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Two Steps Ahead of Coronavirus
2020 Abel Prize in Mathematics goes to Yale’s Gregory Margulis
U.S. Vice President Pence’s Remarks at American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference
Israel and OPTs UK expresses concern over announcement of new Israeli settlements
Strengthening Holocaust Education In Victorian Schools
Israeli settlements, February 2020 UK statement
Screen Australia announces Talent USA: New York delegation
Negotiations are only path to peace for Israelis and Palestinians
PM call with Prime Minister Netanyahu 6 February 2020
Recalculating: when research starts one way and ends another
HRH Prince of Wales visits Israel
Remarks by President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu of State of Israel in Joint Statements
U.S. President Trump’s Vision for Peace, Prosperity, and a Brighter Future for Israel and Palestinian People
Best urban design to reduce road injuries identified
Remarks by President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu of State of Israel Upon Arrival
Government to provide £1M funding to Auschwitzs-Birkenau Foundation
Communities Secretary visits Jerusalem for fifth World Holocaust Forum
Morrison Government is looking for an off-ramp from sporting grant controversy
Peace for both Israelis and Palestinians is long overdue
Mathematician ignites acclaim for one of year’s top discoveries
Charity Commission appoints interim manager to CAWRM Ltd
Stephen Hawker, Martin Howard, Professor Phillip Johnson, Dr Leon Litvack, Helene Pantelli
A brand new tool devoted to simplifying complex neuron models
Study among top 12 most important in world
Oldest known city view of Venice discovered
U.S. President Trump Has Delivered Record Breaking Results For American People In His First Three Years In Office
Presidential Message on Hanukkah 2019
Elephant’s trunk will inspire a revolutionary robot
Eating in sync with biological clock could replace diabetes treatmen
U.S. President Trump’s Remarks at a Hanukkah Reception
U.S. President Trump’s Remarks at Israeli American Council National Summit 2019
Justinianic Plague Not a Landmark Pandemic?
Huge EU grant to help boost Palestinian-Israeli healthcare cooperation
16-Days Joint Campaign “Together against Violence”
Remarks by National Security Advisor Ambassador Robert O’Brien at ZOA’s 2019 Justice Louis D. Brandeis Award Dinner
11 universities recognized for outstanding entrepreneurship programs by Rice-based consortium
Deadly human diseases may have killed off Neanderthals
Small RNAs link immune system and brain cells
Scientists Find Eternal Nile To Be More Ancient Than Previously Thought
Researchers convert 2D images into 3D using deep learning
Scientists link Neanderthal extinction to human diseases
Tel Aviv University grad’s short film sold to HBO
£2.8 million awarded to fund projects by British and Israeli scientists
Moving towards viable peace in Middle East
U.S. Vice President Pence’s Remarks at Heritage Foundation Honors Gala
Looking at British Mandate Palestine through different lenses
U.S. President Trump’s Remarks at Values Voter Summit
Strategic partnership between Kyoto University and University of Vienna