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OncoK9 Performance Matches Clinical Study in Vet Practices
Faster, Better Molecular Vibration Detection Through Time-Stretching
New Tech Enhances Cancer Detection, Treatment
Supplements Linked to Lower Alzheimer’s Biomarkers in Brain
Scientists Develop Urine Test to Detect Brain Tumors
Blood Test Developed to Uncover Prostate Cancer Clues
Average Age of Dogs at Cancer Diagnosis Varies by Size, Sex, Breed
Focused Ultrasound Technique Releasing Neurodegenerative Biomarkers
Epigenetics Enters Cancer Clinical Practice
“Virtual pillars” separate and sort blood-based nanoparticles
Blood tests can predict survival odds for patients with metastatic cancer
Liquid biopsy – next step in cancer detection and monitoring
Researchers Show Liquid Biopsies Can Catch Disease Progression Early in High-Risk Neuroblastoma
Transistors help identify cancer cell markers
Collaborative brain cancer research awarded $4.6m grant
$5.4 million boost for brain cancer research
Biosensor detects brain tumors with less than drop of blood
Chinese Researchers Propose Novel Electrochemical Biosensor for Early Cancer Detection
Technological advances in cancer therapy
Scientists Propose New Strategy for In Situ Detection of Multiple miRNAs in Single Circulating Tumor Cells
Mathematical modelling could lead to simple blood test for brain tumours
Investigational test may more accurately diagnose gliomas, monitor tumor progression
Early Detection by Tango
Hallmark cancer gene regulates RNA ‘dark matter’
Scientists develop liquid biopsy technique to help detect cancer in blood
King’s researchers create highly accurate non-invasive test for major liver diseases
Researchers identify splice variant biomarkers in clear cell renal cell carcinoma
Atezolizumab translates into survival benefit for bladder cancer patients with ctDNA positivity
$2.4 million NIH grant to fund research into better, faster diagnosis of lung nodules
Liquid Biopsy Detects DNA Markers in Advanced Breast Cancer Within Five Hours
Crystal ball in fight against esophageal cancer
Biomarker in liquid biopsy for lung cancer appears more accurate
World-first: biomarker that can diagnose Parkinson’s disease
First Mutation-Targeted Bladder Cancer Drug May Be Under-Used
Biomarkers over biopsies: highly accurate and minimally invasive test for liver fibrosis
Scientists develop new model to detect and combat lung cancer recurrence
Scientists discover ‘camouflage’ used by tumour cells in bloodstream to avoid being detected
Spinal fluid sampling used to track treatment response in pediatric glioma
New screening tool IDs 95%of stage 1 pancreatic cancer
Radical increase in effectiveness of breast cancer immunotherapy
AI Biotech Lands In Victoria To Advance Early Cancer Detection
Cerebrospinal fluid may be able to indentify aggressive brain tumors in kids
Cerebrospinal Fluid May Be Able to Identify Aggressive Brain Tumors in Children
Blood-based tests to detect and monitor lung cancer
HPV-associated head and neck cancer blood test reveals promise as test to replace tissue biopsy
New BARD1 exosome liquid biopsy agreement with Griffith University
Noninvasive brain biopsy shows improved sensitivity in tumor detection
Noninvasive brain biopsy reveals improved sensitivity in tumor detection