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Severe diastasis recti can be treated with surgery
Unique spices found on 500-year-old medieval shipwreck
Smart microscopy works out where to take picture
Has diplomacy been exhausted?
Fewer Bumblebees if Early Take-Offs Continue: Pollination at Risk
New Insight Into Healing of Articular Cartilage After Injury
Brain Electrodes Grown, Open Door for Neurological Treatment
Symbiotic fungi produce attractants for bark beetles
Symbiotic fungi transform terpenes from spruce resin into attractants for bark beetles
Insights Into Fetal Development May Guard Against Leukemia
“Russia would not be a superpower without nuclear weapons”
AI could improve mental health care
Urban birds prefer native trees
Size of insects are shaped by temperature and predators
New innovation policies will support ecosystems for Creatives
Pregnancy Complications Linked to Heart Disease Risk
Young Scientists Urge Policy Makers to Protect Biodiversity
Metabolic health plays role in obesity-related cancers
ERC Grant Awarded for Research on Molecule Interactions
ERC Consolidator grants for detection of microwave photons and X-ray microscopy
Genes decide willow warbler’s migration routes
New type of solar cell is being tested in space
What you do in your garden to help pollinators works
Gardening for Pollinators: Your Efforts Make Difference
Avatar provides live signing on stage in unique project
ERC grants for research on diabetes and immunotherapy
Exploring Endocrine System Could Help Lower Diabetes, Obesity
Stress may trigger male defense against predators
Jülich Quantum Computer Solves Protein Puzzle
Genetic Tests to Improve Kidney Transplant Matches
SUM to Research Vaccine Diplomacy in Scandinavia
Feathered robotic wing paves way for flapping drones
Local Communities and Forced Migrants Connect Through Digital Tools
Toward personalized approach to study and treatment of bone cancers
11 million euros for life science research and innovation infrastructure synergies in Northern Europe
Antibody discovery paves way for new therapies against group streptococcal infections
New method for multi-cancer early detection
What city life will be like if we reach our climate goals
Optimal blood tests for development of new therapies of Alzheimer’s disease
First WISE PhD and Postdoc projects approved
UN conference: Is it time for biodiversity to take centre stage?
Brain’s immune cells can be triggered to slow down Alzheimer’s disease
Researchers take first step towards controlling photosynthesis using mirrors
Upskilling Sweden’s engineers through unique course package
525-million-year-old fossil defies textbook explanation of brain development
Two Lund University biologists awarded ERC Starting Grants
New study on morphine treatment in people with COPD and severe, long term breathlessness
Researchers: Rapid fluctuations in oxygen levels coincided with Earth’s first mass extinction