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DOC inaction hurting Hawke’s Bay
LLNL discovers new method to create nanocarbons
Police platform patrols create ‘phantom effect’ that cuts crime in Tube stations
Brainwave activity that reveals knowledge of crime
Team led by PPPL wins major computer time to help capture on Earth fusion that powers sun and stars
Veterans Affairs Canada and University of Prince Edward Island forge a new partnership
Ancient stardust leads to clearer picture of solar system
Thanks to clouds, new climate simulations predict more warming than predecessors
Victoria well represented at National Cricket Inclusion Championships
Calhoun Begins Role as Boeing President and CEO
Conference to launch research into policies affecting teacher leadership
A new decade for Australian Shiatsu College
Hawke’s Bay DHB decision heartless
Quantum Information Edge launches to accelerate quantum computing R&D for breakthrough science
Under pressure: Using NIF, researchers compress copper, creating densest object on Earth
CUORE Underground Experiment Narrows Search for Rare Particle Process
Milestone in Advanced Light Source Upgrade Project Will Bring in a New Ring
Lab space program lifts off with launch of satellite
Poop: It’s a Great Thing to Study. Just Don’t Keep It in Your In-Law’s Freezer
Thanks to clouds, latest climate models predict more global warming than their predecessors
Polluted Wastewater in Forecast? Try A Solar Umbrella
STAR array tests materials’ response to strong X-ray shocks
Military Division of New Year Honours 2020
Lab physicist to lead APS’ plasma physics division
Boeing Announces Leadership Changes
Book looks at how landscape design helps solve water issues
Scientists image deformation of copper at nanoscale
Quantum Information Edge Launches to Accelerate Quantum Computing R&D for Breakthrough Science
Police charge man after serious fraud of $189,000
Police issue warning after arrest in social media compromise
Victorian teams announced for National Cricket Inclusion Championships
Independent expert advisors on future emission reductions announced
Lab’s HOME Campaign raises $3.7 million for charity
Veterans Affairs Canada announces funding to support homeless and at-risk Veterans
Berkeley Lab’s Top 10 Science Stories of 2019
Critically Endangered Grey Nurse Shark Habitat Protection Slashed
Tiny Quantum Sensors Watch Materials Transform Under Pressure
Deadly ‘superbugs’ destroyed by molecular drills
Simulations Attempt to Reconstruct One of Most Explosive Events in Universe: A Neutron Star Merger
Glassdoor ranks Lab among top 10 best places to work
Deeper understanding of irregular heartbeat may lead to more effective treatment
No representation for Napier on Hawke’s Bay DHB
Study Suggests Way to Overcome Long-Standing Obstacle to a HIV Vaccine
LLNL’s presence in HPC shines bright at SC19
University researchers volunteer to help Brazilian university build its first qualitative health
Freeze Frame: Scientists Capture Atomic-Scale Snapshots of Artificial Proteins
Fairchild AFB aircrews refuel Oregon ANG partners, complete ‘oceanic’ training
Researchers uncover viral predators in soil