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Neuromorphic Memory Device Simulates Neurons and Synapses
Energy-Efficient AI Hardware Technology Via Brain-Inspired Stashing System
Machine Learning-Based Algorithm to Speed up DNA Sequencing
New Strategy for Active Metasurface Design Provides Full 360° Phase Tunable Metasurface
LightPC Presents Resilient System Using Only Non-Volatile Memory
Researchers Unveil Highly Efficient Means to Reverse Magnetization with Spin Currents
Protein that keeps pancreas from digesting itself
Mathematicians Identify Key Source of Cell-to-Cell Variability in Cell Signaling
Tomographic Measurement of Dielectric Tensors
Decoding Brain Signals to Control Robotic Arm
CXL-Based Memory Disaggregation Technology Opens Up New Direction for Big Data Solution Frameworks
T2KN CAMPUS Asia Plus Online Winter Camp welcomes over 30 students from Asia’s top science and technology universities
‘Fingerprint’ Machine Learning Technique Identifies Different Bacteria in Seconds
Scientist Discover How Our Circadian Rhythm Can Be Both Strong and Flexible
Mathematical Model Demonstrates High Viral Transmissions Reduce Progression Rates for Severe Covid
Research Finds Digital Music Streaming Consumption Dropped as Result of Covid and Lockdowns
Label-Free Multiplexed Microtomography of Endogenous Subcellular Dynamics Using Deep Learning
Eco-Friendly Micro-Supercapacitors Using Fallen Leaves
AI Light-Field Camera Reads 3D Facial Expressions
Rubber material holds key to long-lasting, safer EV batteries
Face Detection in Untrained Deep Neural Networks
Study Shows Reactive Electrolyte Additives Improve Lithium Metal Battery Performance
Research reveals hidden obstacle for women in academia
New Colombo Plan scholars forge links with Indo-Pacific neighbours
Connecting Dots to Find New Treatments for Breast Cancer
Kaleidoscope 2021: Physical and virtual worlds converge
Researchers can control brain circuits, behavior, and emotion using light
Scientists Develop Wireless-Networks that Allow Brain Circuits to Be Controlled Remotely through Internet
Scientists showcase potential of demand response in reducing CO2 emissions
Research reveals electric fields can improve efficiency of wastewater purification
Genetic Change for Achieving Long and Healthy Life
Study Finds Player-Character Relationships Affected Game Satisfaction in Last of Us Part II
Nanoscale Self-Assembling Salt-Crystal ‘Origami’ Balls Envelop Liquids
New Chiral Nanostructures to Extend Material Platform
Flexible Sensor-Integrated RFA Needle Leads to Smarter Medical Treatment
Deep Learning Framework to Enable Material Design in Unseen Domain
Dynamic Tracking of Tissue-Specific Secretory Proteins
Multidisciplinary International Student Workshop 2021 held by three engineering Schools
Recipe for Success: Reputations Start from Inner Circles
Protruding Eyes and Mouth Make Stingrays More Hydrodynamically Efficient
Quantum Emitters: Beyond Crystal Clear to Single-Photon Pure
Genomic Data Reveals New Insights into Human Embryonic Development
Mechanism Underlying Most Common Cause of Epileptic Seizures Revealed
Tokyo Tech hosts online ASPIRE Forum 2021
Brain-Inspired Highly Scalable Neuromorphic Hardware Presented
Using graphene foam to filter toxins from drinking water
Study Reveals What Triggers Lung Damage during Covid
3D Visualization and Quantification of Bioplastic PHA in Living Bacterial Cell