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RNA-based approach identified for treatment of premature aging and associated diseases
New target identified for treatment of premature aging disease
One more slice to drive solar stack
International leading scientists issue critical guide for using microbiomes to combat global issue of biodiversity loss
Secret language of cells? New cell computations uncovered
Researchers discover how RNA processing goes awry in rare immune disease
Expanding artistic frontiers in artificial intelligence
From transistor to memristor: switching technologies for future
Shaping future of purification
Sustainable membranes for future energy
Designing perfect membrane for clean separation
New light-powered catalysts could aid in manufacturing
New database to “SpUR” on cancer research
MOU between KAUST startup and Luberef sets path for cleaner air
Planet-scale MRI
Drones shed light on coastal water flows
Understanding rust resistance in bread wheat
Super scintillators enable X-ray detection at an ultralow level
Perovskite solar cells take heat
KAUST inaugurates world’s first Coral Probiotics Village
Bacteria engage sulfur for plant salt tolerance
Red Sea bioregions show changing blooms
McLaren Racing visits KAUST in support of pioneering R&D partnership
Deeper defense against cyber attacks
DNA replication under microscope
Methane from Carbon Dioxide
Diagnosing cancer with barcode-inspired test
Restoring coral health
Chemical-free cleaning of bioreactor membranes
Collaborating with distinguished researchers around world KAUST scientists propose nature-based adaptive approach to boost coral
World’s longest coral survey: century of change at Aua reef
Curious task of watching liquid marbles dry
Airborne antennas to address EMF concerns
Lab grown stem cells used to study embryogenesis
Sieving ions with polymer membrane
Electric gains in battery performance
Probiotics for corals boost resilience, help prevent mortality
Corals survive heat with bacterial help
Getting cell culture research right
Sweet spot for membrane thickness offers sustainable separations
Building a better biosensor polymer
Wildfire detection takes flight
Saudi environmental stewards release hawksbills
Portable COVID-19 test revolutionizes detection
Keeping a vigilant watch on SARS-CoV-2
Plant probes make sense for sustainable farming
Green Hydrogen’s Time is Now
Predicting evolution of a pandemic