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Helping cause of environmental resilience
UN: 1.5C Require Global Decarbonization in All Areas
Biofuel Breakthrough, Courtesy of Fungi
Can synthetic polymers replace body’s natural proteins?
Synthetic Polymers: Can they Replace Natural Proteins?
DOE Funds Berkeley Lab’s Joint BioEnergy Institute Again
Physicists Track Upsilons Melting in Sequence
India Aims for Energy Independence by 2047: Study
Magnetism Creates Unusual Electronic Order in Quantum Material
Quantum Material Showing Unusual Electronic Order Due to Magnetism
New Method to Rapidly Test Virus Proteins for Antibiotic Potential
Tough lignin broken down in anaerobic environment, researchers find
Enhanced Weathering to Slow Climate Change?
Day in Half-Life
New Polymer Coating Could Boost EV Batteries
Firefighters free snow-stranded motorists
QGP Production Switches Off at Low Energy: Clear Sign
New DESI planetarium show to premier in 2023
Nanosatellite Paves Way to RNA Medicine of Future
Efficient Extreme UV Laser Pulses via Electron Beam ‘Wakesurfing’
Research Team Develops Strategy for More Efficient Solid-State Batteries
On Road to Better Solid-State Batteries
Optica members inducted as 2022 AAAS Fellows
Quantum Computing Used to Simulate Atomic Nuclei
Machine Learning Model Boosts Amazon Carbon Storage Estimate
Copper Catalyst Breaks Record in Converting CO2 to Liquid Fuels
Heat- and Electricity-Resistant Compound Paves Way for New Energy Storage Tech
Doubling Protected Land May Mean Tradeoffs: Study
Going small and thin for better hydrogen storage
Microscopy Unlocks Possibilities in Quantum Computing Control
Engineer Discovers Method to Improve Pharmaceuticals Through Dolphin Research
Berkeley Lab Aids Creation of Global Security Tool
Rinse and Repeat: Easy New Way to Recycle Batteries is Here
Storing CO2 Underground Could Mitigate Climate Change: Study
Genetic Engineering Sheds Light on Ancient Evolutionary Questions
Lost Video of Georges Lemaître, Father of Big Bang Theory, Recovered
Balancing Battery-Powered Future With Energy Justice
Basics2Breakthroughs: Decluttering data to accelerate Earth science
Wettest Winter Storms in Western U.S. Growing Wetter
Interlocking Molecules Create Tough, Flexible ‘Chain Mail’
Polysulfates Could Revolutionize High-Performance Electronics Components
Surprising Spin Alignment Revealed by Data
Researchers flip switch on electric control of crystal symmetry
Climate Change Likely to Uproot More Amazon Trees
AI discovers new nanostructures
Green Ammonia and Fertilizer Closer to Reality
Calculating Soil Carbon Credits Made Easier by Research
Climate Change Intensifying California Winter Storms: Expert