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Scientists Measure Laser-Heated Plasma with Doppler Technique
NIF’s optics meet demands of increased laser energy
LLNL Scientists Create Model for Efficient Cancer-Linked Protein Simulation
All eyes on Kim Ferrari
PPPL to Head Effort to Bring Underserved Communities into Plasma Science & Fusion Energy Field
Fusion Ignition Achieved at NIF with Power and Finesse
Hunt On: Talent Sourcers Proactively Locate Rare Applicants
National Academies Report Includes LLNL Contributions on High Energy Science
DOE Funds Berkeley Lab’s Joint BioEnergy Institute Again
Computational Engineering is key to ignition success
LLNL Telescope Prototype Launched to ISS
Breaking it down, carbon nanotube style
Nitrate Pollution Converted to Ammonia Efficiently
World’s fastest burst-mode X-ray camera hits road
Registration open for all LLNL summer education programs
NJ Governor Tours Princeton Plasma Physics Lab
Ignition experiment advances stockpile stewardship mission
Knots Smaller Than Human Hair Make Materials Unusually Tough
Insightful Simulation of 2013 Chelyabinsk Meteor
Experimental Platform Measures Ion-Acoustic Wave Bursts in Magnetic Reconnection
All eyes on Lynda Tesillo
LLNL’s Terri Quinn named 2023 People to Watch by HPCwire
PPPL Experiment Observes Solar Flare Process Directly
IAEA Seeks Synopses for Fusion Energy Conference
‘Science on Saturday’ extends into Tracy
Study looks at velocity impact to asteroid Dimorphos
Designing for Ignition: Precise changes yield historic results
LLNL Devises Real-Time Defect Detection for 3D Metal Parts
Firefighters free snow-stranded motorists
High-Power Lasers Explore Black Holes, Gamma Rays
LLNL Chemists Make Breakthrough in Studying Radioactive Materials
Longtime employee Linda Thorne loves helping others
Star Power: Blazing path to fusion ignition
Day in life: LLNL’s construction managers
Collapsing Bubbles Produce New Ejecta Under Multiple-Shock Conditions
All eyes on Lauren Casonhua
Global Report on Nuclear Fusion Devices Offers Comprehensive View
Nitrate Pollutants Converted to Ammonia in Energy-Efficient Way
LLNL Biomed Licensee Aids Drug Firms on Autoimmune Disease Treatments
LLNL Engineers Improve Design Optimization Code
NIF’s advances make Summer Scholar Program coveted internship
Five Lab Teams Win Sec. Honor Awards
All Eyes on Rochelle Barker
Going small and thin for better hydrogen storage
U.S. Leads World in Ignition Fusion Energy Research
Lifestyles of fast and slow (bacteria): in wild, most live in slow lane
Fresh look at restoring power to grid
Lawrence Livermore’s Discovery Center to reopen to visitors