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Quantum Classifiers with Tailored Quantum Kernel
A New Strategy for Early Evaluations of CO2 Utilization Technologies
New Nanoparticle Drug Combination For Atherosclerosis
Energy Storage Using Oxygen to Boost Battery Performance
A Deep-Learned E-Skin Decodes Complex Human Motion
Unravelling Complex Brain Networks with Automated 3-D Neural Mapping
‘Mole-bot’ Optimized for Underground and Space Exploration
A New Strategy for Optimal Electroreduction of CO2 to High-Value Products
From Dark to Light in a Flash: Smart Film Lets Windows Switch Autonomously
Universal Virus Detection Platform to Expedite Viral Diagnosis
Visualization of Functional Components to Characterize Optimal Composite Electrodes
Making tissue stretchable, compressible, and nearly indestructible
Highly Efficient Charge-to-Spin Interconversion in Graphene Heterostructures
Highly Efficient Charge-to-Spin Interconversion in Graphene Heterostructures
A Theoretical Boost to Nano-Scale Devices
Simple Molecular Reagents to Treat Alzheimer’s Disease
Researchers Present a Microbial Strain Capable of Massive Succinic Acid Production
Breastfeeding Helps Prevent Mothers from Developing Diabetes after Childbirth
A Study Finds Neuropeptide Somatostatin Enhances Visual Processing
For first time, scientists observe elusive Kondo screening cloud
Team CoSTAR Takes First Place in Underground Robot Competition
What Fuels a “Domino Effect” in Cancer Drug Resistance?
Blood-Based Multiplexed Diagnostic Sensor Helps to Accurately Detect Alzheimer’s Disease
Cancer cell reversion may offer a new approach to colorectal cancer treatment
Rachmaninoff most innovative of 18th and 19th century composers according to network science
New Insights into How Human Brain Solves Complex Decision-Making Problems
Scientists Discover Mechanism of DNA High-Order Structure Formation
A System Controlling Road Active Noise to Hit Road
New Liquid Metal Wearable Pressure Sensor Created for Health Monitoring Applications
Gallium-Based Solvating Agent Efficiently Analyzes Optically Active Alcohols
AI to Determine When to Intervene with Your Driving
Ultrafast Quantum Motion in a Nanoscale Trap Detected
Transformative Electronics Systems to Broaden Wearable Applications
Tungsten Suboxide Improves Efficiency of Platinum in Hydrogen Production
A single, master switch for sugar levels?
Image Analysis to Automatically Quantify Gender Bias in Movies
A Mathematical Model Reveals Long-Distance Cell Communication Mechanism
Object Identification and Interaction with a Smartphone Knock
Algorithm Identifies Optimal Pairs for Composing Metal-Organic Frameworks
KAIST Team Develops Vaccine Against Tick-Borne Infectious Viral Disease ‘SFTS’
Researchers Describe a Mechanism Inducing Self-Killing of Cancer Cells
Artificial Muscles Bloom, Dance, and Wave
Highly Uniform and Low Hysteresis Pressure Sensor to Increase Practical Applicability
Accurate Detection of Low-Level Somatic Mutation in Intractable Epilepsy
Enhanced Natural Gas Storage to Help Reduce Global Warming
Manipulating Brain Cells by Smartphone
Synthesizing Single-Crystalline Hexagonal Graphene Quantum Dots
Newsly Identified Meningeal Lymphatic Vessels Answers Key Questions on Brain Clearance