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Chemical Claw Bends, Stretches in Vapor Exposure
Key Device Unveiled for 6G Network Rollout
Unexpected Source Offers Hope in Global Wheat Blast Battle
Revolution in Green Hydrogen Production Via Carbon Fabric Catalysts
Lithuanian Team Makes Major Leap in Solar Cell Tech
New Dual-Method Strategy Improves Solar Cells
Wiley, KAUST Seal Deal to Boost Open Access in Saudi Arabia
Dancing Droplets Revolutionize Water Harvesting
UK Science Minister Speaks at LEAP '24, Riyadh
Boosting Seed Resilience Through Microbe Targeting
Privacy Prioritized in Deck Shuffling
AI Tool Forecasts Unknown Proteins' Functions
First-Ever Gathering of Scientists for Human Origins Research
Unprecedented Ocean DNA Study Maps Marine Life Catalog
KAUST Unveils Low-Cost Solar Cell Blueprint for Global Use
New Malaria Protein Discovery Paves Way for Antimalarial Tactics
Phase-Field Simulation Reveals Lithium Dendrite Growth Trends
Revolutionary Method Unveiled for Rare Disease Diagnosis
Ancient Architecture Inspires Future Window Designs
Solar Panel Tech Set to Surge, Pending Roadblock Clearance
Dual Solar Technologies Linked for Enhanced Efficiency, Stability
Saliva Glucose Levels Measured by Transistor
Promising Cancer Therapy Protein Refined Through Rigorous Rethink
Durable Memory Device Targets Space Missions
Ancient Grain Reveals Secrets to Boosting Wheat Resilience
Laser Therapy Enhances Battery Efficiency
Protons to Power Next-Gen Memory Devices
Linewidth Narrows in Self-Injection-Locked On-Chip Lasers
Freeze charges in flames
Scientists Uncover Physics of Skipping Stones
Super Flexible Composite Semiconductors for Next-Gen Printed Displays
Ocean Current Saves Pacific Island Reefs
Smart In-Memory Light Sensors Perform Image Recognition
2D-Enabled Microchips Now Functional
L'Oréal-UNESCO Awards Reveal 25th Women Science Laureates
Discovery of Novel Mechanisms for Wheat Rust Resistance
Minerals and microbes threaten desalination membranes, saved
Plants Used as Factories for Green Drug Production
Solution-Processable MoS2-Based In-Memory Light Sensor for Artificial Visual Perception Nervous System
Renewable Route to Rubber Material
Scientists Discover Hidden Mitochondrial Mutations in Single Cells
New Tools Aid Coral Gardening on Landscapes
Scientists Integrate 2D Materials into Silicon Chips for Advanced Data Storage and Computation
Bacteria Yields Greener Catalysts
RNA: Spare Messenger
Elevated design keeps solar stills salt-free
Storing Salmon & Strawberries for Future Use
Getting more from oil