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Paul Alivisatos Wins Priestley Award
Lab delivers innovation jolt with pulsed power modules
British Art Show returning to Plymouth after a decade
Conservationists welcome NSW investment in non-lethal shark control, but nets still need to go
Federal Reserve Board issues enforcement action with Benchmark Community Bank and announces termination
Catching a wave to study granular material properties
Record-breaking metalens could revolutionize optical technologies
Dance, Electron, Dance: Scientists Use Light to Choreograph Electronic Motion in 2D Materials
Lockdown doesn’t hinder annual Data Science Challenge
Todd Muller unveils National’s election hoardings
Lab technologies help fight COVID-19
Black Hole Collision May Have Exploded with Light
Marine conservationists want ‘nets out now’ for our humpbacks
Word describing alcohol-fuelled electioneering added to dictionary to describe boozy voting of past
New Zealand First MP Mark Patterson selected as candidate for Taieri
3Qs at U with Science Sam: Peter Newman on LGBTQ communities and COVID-19
Manufacturing, energy initiative to fund 11 new projects
Changing environment at home genetically primes invasive species to take over abroad
Lab breaks ground for exascale facility upgrades
This Enigmatic Protein Sculpts DNA to Repair Harmful Damage
New project to reduce risk of surgical infection
Minister of National Defence and Minister of Veterans Affairs Canada mark National Indigenous Peoples Day
New way to study how elements mix in giant planets
Canada invests in forward-looking clean technology start-ups
Signaling breast cancer metastasis
Off Scales: Fish Armor Both Tough and Flexible
High-tech CT reveals ancient evolutionary adaptation of extinct crocodylomorphs transitioning from land to water
Deep learning-based surrogate models outperform simulators and could hasten scientific discoveries
Some Lab Magnet Work Proceeds on Particle Accelerator Upgrade
Experiments expose how powerful magnetic fields are generated in aftermath of supernovae
Pandemic could decimate environmental, outdoor science education programs
3Qs at U with Science Sam: Jennifer Brant on Indigenous Peoples and COVID-19
Lawrence Livermore National Security accepting applications for 2020 Community Gift Program
Modeling neuronal cultures on ‘brain-on-a-chip’ devices
Metals history of Laurentian Great Lakes
Breast cancer vaccine research delivers promising results
Shock waves created at NIF mimic astrophysical particle accelerators powered by exploding stars
Could Answer to Groundwater Resources Come From High in Sky?
University researchers to study impact of cannabis on Indigenous oral health
Breast cancer vaccine research delivers promising results
Nuclear Medicine and COVID-19: New Content from Journal of Nuclear Medicine
MIT plays key role in statewide effort to produce PPE
Lab, BMI produce FDA-approved emergency ventilator
3Qs at U with Science Sam: Lisa Kramer on personal finances and COVID-19
3Qs at U with Science Sam: Lisa Kramer on personal finance and COVID-19
Multi-lab research to improve COVID-19 diagnostics
Crystalline ‘nanobrush’ clears way to advanced energy and information tech
How can Maritime fisheries prevent another species collapse?