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LLNL discovers new method to create nanocarbons
Ancient stardust leads to clearer picture of solar system
Under pressure: Using NIF, researchers compress copper, creating densest object on Earth
Lab space program lifts off with launch of satellite
Thanks to clouds, latest climate models predict more global warming than their predecessors
STAR array tests materials’ response to strong X-ray shocks
Three researchers co-author wind power papers
Lab physicist to lead APS’ plasma physics division
Scientists image deformation of copper at nanoscale
Lab’s HOME Campaign raises $3.7 million for charity
Glassdoor ranks Lab among top 10 best places to work
NIF experiments draw interest at APS conference
LLNL’s presence in HPC shines bright at SC19
Researchers uncover viral predators in soil
Frustraum hohlraum design is shaping up
LLNL researchers turn to microbe beads to increase U.S. supply of rare earth metals
Lawrence Livermore steps into grid modernization
Accelerating new discoveries in nuclear physics
Upgrades coming to LLNL’s Corona computing cluster
Penguin/Intel ‘Magma’ computing cluster coming to LLNL
New ultralight gold foam shimmers in limelight
Institute turns over a new LEAF in energy security
NIF Army veteran attends Medal of Honor ceremony
Better Predicting Earthquake Damage to Infrastructure with Faster Computing
FedTech helps accelerate technology transfer
Lab team reports breakthrough in ultrafast, high-resolution nanoscale 3D printing
Lab team reports breakthrough in ultrafast, high-resolution nanoscale 3D printing
Annual Expanding Your Horizons conference inspires girls to ‘follow your curiosity’
Lab’s space program is on rise
New class of metal materials is its strong suit
New 3D-printed lattice designs defy conventional wisdom on metamaterials
Use of nanopores could lead to cleaner water
Climate ensembles help to identify detection time of human-caused climate signals
Lab scholar makes impact on new diagnostic
‘Science on Saturday’ lectures return to Tracy
Study on stability of highly energetic materials
World’s largest optical lens shipped to SLAC
Going small can help determine where nuclear material came from and how it was made
Freshening up contaminated water
‘Quantum annealer’ shows promise in study
DOE/NNSA, Lab announce partnership with Cray to develop NNSA’s first exascale supercomputer
Nanowire arrays could improve solar cells
DOE Office of Science honors two Lab scientists
Study reveals new structure of gold at extremes
Lab wins six tech commercialization grants
Lab names new Security director
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory names new Security director
New open-air facility will be testing ground for autonomous drones, vehicles and robots