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Lab delivers innovation jolt with pulsed power modules
Catching a wave to study granular material properties
Lockdown doesn’t hinder annual Data Science Challenge
Lab technologies help fight COVID-19
Plasma science report highlights workforce gap, calls for increased national commitment to future experiments
Manufacturing, energy initiative to fund 11 new projects
Lab breaks ground for exascale facility upgrades
New way to study how elements mix in giant planets
Signaling breast cancer metastasis
Deep learning-based surrogate models outperform simulators and could hasten scientific discoveries
Experiments expose how powerful magnetic fields are generated in aftermath of supernovae
Lawrence Livermore National Security accepting applications for 2020 Community Gift Program
DOE announces COVID-19 innovation portal and assistance program
Modeling neuronal cultures on ‘brain-on-a-chip’ devices
Shock waves created at NIF mimic astrophysical particle accelerators powered by exploding stars
Lab, BMI produce FDA-approved emergency ventilator
Multi-lab research to improve COVID-19 diagnostics
Checking out iron under pressure
Work resumes in support of stockpile modernization
Pinpointing effects of nanoconfinement on water
LLNS, North Wind sign supplemental labor agreement
Lab team studies calibrated AI and deep learning models to more reliably diagnose and treat disease
Lab activities increase, but remote work will continue
Simulations explain detonation properties in TATB
AI identifies change in microstructure in aging materials
Return of Blob: Scientists find surprising link to troublesome turbulence at edge of fusion plasmas
Lab provides assistance in national swab shortage
Membrane nanopore transport gets picky
LLNL makes COVID-19 research public through new searchable data portal
LLNL team helps develop tularemia vaccine
Deactivating coronavirus on N95 respirators for reuse
Building scientific insight through machine learning
CUORE Underground Experiment in Italy Carries on Despite Pandemic
Second skin protects against chem, bio agents
Advanced manufacturing innovation helps industry in COVID-19 fight
ORNL delivers advanced manufacturing innovation and enables industry to meet COVID-19 healthcare demands
Experiment improves predictions of uranium dispersion
Guidance regarding extended shelter-in-place orders
Lab researchers, NASA find space station’s surface microbial profile resembles skin of its crew members
LLNL develops ‘stopgap’ ventilator for COVID-19 use
LLNL researchers salvage broken arrow samples
Controlling ion transport for energy, environment
Changes to time-charging
Upgrades for LLNL supercomputer from AMD, Penguin Computing aid COVID-19 research
Reduced Mission-Critical work continues
Technique harvests waste heat from untapped sources
Americans used less energy in 2019
Guidance for extended shelter-in-place