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University of Alberta anthropologist uncovers oldest human DNA ever found in Africa
Manchester academic’s book wins prestigious Current Archaeology prize
Bronze Age women led change in Orkney
Bronze Age women altered genetic landscape of Orkney, study finds
Due to poor sanitary conditions, Jerusalem elite suffered from infectious disease
Using drones to capture coastal heritage before it’s lost
Isotope tests unlock Iron Age secrets
Origin and legacy of Etruscans
Researchers present evidence that cosmic impact destroyed biblical city in Jordan Valley
Artwork is found in Tashtyk burial tomb chamber
Central European Prehistory was Highly Dynamic
Archaeologists of TSU and Hermitage Museum found unique burial site
New road upgrade helps to build knowledge of Cornwall’s rich history
Scientists reconstruct Mediterranean silver trade, from Trojan War to Roman Republic
City of David and sharks’ teeth mystery
Proposals to expand Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty
Tradition of keeping mementos in memory of loved ones dates back at least 2,000 years
New excavations in Iberian sites of Kum-Castellet de Banyoles and Coll del Moro in Tivissa
Ancient chickens lived significantly longer than modern fowl because they were seen as sacred – not food – study shows
New insights on animals in African past
Researchers study dog diets in Bronze Age and First Iron Age using remains from Can Roqueta site
Experts trace links between hare goddesses worshipped for thousands of years
Ancient Genomes Trace Origin and Decline of Scythians
Fermented wool is answer
Genomic insights into origin of pre-historic populations in East Asia
I dig u – 2,000-year-old Cupid figurine among Roman artefacts found on major route
Book Landscapes of Survival sheds new light on habitation of Jordan deserts
Globalization During Bronze & Early Iron Ages
Aroma of Distant Worlds
Early Kenyan Herders Relied on Consistency and Connections in Unpredictable Conditions
UK Government redefines treasure to increase protection for archaeological finds
Epic online music marathon will showcase best of Midlands’ talent
Shear Force-How Good Materials are Made Better
Iron Age man with first known case of TB in Britain was a migrant from continental Europe
Researchers join €10m project examining cultural and climate change across Europe
Population Dynamics and Rise of Empires in Inner Asia
Resilience and climate change: Archaeologists reveal human adaptability in ancient Turkey
Archaeologists: Ancient Turks adapted to climate change
Team of materials researchers explores new domains of compositionally complex metals
Ceramics uncover 3000-year-old trading network
Iron Age wine press yields clues to Phoenician building techniques
New dating of Nebra sky disk
Mixture and Migration Brought Food Production to sub-Saharan Africa
Chemical evidence of dairying by hunter-gatherers in highland Lesotho in first millennium AD
Diverse livelihoods helped resilient Levänluhta people survive a climate disaster
New lecture series introduces research at ancient Sardis
Using molecules to draw on quantum materials
Scientist is a co-author of largest study of ancient human DNA