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Study reveals how smell receptors work
New food science lab opens after major refurbishment
Developing machine learning tools for soil moisture data
Farm consolidation has negative effect on wild pollinators
Insects make beeline for wildflowers on Yorkshire road
Creative names sought for METRONET micro tunnel boring machine
Common breeding birds are doing better in Netherlands than in Europe
New beetle found in fossil faeces attributed to dinosaur ancestor
Above and Beyond Call of Duty
Researchers Reveal How Malaria Parasites Survive Temperature Shifts
Evolutionary change in protective plant odours
Best practice key to Helicoverpa insecticide resistance
A biological blueprint for tough colour
Study effects paradigm shift in understanding of how red rot attacks sugarcane
Insect identification and management workshops
Promising biological control agents detected faster based on their ‘kill rate’
An exotic herbivore reinforces competition between exotic and native plants
Time Flies and So Do Bats
Partners in crime: Agricultural pest that relies on bacteria to overcome plant defenses
Virus infection cycle revealed in dynamic detail
New regulations for vertebrate pest poisons
New broad type of resistance against insects found in plants
In-cell Nano-3D Printer: Synthesizing Stable Filaments from In-cell Protein Crystals
Proteins enable tendons and muscles of fruit flies to develop in sync
Location of Missing Person in Darwin
Training bees to smell coronavirus
1080 delivers success in Rotoehu Forest
Insect youths give in to parasitic mum
Inhibition of meprin β enzyme linked to development of Alzheimer’s disease analyzed
New invention can reduce agricultural pesticide use: Distinguishes harmful insects from helpful ones
Scientists Uncover Last Meal of a Cretaceous Pollinator
Paddock Practices: Select right varieties when sowing early in wet
How fly selects its reproductive male
European Wasps – identification and treatment
UBCO researcher recommends systematic approach to forest and water supply management
Dogs infected with Leishmania parasites smell more attractive to female sand flies
South Coast residents advised to vaccinate pet rabbits ahead of feral rabbit control program
Discover benefits of Dung Beetles for your property
DOC urges island visitors to follow rules and biosecurity advice
Grasshopper invasion tipped to be even worse than last year
Offer robins what they need and they’ll stick around
Non-urgent presentations place pressure on public EDs
Mosquito numbers on rise
Planting seeds for a greener Wollongong
Robot “Hears” through Ear of a Locus
Sowing new pasture in autumn? 2 March
How insects detect color
Brain seasonality: Bean bug neurons need biological clock gene for seasonal egg-laying