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Apple announces third annual Apple Music Award winners
International research collaboration designed to increase understanding of human adaptation to spaceflight
Committee against Torture Discusses Follow-up to Concluding Observations, Follow-up to Individual Communications, and Reprisals
New Ambassador to Russia announced
New members of UNESCO’s IPDC Council and Bureau elected to support media development worldwide
TSU glacier research in Aktru received high praise from WGMS
OPCW assists Russian speaking Member States in strengthening protection against chemical weapons and toxic industrial chemicals
Tashkent meetings breathe new air into SPECA by bolstering sustainable connectivity for greener, circular and inclusive economy
Tackle Central Asia Rights Abuses: EU
NASA Television to Air Russian Port Module Launch, Docking to Station
U.S. President Biden Announces Additional Nominees 18 November
Visiting Kazakhstan, World Bank Vice President Pledges Continued Support to Key Reforms, Resilient Recovery
U.S. President Biden Announces Additional Nominees
Countries ‘Walk Talk’ on Transparency and Climate Action
Australia drops four places on global climate ranking
Statement on Strategic Partnership and Joint Efforts to Respond to Climate Change
Economist calls on WTO to end harmful subsidies that lead to overfishing
World Health Organization Secretariat announcement regarding election of next WHO Director-General
Serbia pioneers National Policy Dialogue to strengthen Industrial Safety under UNECE Industrial Accidents Convention
Global, collaborative trial seeks new ways to treat world’s leading infectious killer
NASA to Provide TV Coverage of Russian Station Cargo Ship Activities
Use of Nuclear Power Beyond Generating Electricity: Non-Electric Applications
Committee on Elimination of Discrimination against Women Opens Eightieth Session
Police charge two after nearly $10mil worth of prohibited drugs concealed in sewing equipment – Murrumbidgee
At crossroads of language, technology, and empathy
An Update on Management of Department of State’s Continuing Afghan Relocation and Resettlement Efforts
An update on Management of Department of State’s Continuing Afghanistan Relocation and Resettlement Efforts
Association of four genetic variants with colorectal cancer
NASA Sets Landing Coverage for Russian Cosmonaut, Actress, Producer
Noncompetitive Rights Council Election Aids Abusers: UN
Neurology: Brain Injury after long-duration spaceflight
Pink flamingos return to Kazakhstan’s capital in time for World Migratory Bird Day
IOM Action Plan Calls for USD 159 M to Support Afghanistan and Regional Countries
Travel Advice Changes Made For Over 30 Countries And Territories
Concentrate farming to leave room for species and carbon, better than ‘eco-friendly’ agriculture
AlmaU and HKU Law launch Russian-language version of world’s largest FinTech online course on edX
Committee on Rights of Migrant Workers Meets with One Non-Governmental Organisation and One National Human Rights Institution
NASA TV Coverage Set for Russian Film Production Launch
UN launches initiative to support returnees after ISIL in Iraq and Syria
Statement on C5+1 Ministerial during UNGA 76
Dairying enabled Bronze Age steppe expansion
OECD Steel Committee says persistent overcapacity may trigger sharp downturns when steel demand loses momentum
OECD Steel Committee warns that overcapacity may trigger sharp downturns when steel demand loses momentum
High Commissioner for Human Rights tells Human Rights Council that Human Rights situation in Belarus continues to worsen
Space Station Crew to Relocate Soyuz, Make Room for New Crewmates
Statement of C5+1 on Addressing Climate Crisis
Special Rapporteur on Right to Development to Human Rights Council
New species of otter discovered in Germany