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April Ordinary Meeting of Council
Found: A fast and accurate way to optimize fusion energy devices
Dubbo Regional Council celebrates a successful NSW seniors festival
Code of Conduct Register 2020-21 19 April
Drug seizure at road safety operation at Mackay
Canada announces major step in restoration of Québec Bridge
Improved desalination process also removes toxic metals to produce clean water
Advanced Light Source Upgrade Project Achieves Major Milestone
COVID-19-Associated Seizures May be Common, Linked to Higher Risk of Death
Together more than ever this Youth Week – Wollongong
Nominations Sent to Senate 16 April
Scientists reject restrictive heat flux models using directly driven gold spheres
Police charge man after investigation into fatal crash at Stanwell Park
Revolutionary digital system transforms contemporary stage design
New research uncovers mysteries behind little swirling groups of atoms
Canada continues to strengthen measures to protect Southern Resident killer whales
Air Force reservists a vital part of Lab’s workforce
From Smoky Skies to a Green Horizon: Scientists Convert Fire-Risk Wood into Biofuel
Australian Child Maltreatment Study to identify prevalence of child abuse and its health impacts
Discrepancies in official trade data suggest illegal international trade in endangered hammerhead shark fins
U.S. Power Sector is Halfway to Zero Carbon Emissions
Scholarship recipient – a leader in her field in local government
Winner of 2020 Nanotechnology Young Researcher Award
Lab team’s new interferometric instrument improves refractive index measurements at high pressure
X-Ray Study Recasts Role of Battery Material from Cathode to Catalyst
Research identifies new cultural threads in goldfield early settlers
Different neutron energies enhance asteroid deflection
Atlantic Science Enterprise Centre Milestone announcement
Hydrogen Offers Promising Future for Long-Haul Trucking Industry
Pandemic drives down U.S. energy use in 2020
LLNL researchers and business development executives capture best-ever three technology transfer awards
Planned Water Outage – Cumbalum, Ballina Heights – 9am to 2pm Wednesday 14 April 2021
Incredible Bacterial ‘Homing Missiles’ That Scientists Want to Harness
Veterans Affairs Canada helps fund Canadian Tulip Festival
Designing Selective Membranes for Batteries Using a Drug Discovery Toolbox
ATP Cup legacy Fund a winner for community tennis
Embed your start-up in ‘Secret City’
This Hydrogen Fuel Machine Could Be Ultimate Guide to Self-Improvement
In Memoriam: David Shirley, Former Laboratory Director
A streamlined approach to determining thermal properties of crystalline solids and alloys
Minister of Veterans Affairs marks Month of Military Child
Lung Fu Shan Environmental Education Centre presents Ecology
When rock art meets machine learning
U.S. President Biden Approves Kentucky Disaster Declaration
Thicker-leaved tropical plants may flourish under climate change, which could be good news for climate
Century-old problem solved with first-ever 3D atomic imaging of an amorphous solid
Quantum material’s subtle spin behavior proves theoretical predictions
Dubbo Region Mayor takes indefinite medical leave