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New ultralight gold foam shimmers in limelight
Prosecution succeeds in Wedge-tailed eagle poisonings
Council is buzzzy ahead of mosquito season
Secrets to climate change adaptation uncovered in European corn borer moth
Council launches mosquito control program ahead of summer
Female mosquitoes that have mated are more likely to transmit malaria
Sounds of Mosquito Mating Rituals Could Lead to Quieter Drones
Forum to guide crop protection direction
Lotterywest helps bring New Junction to life
Early weaning of beef calves – a good strategy during drought and dry conditions
Discriminating diets of meat-eating dinosaurs
Taranaki Mounga predator control a success
Negligent farmer fined for fouling SSSI
Insect decline more extensive than suspected
River Stour becomes more fish friendly
Parliament backs Greens inquiry into Victoria’s extinction crisis
Chameleon’s tongue strike inspires fast-acting robots that catch live insects
High pesticide concentrations continue to enter Great Barrier Reef
Most complete exploration of fly landing maneuvers to advance future robots
Student researching new street lighting to protect Southampton’s bats
Rail Trail now home to praying mantids sculpture
Sheils Reserve redevelopment a win for local community
Composite Metal Foam Outperforms Aluminum for Use in Aircraft Wings
Forests on Radar
Max Planck Society publishes discussion paper on genome editing
Significant insect collection from Academician Hanski donated to Finnish Museum of Natural History
Moon determines when migratory birds head south
Ant-proofing with special paint
Insectapalooza 2019 will be bigger and buggier – and free
Prevent spread of flu virus
Beetles for regenerative agriculture
Moths avoid caterpillar feces during oviposition
Can your harvest contractor answer five simple questions?
Ambitious strategies to combat pests and disease in organic agriculture
Time to protect yourself with high numbers of mozzies detected
Final Nursery Gala Day for 2019
Improve grain storage for a trouble-free harvest
Native flies welcome on food crops
Winter life of Auckland Island pests revealed
GrainCorp convicted over environmental breaches at Port Kembla
Residents urged to help stamp out mozzies
Hovering closer to secrets of hummingbird flight
Fruit flies live longer with combination drug treatment
UBC biology professors create annual calendar as fundraising project
Shape affects performance of micropillars in heat transfer
Check for Queensland fruit fly this spring
Study explores moth brains to improve drone flight
Leaving more deadwood in forests enhances biodiversity: study