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Luspatercept Enables Majority of Patients with MDS to End Reliance on Blood Transfusions, ASCO Reports
African Rhinos Share Unique Retroviruses, Study Finds
Research: Single CT Scan in Kids Low Risk for Cancers, but 4 or More CTs Increases Risk
Cortactin’s Impact on Cancer Progression
Polycomb Repressive Deubiquitinase Removes H2AK119 Ubiquitination on Nucleosome
Acetobacterium Aids Butadiene Breakdown: CAS Study
Therapy Offers Hope to Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Patients
LOWVELO Riders Raise $427k for Hollings Cancer Research
Maternal Infection Linked To Childhood Leukemia Risk
Light-Controlled Drugs for Precision Cancers Treatments
Drug Combo May Help Treat Aggressive Leukemia: Study
Research Links Enzymes to Proteins in Cells
Cancer breakthrough – blood sample 24 hours after start of chemotherapy predicts survival
Drug Improves Progression-Free Survival in CLL Patients
Targeting menin induces responses in acute leukemias with KMT2A rearrangements or NPM1 mutations
Cancer research to benefit children of WA
Inonotus obliquus conks growing on Alnus incana has remarkable properties
Oncotarget | MK256 is novel CDK8 inhibitor with potent antitumor activity
Promising new drug target for rare liver cancer
Study Finds CAR T-Cell Therapy Improves Survival Regardless of Socioeconomic Status
How Small Protein Plays Large Role in Mitochondrial Function
Hoxworth and Make-A-Wish team up to grant wish for local teen battling leukemia
Explanations behind possible link between increased risk of most common childhood cancer and people with obesity prior to pregnancy
Pediatric early warning systems for children with cancer success in Latin American Hospitals
Colusa boy with leukemia and his family’s drive to save his life
UConn Employee’s Family Cycling 1,300 miles to Fight Children’s Cancer
Calibr reports promising results from first-in-human clinical trial of switchable CAR–generation universal CAR-T platform designed
New delivery strategy may improve chemotherapy for acute myeloid leukemia
Some viruses that cause cancer suppress immune system with help from common bacteria
Researchers Map Genomic Landscape of ALL
Mode-of-action of T-cell immunotherapies in focus
With radically improved pain control, bone marrow donors can gift stem cells without worry of undue side effects or opioid use
New metabolic profile in patients with acute myeloid leukemia
First Approved CAR T-Cell Therapy Shows Continued Benefits Five Years Later
Mechanism is found explaining how cancer cells turn into normal harmless ones
Interferon gamma receptor pathway is necessary for CAR T-cell mediated killing in solid tumors
Research reveals suicide risk decreasing for cancer patients, remains elevated compared to general population
Scientists find new mechanism to turn on cancer-killing T cells
Ky Cancer Needs Assessment Report Details Critical Steps to Address Cancer Burden
Unique binding of Delta variant may explain high transmissibility
Research reveals how tumor cells use mitochondria to keep growing
Prescient expands PTX-200 AML cohort following additional complete remission
Researchers highlight more equitable way to analyze DNA data from understudied groups
UH researcher identifies peptide active against certain cancers
After blood stem cell donation, ‘an instant bond’
Simple way to study mouse epigenome
Spinal fluid sampling used to track treatment response in pediatric glioma
New discovery in bone marrow cancer points to potential drug targets