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Lund marine archaeologist leads WWII pilot recovery
What happens in your brain when you take decision? New research shows way
Glasgow climate summit – what is it about and why does it matter?
Spotting Hotspots for Cancer Immunotherapy
Lack of power grids sealed fate for early electric cars
Pain relief without side effects with promising technique
Natural climate protection may be written in stone
Rural areas risk being forgotten in e-commerce
What makes us human? answer may be found in overlooked DNA
More Swedes had Covid jab when they were paid
Study supports theory that dragonflies migrate across Indian Ocean
Circular economy is not panacea many had hoped for – new research
Circular economy is not panacea many had hoped for
Pipeline of cell and gene therapies holds promise for repairing Parkinsonian brain
Active lifestyle can reduce risk of anxiety
Long-term measurements show how climate is changing
More than 40% of adults with no known heart disease had fatty deposits in heart arteries
“I hope that that Ig Nobel helps spur people’s interest in science”
Regular exercise may lower risk of developing anxiety by almost 60%
How climate change is affecting cultural heritage
New study puts focus on early symptoms of Huntington’s disease
Modest differences in lung function could help spot people at risk of sudden cardiac death
Pandemic restrictions enabled unique bird study
New findings could transform treatment of brain injuries and stroke
New bioink brings 3D-printing of human organs closer to reality
How disorderly young galaxies grow up and mature
CT scan of an ancient reptile skull finds little evolutionary change over 22 million years
Hours you sleep mean more than you think
These two types of abuse are often taken less seriously
2021 Frontiers in Optics and Laser Science Conference Transitions to an All-Virtual Event
Does Alzheimer’s disease start inside nerve cells?
What comes next: after IPCC climate change report
Research yields insights into chronic rejection after lung transplantation
Artificial light disrupts dung beetles’ sense of direction
Bright Lights, Bad Orientation
Hunter-gatherer groups identify sick Europeans without difficulty
Genetic factors linked to response to common antiviral medications
Precision medicine is an emerging approach for complex diseases
Nobel Prize winning microscopy technique uncovers mechanisms of bacterial antibiotics resistance
Drug dissolved net-like structures in airways of severely ill Covid-19 patients
Astonishing altitude changes in marathon flights of migratory birds
A soundwalk from future imagines climate transition
Ten postdocs kick off excellence programme for sustainable development
New study on brain cooling turns treatment advice on its head
Induced hypothermia after cardiac arrest did not improve survival
Computer method to help predict outcomes for heart patients
Free and nutritious school lunches help create richer and healthier adults
Latest tests on 6G return surprising results