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Metabolism found to regulate production of killer cells
How nanostraws can increase number of blood stem cells
How nanotubes can increase number of blood stem cells
Vombsjö basin – on way to becoming unique new biosphere reserve
New collaboration between Lund University and Volvo Cars
Body’s fantastic defence system gets help in fight against cancer
Lund University reaches semifinals in prestigious MBA competition
Extreme exoplanet has complex and exotic atmosphere
Exotic cocktail in atmosphere of extreme exoplanet
No man is an island
Ancient ice reveals mysterious solar storm
X-rays will make plant diets of future more tasty
Meaningful memories inspire urban planning
Art + research = new ways of seeing
Getting butterflies to fly in formation – on art of managing performance anxiety
New research school strengthens focus on poverty reduction
Additional antibodies may protect against Covid
Knowledge about climate stress could counteract conflicts
Two LU researchers receive ERC starting grants
ECT more effective than ketamine in severe depression
Nanowire transistor with integrated memory to enable future supercomputers
Widespread effects of Covid pandemic on maternal and newborn care in Europe
Moments of silence point way towards better superconductors
How politicians project their status in virtual meetings
Face masks prevent spreading of particles
Sky’s limit: Using airborne DNA to monitor insect biodiversity
Environmentally sustainable diet linked to health benefits
Better knowledge needed about handling of nanoparticles
Researchers crack synthetic code of rare molecules sought after in drug development
Organised prostate cancer testing is to provide more equal care
Satellites to enable monitoring of CO2 emissions
Focus on sustainable development for new Sida course in Africa and Lund
Major research initiative on materials science
WATCH: Virtual reality tool to be used in fight against disease
Twin study finds type 2 diabetes clues in epigenetic changes
Instrument can lead to innovation opportunities for industry
Faster and better treatment for Parkinson’s disease with Manage PD tool
Diabetes research collaboration can pave way for innovation
Blood biomarker identified that predicts type 2 diabetes many years before diagnosis
Rapid Covid tests using saliva could be easier alternatives
Covid: Salivbaserade snabbtest smärtfria och enklare alternativ
Galectin-1 linked to increased risk of type 2 diabetes
Could one bacterium put damselflies in distress?
AI to help combat future pandemics
Leaving avoidance manoeuvres to car reduces risk of an accident
Expansion of wind and solar power too slow to stop climate change
Decade delay in investing in steel industry technology could double sector’s contribution to global carbon output
Researchers name ancient eel-like species after Black Sabbath guitarist