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UK Gov: 24 Mar 2023 WA & TCA Council Meetings
P&G alum revs up gaming scene in UC Esports Lab
Tasman, Eden Innovations Reduce IP Assets After ASIC Review
Ashurst advises on sale of Superdry’s APAC IP assets
Wallace & Gromit Launch Cracking Ideas Competition
International Law Struggles to Regulate Labor Migration
Using AI Algorithms to Streamline Orthodontic Care
Dr. von Wartburg Named Chief Economist of Competition Bureau
No Data on Dog-Human COVID Interactions Stirs Fear
Learning to “sell” a prototype designed in just a few weeks
Peru Praised for Disability Legislation Reform, Queried on Migrants, Refugees Discrimination
UK Gov Pledges £3.5bn for Tech & Science Future
U.S.-Japan Dialogue on Internet Economy Held
UNCTAD: Developing Nations Need Green Tech Policy Action
IP Minister Joins Intellectual Property Office
Indigenous Knowledges Protected in New Agreements
EU, Thailand Resume Trade Talks
Clinical trial success for psoriasis drug
Concrete Talks to Reduce Traffic Jams, Carbon Emissions
UofT Grads Create Mind-Easy Platform for Equity-Focused Therapy
Tech Offers Climate & Development Benefits: UNCTAD
UN Deputy Chief: LDC Graduation Must Not Disrupt Sustainable Development
Cyborg Tech Analyzes Maturation of Stem-Cell Heart Tissue
Delivering Australia’s first national traceability strategy
Construction Material Makers Cut Energy, Carbon Footprint for Homes
Screening Tool Assesses Cognition in Elderly: Cleveland Clinic
Repping Right to Repair
U.S.-Mongolia Economic Partnership Strengthened
Can Content Creators Get Paid for Training AI?
TV’s Emmerdale moves into metaverse
CA Gov: CIPO Unveils 2023-2028 Business Strategy
Skipping Breakfast Impairs Immune System
Case Western Reserve U Licenses Tech for Cancer, HIV Therapy to RORA Biologics Inc
U.S. President Biden Names Thirtieth Round of Judicial Nominees
Bat Stem Cells Could Help Explain Covid Survival, Adaptability
NASA Tech Aids in Tackling Climate Change
Creating High-Tech Gels from Australian Spinifex Grass
Canada Appoints Judge to Federal Court: Justice Minister
UK Invests in Trade Dialogue with Bangladesh for 2023
Gov’t Devises Rules to Balance Ethical AI Use and Progress
Intellectual Property Law Adapted for AI Governance
U.S., Netherlands Cooperate on Quantum Tech
LLNL Biomed Licensee Aids Drug Firms on Autoimmune Disease Treatments
New Forest Pannage Ham granted UK GI status
Mexican Women in Science Strengthened by Chevening
Western Joins National Partners to Advance Clean Energy Research
Product Managers, Entrepreneurs: What to Sell?
Innovation Booster Grant applications open today