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Improving precision of pressure determination in nanosecond X-ray diffraction experiments
NSF awards funding to white scientists at higher rates than other groups, study shows
LLNL Forensic Science Center team develops new technique to analyze fentanyl in blood and urine
Machine-learning model instantly predicts polymer properties
Decades of racial disparities revealed in National Science Foundation funding patterns
New method unearths improved understanding of soil microbial interactions
Uranium takes alternate pathway under extreme conditions
New analysis helps reconcile differences between satellites and climate models
Scientists use carbon to detect new nitrogen source in open ocean
Building Community: Spotlight on Dr. Juliet Johnston
LLNL researchers observe that ions behave differently in fusion reactions
LLNL physicist probes causes of life-shortening ‘dwell fatigue’ in titanium
Lab researchers study Rift Valley fever virus
First-ever LLNL career fair overflows with applicants
LLNL’s SUNDIALS team wins prestigious SIAM/ACM Prize
HPC4EnergyInnovation initiative opens fall 2022 solicitation
Lab-led nEXO project receives Inflation Reduction Act funding
Lab employees impact community through charitable giving
Two LLNL-led papers win Test of Time awards at 2022 IEEE VIS conference
Project co-led at LLNL looks to improve visualization of largescale datasets
LLNL to participate in three energy-focused projects
Lab microbial array used in space station study
From batteries to water purifiers, carbon nanotubes are where it’s at
‘Twisted’ laser light experiments offer new insights into plasma physics
Finding community in high-energy-density physics
2022 Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity jointly awarded to IPCC
For first time in six years, FiO LS 2022 returns to Rochester
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory to host career fair
Donna Strickland Named Optica Honorary Member
Registration deadline extended for San Joaquin ‘Expanding Your Horizons’ Conference
LLNL scientists eagerly anticipate El Capitan’s potential impact
Remington honored with American Physical Society award
New method sheds light on solid-state battery fabrication
Lab’s DART team recollect asteroid impact as NASA confirms mission altered asteroid’s orbit
Breaking up is easy to do with copper-titanium catalysts
Kraus honored for inaugural American Physical Society award
DOE funds LLNL project to improve differentiation of extreme-scale science applications
Former Lab physicist earns Nobel Prize in Physics
Lab’s Tom Ramos reflects on ‘From Berkeley to Berlin’
It’s metal, not gas: flerovium chemical properties unveiled
People of stockpile stewardship are key to LLNL’s success
Scientific discovery for stockpile stewardship
LLNL leads new DART Mission paper on inferring asteroid material properties from deflection test
Developing technology to keep nuclear stockpile safe, secure and reliable
Team identifies parent body materials in Ryugu asteroid
LLNL to cooperate with University of Utah’s oneAPI Center of Excellence
LLNL to cooperate with University of Utah’s one oneAPI Center of Excellence
LLNL-led paper reveals spacecraft geometry effects on impact simulations for NASA’s DART Mission