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Risk of ‘deadly escalation’ in violence, without decisive action
In absence of political solution, it is vital that we improve conditions for Israelis and Palestinians
Commissioner-General Opening Remarks, Advisory Commission Meeting
Violations of Palestinian rights puts two-State solution at risk UN chief warns
Israel extorts Palestinian journalists, bans them from traveling – new report: Punishing journalists
Israel extorts Palestinian journalists, bans them from traveling – new report: Punished journalists
Statement by President Joe Biden on Hanukkah
Government of Cyprus supports UNRWA with EUR 100,000 contribution
Change of Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Tunisia Ms Helen Winterton
French delegation visits Amman New Camp following International Ministerial Conference in Support of UNRWA
Arrested development and poverty take $57 billion economic toll in Palestine
Fatal Terrorist Attack in Jerusalem’s Old City
UNRWA is gravely concerned by killing of Palestine refugee child by Israeli live fire
Human challenge study to lay foundations for vaccine development for neglected tropical disease
Newly-identified state in bacteria has major implications for antibiotic treatment and resistant strains
Autism diagnosis by 2.5 years of age leads to dramatic improvements in social symptoms as compared to those diagnosed later
“Taming storm”: Neuroimmune interactions and brain plasticity
‘We cannot lose hope’, UN chief tells media seminar on peace in Middle East
International Community Overwhelmingly Reaffirms Support for UNRWA
Renewal of Zakat Certificate from National Zakat Foundation Expands UNRWA Zakat Programme
‘Dire’ economic and fiscal situation in Palestine requires integrated response
WWII veteran, 102, regains his hearing and social life, thanks to UCLA cochlear implant program
Extended collaboration between Qatar Fund for Development and UNRWA
Dr. Gary Foley announced as 2021 Jerusalem Peace Prize winner
UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini Looks at UK for Sustained Support to Agency
Ancient warfare and Assyrian conquest of Lachish
Spyware Used to Hack Palestinian Rights Defenders
UNRWA commissioner-general philippe lazzarini concludes visit to united kingdom
Veteran Australian judge Hillary Charlesworth elected to International Court of Justice
UNRWA receives First Installment of Annual Funding from Khalifa Bin Zayed Foundation for Education in Gaza
Israel settlement expansion ‘tramples’ on human rights law, experts contend
UN experts say Israeli settlement expansion ‘tramples’ on human rights law
WLA University Presidents Forum highlights Open Science for sustainable future
Bionic eye that could help blind people navigate world
UK statement on Israel settlement construction
UN experts condemn Israel’s designation of Palestine rights defenders as terrorist organisations
European Union Contributes Vital EUR 90 million to UNRWA
UK and partners join Palestinian farmers in olive harvesting
U.S. President Biden Announces Key Nominations 20 October
Lack of progress continues to impact negatively lives of Israelis and Palestinians
Build consensus or face ‘increasingly desperate reality’, warns Middle East envoy
Cancer cells mobilizing nervous system? Let’s use them to inhibit tumor
Search is on for new Tasmanian Wilderness Rangers
Spotting Hotspots for Cancer Immunotherapy
Choosing ‘best’ embryo in IVF
Large effect of Solar activity on Earth’s energy budget
Sbitany Signs UNRWA Partnership Agreement in Support of ental Health Programmes in Gaza
Facebook Censors Discussion of Rights Issues: Israel/Palestine