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Tracker reveals 139 more marine animals trapped in Queensland shark nets and drumlines since May
Careers expo to energise new generation of employees
Increase in extreme precipitation in northeast caused by Atlantic variability and climate change
Canada announces 10-year forest conservation project at Vimy and Beaumont-Hamel
LLNL physicist Tammy Ma receives excellence in fusion engineering award
Two new genera and species of conifers discovered from upper Cretaceous in Hokkaido, Japan
Research Snapshot: Discovery points to new avenues to kill aggressive cancer cells
Discovery points to new avenues to kill aggressive cancer cells
LLNL optimizes flow-through electrodes for electrochemical reactors with 3D printing
NZ police release name over Pukehina Beach Road crash
New model tracks carbon in agroecosystems
Synthetic hinge could hold key to revolutionary ‘smart’ insulin therapy
Construction Powers Ahead on Jabiru Project
New finning report reveals Australia’s participation in unsustainable, global shark fin trade
$2.9M NIH grant funds study of toxic pollutants’ effects on Indigenous community in Alaska
Scientific publishers, national labs partner on inclusive name-change process for published papers
SLAC partners with national labs and scientific publishing organizations on transgender-inclusive name-change process for published
Scientific Publishing Organizations and National Laboratories Partner on Transgender-Inclusive Name-Change Process for Published
Killer whale DNA reveals distinct ties
LLNL and KCNSC team up to accelerate design-to-deployment with new polymer production enclave
Berkeley Lab Optical Innovation Could Calm Jitters of High-Power Lasers
£100,000 funding to launch Health and Wellbeing Innovation Network to cultivate next healthcare innovators
Two types of blood pressure meds prevent heart events equally, but side effects differ
Juicy past of favorite Okinawan fruit revealed
400 million-year-old history comes to life at Wellington caves
Four themes identified as contributors to diseases of despair in Pennsylvania
Nuclear forensics international group holds 25th anniversary meeting
Study links Long COVID and severe COVID-19 infections to epstein-Barr virus reactivation
Largest-Ever Type 1 Diabetes Genetic Study Identifies Potential Treatment Targets
LLNL team conducts thermal, shock, vibration tests on W80-4 mock unit
Patients may face barriers due to race, ethnicity and language at hospital discharge
How managing building energy demand can aid clean energy transition
LLNL and collaborators improve electrochemical reactor performance through 3D printing
Main Attraction: Scientists Create World’s Thinnest Magnet
Veterans Affairs Canada announces funding for Gregg Centre at University of New Brunswick
Starbugs to boldly go further into astronomy’s final frontiers
Researchers create world’s thinnest magnet
3D hohlraum model assists in indirect-drive implosions at NIF
Deconstructing Infectious Machinery of SARS-CoV-2 Virus
Renewable energy OK, but not too close to home
Deconstructing infectious machinery of Covid
WWF and Partners Welcome New Bill to Fight US Food Waste & Build Better Food System
Police seek help to find missing boy at Gympie
Leeton CBD Facade Painting Project Stage One Completed
New playground for Macquarie Lions park, Dubbo
Veterans Affairs Canada announces funding for Canadian Research and Mapping Association
Advancing Future Energy Technologies With More Accurate Electrochemical Simulations
Public health alert – venues of concern 15 July