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Underneath it all: dishing dirt on protists
Scientists identify key trends in high-energy-density mixing layers
Researchers Observe New Complexity of Traveling Brain Waves in Memory Circuits
Observations show marine clouds amplify warming
Observations show marine clouds amplify global warming
LLNL-developed thin-film electrodes reveal key insight into human brain activity
Conference papers highlight importance of data security to machine learning
Changing what is possible in fusion drives ORNL’s FERMI project
Advanced Data Analytics for Proliferation Detection shares technical advances during two-day meeting
Lawrence Livermore takes part in international planetary defense conference
It’s only natural: Using environmental microbes to remove uranium from groundwater
HPC4Energy Innovation kicks off spring solicitation
Predatory bacteria bite their own
Direct drug delivery with carbon nanotube porins
Neural nets used to rethink material design
Study highlights promise of 3D printing for electrochemical reactors
1D model helps clarify implosion performance at NIF
Krell Institute honors Hittinger with Corones Award
Sterile neutrinos may be portal to dark side
Lab postdocs selected to participate in Nobel meeting
Lab offers forum on machine learning for industry
Team improves polar direct drive fusion neutron sources for use in National Ignition Facility experiments
Bay Area labs to host business partnership event
Found: A fast and accurate way to optimize fusion energy devices
Scientists reject restrictive heat flux models using directly driven gold spheres
Air Force reservists a vital part of Lab’s workforce
Lab team’s new interferometric instrument improves refractive index measurements at high pressure
Different neutron energies enhance asteroid deflection
Pandemic drives down U.S. energy use in 2020
LLNL researchers and business development executives capture best-ever three technology transfer awards
This Hydrogen Fuel Machine Could Be Ultimate Guide to Self-Improvement
Research confirms ingredient in household cleaner could improve fusion reactions
Oak Ridge National Laboratory joins ATOM Consortium to Accelerate Drug Discovery
Elevated CO2 levels in atmosphere increase plant carbon uptake but decrease soil carbon storage
Do You Know Way to Berkelium, Californium?
Novel deep learning framework for symbolic regression
Research uncovers missing physics in explosive hotspots
Greenland landscape history preserved under ice sheet
Ten-year anniversary of Fukushima observed
Villanueva shares path to growth at diversity summit
Research identifies a pressure-induced increase in efficiency, phase transition of thermoelectric materials
Lab-designed instrumentation onboard unarmed missile
‘Self-trained’ deep learning to improve disease diagnosis
Goldstein receives gold from DOE and NNSA
Doubling creation of antimatter using same laser energy
Lab report outlines updates to state’s regulations for carbon capture, storage in effort to achieve neutrality
Lab launches interdisciplinary Space Science Institute
Study reveals cause of 3D asymmetry in ICF implosions