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Hunter-gatherer groups identify sick Europeans without difficulty
Genetic factors linked to response to common antiviral medications
Precision medicine is an emerging approach for complex diseases
Nobel Prize winning microscopy technique uncovers mechanisms of bacterial antibiotics resistance
Drug dissolved net-like structures in airways of severely ill Covid-19 patients
Astonishing altitude changes in marathon flights of migratory birds
A soundwalk from future imagines climate transition
Ten postdocs kick off excellence programme for sustainable development
New study on brain cooling turns treatment advice on its head
Induced hypothermia after cardiac arrest did not improve survival
Computer method to help predict outcomes for heart patients
Free and nutritious school lunches help create richer and healthier adults
Latest tests on 6G return surprising results
Lund University climbs in global top 100 ranking
Study tracks spread of Covid-19 in Sweden
Earth’s meteorite impacts over past 500 million years tracked
Lead halide perovskites — a horse of a different color
Simple blood test can accurately reveal underlying neurodegeneration
Genomics-informed decisions can help save species from extinction
National COVID-19 Data Portal turns one year old
New aspects of Israel-Palestine conflict
Anxiety motivates bystanders to intervene in bullying
Vehicle communication is rushing into 5G world
Uncertain pandemic models still helped understanding
New findings on benign adrenal tumours could improve care
New biobank provides insights into Parkinson’s disease
Simple diagnostic tool predicts individual risk of Alzheimer’s
A stressful life in city affects birds’ genes
Bumblebee detection dog on research duty
New species formed when Mediterranean dried up
10 years after obesity surgery: how did life turn out?
Migratory songbirds climb to extreme altitudes during daytime
Leisure travel appears to increase alongside working from home
How Lund University can contribute to sustainable development
Alzheimer’s disease is composed of four distinct subtypes
May Day: how electricity brought power to strikes
Loss of fauna in tropical forests impedes achieving Sustainable Development Goals
Muscle gene linked to type 2 diabetes
ERC Advanced Grant for research on ferroelectric transistors
Mutations can reduce effect of hormonal treatment in early breast cancer
Rachel Wang, Sir Peter Stothard and Bjorn Saven reappointed as Trustees of National Portrait Gallery
New study reveals why some people are hungry all time
Birds’ blood functions as heating system in winter
Bird blood functions as heating system in winter
Grant for research on transition to a fossil-free future
Lower dose of oestrogen receptor modulator seems to reduce risk of breast cancer
Unmarried people given less intensive treatment
Combining public health and environmental science to develop pollen forecasting