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Metal wires of carbon complete toolbox for carbon-based computers
Machine Learning Takes on Synthetic Biology: Algorithms Can Bioengineer Cells for You
Berkeley Team Plays Key Role in Analysis of Particle Interactions That Produce Matter From Light
Oregon State-led project receives $10M grant to harness biomedical knowledge to aid patients
‘Floppy’ Atomic Dynamics Help Turn Heat into Electricity
Caltech Faculty to Advance Future Quantum Science Efforts
New $115 Million Quantum Systems Accelerator to Pioneer Quantum Technologies for Discovery Science
Some of America’s Favorite Produce Crops May Need to Get a Move On by 2045
Faster, more efficient energy storage could stem from holistic study of layered materials
Scientists create protein models to explore toxic methylmercury formation
3 Awards Will Support Accelerator R&D for Medical Treatment, Miniaturization, and Machine Learning
2D Electronics Get an Atomic Tuneup
Toward an Ultrahigh Energy Density Capacitor
Low-Cost Home Air Quality Monitors Prove Useful for Wildfire Smoke
New center to focus on physics of ultra-dense neutron stars
New NSF Physics Frontier Center Will Focus on Neutron Star Modeling in ‘Gravitational Wave Era’
Lab steps on gas to enhance chemical production
Global Methane Emissions Soaring, But How Much Was Due to Wetlands?
Study outlines five thermal energy grand challenges for decarbonizing world’s economy
Keeping Cool Efficiently During Heat Waves
International Physicists Join Forces in Hunt for Sterile Neutrinos
Scientists Say: Expect More Rainfall Variability for California
Pioneering Work Modeling How Electric Vehicles Interact with Electric Grid
Analysis of Renewable Energy Points Policy Makers to Path Toward More Affordable and Reliable Carbon-Free
New Partnership Seeds Microbiome Research
A Closer Look at Water-Splitting’s Solar Fuel Potential
Interpreting Human Genome’s Instruction Manual
VIDEOS: Five Ways Berkeley Lab is in Fight Against COVID
Berkeley Lab Part of Team Awarded $60M for Solar Fuels Research
Caltech-led Research Partnership Lands a $60 Million Department of Energy Project to Advance Fuels from Sunlight
New Study Defies Decades-Old ‘Discrepancy’ with High-Precision Measurement
X-Rays Recount Origin of Oddball Meteorites
An origin story for a family of oddball meteorites
New technique to capture CO2 could reduce power plant greenhouse gases
UC Berkeley to lead $25 million quantum computing center
A Remarkable Rate of Return with Catalytic Bias
Battery Breakthrough Gives Boost to Electric Flight and Long-Range Electric Cars
SLAC’s Upgraded X-Ray Laser Facility Produces First Light
Secret to Renewable Solar Fuels Is an Off-and-On Again Relationship
Charm Quarks Offer Clues to Confinement
Clean energy grids and electric vehicles key to beating climate change and air pollution
Scientists Successfully Demonstrate a New Experiment in Search for Theorized ‘Neutrinoless’ Process
To engineers’ surprise, radiation can slow corrosion of some materials
Scientists Dive Deep Into Hidden World of Quantum States
Scaling Up Science During a Global-Scale Emergency
Paul Alivisatos Wins Priestley Award
VIDEOS: Science Collaborations Find a Way During COVID-19 Pandemic
Study Gains New Insight Into Bacterial DNA Packing