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Modelling study estimates impact of ‘test to release’ strategy to reduce – or replace – quarantine for contacts of COVID-19 cases
New modelling estimates potential impact of new COVID-19 strain
COVID-19 infection rates in schools mirror rates in community
Study finds infection rates in schools mirror rates in community
Scientists solve 100-year-old cerebral malaria mystery using neuroimaging techniques
Travel restrictions must be used in a targeted way to be effective
Mass testing with a short period of contact restrictions dramatically reduced SARS-CoV-2 infections
Cancer survivors at higher risk of hospitalisation or dying from flu
Modelling shows daily rapid testing could replace blanket quarantine period
Artificial intelligence and satellite technologies reveal detailed map of air pollution across Great Britain
Blood pressure drug guidance based on age and ethnicity could be wrong approach
Global roadmap for defeating meningitis by 2030
Exposure to misinformation could see people making a U-turn on taking a COVID-19 vaccine
New analysis combining data from world’s largest trauma trials provides compelling evidence that rapid tranexamic
Nearly 90% of parents and guardians in England would likely accept a COVID-19 vaccine for themselves and their
One third of UK fruit and vegetables are imported from climate-vulnerable countries – and this is on rise
Every month delayed in cancer treatment can raise risk of death by around 10%
Healthcare workers and their households at increased risk of COVID-19 hospitalisation
Satellite images suggest deaths more than doubled in Aden, Yemen during intense COVID-19 transmission
Matt Hancock and HRH Duchess of Cornwall see COVID-19 detection dog training
Preventive drugs halve malaria cases in African schoolchildren
Fungal eye infections leave over half a million people blinded each year
Major new research programme could fast-track health service improvement in low and middle-income countries
Research funding boost to help reduce impacts of COVID-19 across low- and middle-income countries
LSHTM to jointly lead new study of COVID-19 infections in schools
Young adults face higher risk of severe disease from infections than school-age children
Vaccine trials must engage with communities or risk failure, say social scientists
Drug-resistant bacteria responsible for Yaws comeback revealed by genomic data
New way of giving tranexamic acid will help frontline responders save lives of trauma victims
New way of giving life-saving drug will help frontline responders save lives of trauma victims
UK Prime Minister visits site of UK’s forthcoming Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre
First genetic evidence of in-flight COVID-19 transmission
LSHTM to evaluate public attitudes towards new COVID-19 contact-tracing app
Alcohol industry funded organisations undermining health information through ‘dark nudge’ and ‘sludge’
£3.8 million funding boost to investigate alcohol misuse in humanitarian settings
LSHTM awarded new funding for research into coronavirus transmission
HRH Duchess of Cornwall meets dogs who could detect COVID-19
Households buying high volumes of sugary or diet soft drinks linked to low socio-economic status and less healthy
Antiretroviral therapy fails to treat one-third of HIV patients in Malawi hospital
Following ‘Eatwell Guide’ diet could reduce your risk of dying early and lower your environmental footprint
World Mosquito Program’s Wolbachia method dramatically reduces dengue incidence in Indonesia
Is Malaria a risk factor for COVID-19? New LSHTM project aims to find out
Volunteers needed for COVID-19 detection dog trial
LSHTM wins two awards for research into expanding vaccine access and combatting misinformation
Backward contact tracing could help double effectiveness of test & trace system
Nepal lockdown halved health facility births and increased stillbirths and newborn deaths
Volunteers from North West England needed for COVID-19 detection dog trial
Effective testing and contact tracing is essential for schools to safely open during COVID-19 pandemic