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Girls persevere for STEM in virtual conference
National Virtual Biotechnology Laboratory Symposium
Travis AFB hosts clinical research for NASA’s newly developed medical technology
Mapping ‘fossil water’ helps achieve sustainable groundwater management in California
Lab team develops first-ever living 3D-printed aneurysm to improve surgical procedures, personalize treatments
AI gets a boost via LLNL, SambaNova collaboration
Lab researchers win R&D 100 award
Corona supercomputer gets funding for COVID-19 work
Santer honored with geophysical union award
LLNL team solves 100-year-old metallurgy puzzle
LLNL to provide supercomputing resources to universities selected by NNSA Advanced Simulation and Computing program
Warhead replacement program passes first key milestone
LLNL delivers ‘Scorpius’ pulsers amidst pandemic
Crucial electrical distribution system completed ahead of schedule, under budget
Measuring electrical properties of methane hydrates leads to better understanding of gases in seafloors
Going with flow for water purification
Antibiotic pre-treatment reduces joint inflammation
A simple explanation to paradox of a spiraling football
Inspiring future physicist while exploring dark energy
ICF implosions have significant 3D asymmetries
Looking skin deep at growth of neutron stars
LLNL volunteers aid first responders during wildfire
LLNL team wins FLC national award
Tungsten isotope helps study how to armor future fusion reactors
Lab earns ‘A’ grade in OPCW test
LLNL an OPCW-designated lab for biomedical samples
Research team pairs 3D bioprinting and computer modeling to examine cancer spread in blood vessels
3 Awards Will Support Accelerator R&D for Medical Treatment, Miniaturization, and Machine Learning
Update on operations impacted by regional fire
Simulations, high-speed videos help researchers see crack formation in 3D-printed tungsten in real time
LLNL pairs world’s largest computer chip from Cerebras with Lassen to advance machine learning, AI research
Researchers join collaboration of NSF Physics Research Center
LLNL joins new research on atom-changing pressures
More than half oceans impacted by climate change
Lab steps on gas to enhance chemical production
Wheels keep turning on innovations for clean vehicles
‘Expanding Your Horizons’ goes virtual for 2020
SPIE honors Richard Leach with senior member designation
Laboratory team completes highest-ever resolution quake simulations using Sierra supercomputer
Using models, 3D printing to study common heart defect
Scientists encouraged by Frustraum experiments at NIF
Neuronl cultures dvnce ‘brin-on–chip’ technology
A Pathway to Longer-Lasting Lithium Batteries
Record EOS measurement pressures shed light on stellar evolution
Compressive shearing may start life on other planets
LLNL researchers achieve greater understanding of color origins in low-power electronic displays
Lab assists in NASA launch of Mars rover
3D nanometer-thin membrane borrows from biology