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Melbourne’s buildings could be close to self-sustaining through fully integrated solar
Scientists discover first dinosaur species that lived on Greenland 214 million years ago
Average survival time has doubled for patients with two out of three types of advanced breast cancer in past decade
Advanced breast cancer patients should receive Covid vaccination without delay
Advanced breast cancer patients denied opportunities to join clinical trials
Bangkok Metropolitan Administration receives award for innovations on PrEP and key population-led services
King’s spin-out acquired by Takeda
Physics experiment in Earth’s atmosphere could help improve GPS performance
Taking pulse of flies
ASEAN cities protecting gains of HIV response during Covid pandemic
Rapid mechanism for muscle self-repair independent of stem cells
Portuguese beaches lead way during UN, EU clean-up campaign
Lord Frost speech Observations on present state of nation, 12 October 2021
NATO Secretary General takes part in 67th Annual Session of NATO Parliamentary Assembly
Girlpower from Tajikistan to Costa Rica, helps narrow gender gap online
Colonization of Azores began seven hundred years before arrival of Portuguese
Researchers find protein which indicates whether memories can be changed
Depressed adolescents’ brains shown to mute distressing information
Genetics and everyday behavior reflected in risky driving
Porto v Liverpool match travel advice
New Exciting Global Locations for Residency or Citizenship offered by Get Golden Visa
First patients given dose to evaluate novel gamma-delta T cell cancer therapy
Three universities join EUTOPIA
Manuela Ferro, World Bank Vice President for East Asia and Pacific
Large herbivore can reduce fire risks
OSCE Forum for Security Cooperation opening session UK statement
Large herbivores can reduce fire risks
Major funding boost for White City-based startup Arborea
Research Snapshot: Mosquito larvae are surprisingly complex
Researchers develop novel noninvasive MRI methodology that may allow unprecedented level of stroke lesion analysis
WUR to lead EU programme DeSIRA-LIFT: climate smart, productive and sustainable food systems
Model can predict how drug interactions influence antibiotic resistance
Resistance to last-resort antibiotic may be passing between pet dogs and their owners
LLX virtual roundtable on Social Summit and European Pillar of Social Rights
From meat-production to urinary tract infections
Plant Competition during Climate Change
Attractive locations work like large planets
‘Simply no scenario’ where humanity can survive on an ocean-free planet
Study reveals a universal travel pattern across four continents
Secretary General visits Portugal to prepare NATO Summit, inaugurate new cyber academy
A peptide that allows cannabis-derived drugs to relieve pain without side effects
A stressful life in city affects birds’ genes
Lemon trees showed less response to citrus greening disease pathogen than orange trees
NATO Deputy Secretary General marks 10th anniversary of key missile defence agreement
European Humanities Conference, 5-7 May in Lisbon, hosted by Portugal and UNESCO
Ingredient in Indian Long Pepper Shows Promise Against Brain Cancer in Animal Models
World Met Day rallies attention around ocean
From 8 to 10 March UNESCO coordinates tsunami preparedness in Mediterranean and North-Eastern Atlantic