Spring into action against fruit fly
Search and rescue finds mountain climbing kiwi
How Bees Live With Bacteria
Research project to develop an innovative strategy for cancer therapy
National Nature Reserve named ‘Dragonfly Hotspot’
Council looking at turning off some street lights at night
Shop dine and play in full colour in Perth city
Southern Spring Flow update
DOC seeks pest fish sightings
Canada invests $4.3 million in local conservation projects to protect species at risk
New Artificial Compound Eye Could Improve 3D Object Tracking
Health care options to be expanded through GP Urgent Care Clinics
Composition of fossil insect eyes surprises researchers
Group Leader Recruitment
Caterpillars perceive colour through their skin
Know garden pests before deciding on a path to control
Biting midge season to start
Cornell team fights invasive pest, supports NY berry industry
Twig-mimicking caterpillars sense colour through their skin
Protection from mosquitoes key to avoid West Nile virus
Dry feed for superfood producers
Looking to get rid of pesky pests? Make sure you ask to see a technician’s pesticide licence first
Western Oregon conifers continue to show damage due to drought
Research reveals bitter truth of how limonoids are made
Calicivirus release to have feral rabbits on hop
£25m Flood Risk Management Scheme for Carlisle gets underway
Council adds first electric vehicle to its fleet
Forestry practice inspired by wildfire could help save grizzly bears, study shows
Emerald ash borer confirmed in Oromocto, New Brunswick
Plants defend against insects by inducing ‘leaky gut syndrome’
Fruit flies find their way by setting navigational goals