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New study calculates retreat of glacier edges in Alaska’s Kenai Fjords National Park
Scientists reveal how mysterious submarine landslides are developed
U.S. President Biden Approves Alaska Disaster Declaration
New model developed to predict landslides along wildfire burn scars
Black Mountain Road rebuild to be lengthy delicate process
Bridges and Roads Update 14 July
Full closure Oxley Highway at Mount Seaview from Tuesday 19 July
Bridges and Roads Update
Further Flooding Update
Flooding Update 11 July
Flooding Update 10 July
Flooding Update 8 July
Partial Road Closure
Working through wet – Wollongong
Body cameras, live streaming bring search and rescue into next generation
Byron Shire Flood Recovery Update 13 May
Higgins Polling Research Shows Landslide Support for Truth in Political Advertising Laws
SFU researchers mapping landslides that could wipe out Fraser River salmon
Getting Better View of Landslide Risk With LiDAR
Major recovery works begin in Burleigh Head National Park
Senior barrister joins Supreme Court bench 28 April
Tangoio Falls Track closed by landslide
Undersea sediment reveals clues about seismic activity
Polling: Majority of Australians want climate disaster levy and climate adaptation strategies
Australian and Fijians work side by side
Waste Collection Delays
Latest on major road closures due to flooding in state’s north
Extraordinary rescue by Army Reservists
Mass clean-up and repair underway to get SEQ trains back on track
Northern NSW Road Closures
Landslide fixed at Wallanbah Road
Message of appreciation to supporters of Izusan, Atami City landslide relief fund
Why do landslides happen?
New study improves understanding of Southern California’s intense winter rains
Powerful volcanic blast not cause for 2018 Indonesian island collapse – new research
Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to Fund Critical Transportation Project in Denali National Park
Mayo Polling: Landslide Support for Key Integrity and Accountability Measures
Polling Bass & Lyons: Landslide Support for Key Integrity and Accountability Measures
Extreme weather and earthquakes need greater attention when examining Nepal’s landslides
Three million in urgent need of life-saving assistance, protection
Urban areas more likely to have precipitation-triggered landslides, exposing growing populations to slide hazards
New model simplifies orbital radar tradeoff studies for environmental monitoring
Seismic forensics and its importance for early warning
Landslide Support for Commonwealth Integrity Commission with Public Hearings and Whistle-blower Complaint Capability
Spring storms ahead. Be Ready
Helping engineers better predict clay landslides
Families in Les Cayes, Haiti, suffering trauma and fear as aftershocks rock country and death toll now exceeds 2000
Committee to scrutinise $98.9 million in public works