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KAIST Develops Biohybrid System to Extract 20x More Bioplastic from CO2
Researchers at Pusan National University Develop Non-Intrusive Pipeline Sensor
Light Used to Throw and Catch Atoms for Quantum Computing
KAIST Scientists Create Micro-LED Tech to Reduce Heat by 40%
KAIST Team Develops Targeted Protein Delivery for Cancer Cells
KAIST Pioneers AI Analysis of Drug-Drug Interactions Involving Paxlovid
Aged Brain’s Meningeal Membranes Linked to Disability
KAIST Creates MetaVRain for Vivid 3D Images
Scientists play ball with single atoms using light
KAIST Develops Smart Immune System to Target Tumors
Hydrogel Sensor Monitors Overactive Bladder
KAIST Researchers Develop Tech for Ultrahigh-Resolution LED Production
KAIST Finds Neural Circuit that Responds to Alarm Clocks
Robot-Assisted Surgery: Impact of Ads
GIST Researchers Create AI-Based Tool to Discover Antimicrobial Peptides
New polymers could enable better wearable devices
KAIST Unveils Tech to Curb Lung Cancer Metastasis
Better Afternoon Chemo for Female Lymphoma Patients
KAIST’s Robo-Dog “RaiBo” runs through sandy beach
Overview of 30-year history of metabolic engineering
Scientists Revise FDA Equation for More Accurate Drug Interactions
Scientists Refine FDA Equation for Drug Interaction Predictions
KAIST Offers Hope to Musicians with Dystonia
IAEA Chief in Korea: Nuclear Energy Focus on Safety, Safeguards
Economical, environmentally friendly manufacturing of highly efficient carbonate solar cells
KAIST Team Develops Surface-Lighting MicroLED Patch with Significant Melanogenesis Inhibition Effect
Optica Announces 2023 Fellows Class
See-through exhibitions using smartphones: KAIST develops AR magic lens, WonderScope
Scientists develop system to test brain ultrasound treatments
KAIST develops biocompatible adhesive applicable to hair transplants
South Korea world of potential for physics student Thomas Venville
Tokyo Tech CAMPUS Asia Plus Online Summer School 2022 held successfully
Multidisciplinary International Student Workshop 2022 held in person after three-year break
KAIST Research Team Develops Diesel Reforming Catalyst Enabling Hydrogen Production for Future Mobile Fuel Cells
Tokyo Tech Representatives attend ASPIRE Forum 2022 held online
Establishing novel strategy to tackle Huntington’s disease
Phage resistant Escherichia coli strains developed to reduce fermentation failure
Ultrathin dental camera inspired by insect-eye structure
ASPIRE Undergraduate Engineering Design Challenge 2022 Four of Asia’s Top Science and Engineering Universities Participate
Interactive Map of Metabolical Synthesis of Chemicals
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology scientists improve power output of triboelectric nanogenerators with carbon particles
New Therapeutic Drug for Alzheimer’s Disease without Inflammatory Side Effects
New therapeutic drug for Alzheimer’s without inflammatory side effects
Shaping AI Semiconductor Ecosystem
Chung-Ang University study reports hepatic toxicity from endocrine disrupting chemical mixtures
KAIST Research Team Proves How Neurotransmitter may be Key in Controlling Alzheimer’s Toxicity
System for Stable Simultaneous Communication among Thousands of IoT Devices
AI-based, Indoor/Outdoor-Integrated GPS System to Bring Seismic Waves in Terrains of Positioning Technology