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Denmark excluded from international cooperation by short masters programme
COVID-19 Job Stigma Real Threat: uOttawa Study
UK Firms Prefer Manchester Uni for Recruiting Graduates
Grants Open To Game-Changing Research
€1.2m for 300 Dismissed Spanish Workers from EC’s Globalisation Fund
Gen Z’s job success hinges on online personal brands
Collège La Cité to Receive French-Language Skills Training Investment
AI Helps Job Seekers with Tips to Score New Job
Central Asia Initiative Aims to Strengthen Economy
Minister Marci Ien Supports Black Youth Employment Opportunities
2nd Gen Immigrant Biz Shaped by Parents’ Home Country Culture
We Can Learn to Spot Real and Fake Text
EPFL Enhances Skills Training for Students
Working women more educated but not more respected
CEO Education No Guarantee of Stock Market Success
£1.3bn to Boost Blyth’s Economy and Infrastructure
UConn Offers New Gen. Counseling Masters Degree Program
Trying new methods and receiving feedback important in teaching
NT Worker Portal, UK Delegation to Boost Hospitality Jobs
Research: Age Biggest Factor in Housing Stress
Age is most significant predictor of housing stress: study
Algorithms for Hiring: Reducing Bias?
Put People First: Achieving SDGs
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks on January Jobs Report
$37 million investment in Mandurah wastewater infrastructure
7 key benefits of studying Hotel Management
Energy sector survey to map jobs of future
US Wealth Gap Widening Quicker than Europe’s
Qld Tops State Economy Rankings: CommSec Report
Innovation programme turns ideas into reality
Living history of Cairo
U-M Economists: Job Market Resuming Pre-Pandemic Patterns
New year, new job? Beware of scammers
Biden: November Personal Consumption Expenditures Rise
Green transformation day held at Durham primary school
Sierra Leone Seeks Growth, Welfare Challenges Remain
Early-career archaeologists are pessimistic about future careers
Death to ‘one-way’ entry: move to passion-based careers after high school
Second Taki Plaza Lecture: future for science and technology talent
Women Will Rise in March 2023
Women Rising in 2023
University of Helsinki to provide master’s education in healthcare development
Ageism, sexism and racism still abound in labor market
Ageism, sexism and racism still rife in labour market
New data shows 15% increase in number of city dwellers making move to regional and rural communities causing ongoing challenges
Covid has had positive effect on astronomy research, but negative effect on new and female researchers
HKUST Installs First Woman President Prof. Nancy Ip at 30th Congregation
Economists expect ‘mild recession,’ though auto sector strength should curb worst effects in Michigan