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Three in a row – hat trick for brain electrodes
WATCH: 85% of cough droplets blocked by surgical mask, experiment shows
Genes play a role in common knee injury
Economic historians seeking roots of South Africa’s inequality
Watch: cleaning system of brain captured in 3D footage
Watch: cleaning system of brain captured in 3D footage
Prestigious ERC grant to two Lund University researchers
New algorithm brings us closer to dolphin communication
COVID-19 advice may have reduced heart attack risks
Newly launched MOOC on Africa’s development
App predicts risk of developing Alzheimer’s
Global dialogues to boost climate work
Mimicking navigation of insect brain
Nanoparticles deliver drugs to brain
One percent of world’s population accounts for more than half of flying emissions
Incretin hormone levels linked to arteriosclerosis
Iron in binary stars reflects Galaxy’s chemical evolution
Men feel less powerful in their private lives
In wake of pandemic: new methods of cancer care
High temperatures threaten survival of insects
ERC grant awarded to research project on protein motors
Methanol could be a climate neutral option for shipping
Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation funds molecular medicine research
New type of blood test gives more reliable diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease
Electron-spin dynamics studied on its natural time-scale
An old pollen seed can predict tomorrow’s climate
New study on personalized type 2 diabetes treatment launched
Promising treatment for aggressive childhood cancer
Research projects on galaxies, migratory birds and electrons awarded grants
High-fibre diet, low level inflammation: sidestepping effects of radiation
Master’s in International Strategic Management ranked among world’s best
New book: avoid predicting foreign exchange rates
New analytical model detects mutations in breast cancer
Chalmers maintains highest reputation in Sweden – again
Rare pattern observed in migrating common swifts
Uncertain expectations beget stinginess and selfishness
Could singing spread Covid-19?
FSU teams with 13 other universities to investigate effect of climate change on Arctic ecosystems
Studying climate change at high speed
New collaboration between Uppsala and Lund in fight against COVID-19
Remains of 17th Century Bishop Support Neolithic Emergence of Tuberculosis
New technique can reduce heart transplant rejection
How Will People Get Around in Future?
USC joins $9m global sustainability research program
Dance, Electron, Dance: Scientists Use Light to Choreograph Electronic Motion in 2D Materials
Steep rise in skin cancer since 1960s
Unique insight into development of human brain: Researchers produce a model of early embryonic brain
New method provides unique insight into development of human brain