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Insights into cystic fibrosis treatment may herald novel class of drugs
Shining light on link between lung fibrosis and bacterial infection
WHO publishes new global data on use of clean and polluting fuels for cooking by fuel type
Days with hazardous levels of air pollutants are more common due to increase in wildfires
Children in Sub-Saharan Africa Dying of Covid at Higher Rate than Others
Low-cost drug Heparin effective and safe treatment for Covid
Low-cost widely available drug that could fight Covid
Respiratory viruses that hijack immune mechanisms may have Achilles’ heel
Enhertu granted Priority Review in US for patients with HER2-positive metastatic breast cancer treated with prior anti-HER2-based
Spray to protect against lung damage from Covid
Stroke research receives one point four five million dollar government grant
Researchers dove deep into different effects of morning and evening exercise
Mount Sinai Launches Institute for Airway Sciences
Top 3 Covid vaccine questions – Inclusions in Covid plan, managing symptoms, and getting medical help
Research finds how lung’s immune cells develop after birth
Medical research funding to treat debilitating diseases
Slowness of gait can predict risk of frailty in older people
Outpatient management of patients with post-prematurity respiratory disease
Tezspire approved in US for severe asthma
Investing $1 per person annually could save 7 million lives in low, lower-middle income nations
Investing 1 dollar per person per year could save 7 million lives in low and lower-middle income countries
Breathlessness in patients with long COVID may signal heart problems
Study: antibody levels differ by time of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine administration
New appointments to Industrial Injuries Advisory Council 8 December
Time of day matters in antibody response to Covid vaccine
Indonesian Study reveals missed diagnosis of fungal infections in treated TB patients, with global implications
Social enterprise grants to grow jobs and goodwill
World-first silica detection device in NSW
Over-60s encouraged to consider being part of research assessing new respiratory virus vaccine – which could prevent
Researchers find new target to combat lung disease
Scientists find new target to combat lung disease
WHO issues guidelines on treatment of children with multisystem inflammatory syndrome associated with Covid
Medicine by Design-funded researchers generate cells to treat bile duct disorders resulting from cystic fibrosis
Statement from Ministers of Health and Mental Health & Addictions on Lung Cancer Awareness Month
London’s MedTech accelerator drives new health innovations
Repurposed ALS drug shows promise in mouse model of rare childhood genetic disorder
Repurposed ALS drug reveals promise in mouse model of rare childhood genetic disorder
Need Help Quitting Smoking? At Columbia, You Can Ask Your Dentist
Start with Day One- You Can Quit
Antitumoral effects of chemerin
Surgery to replace heart valve beneficial even with no symptoms of severe aortic stenosis
Study offers insights on why elderly are more susceptible to Covid
Research finds risk factors for “long-haul” COVID-19 in people with rheumatic diseases
Research poster makes top three in integrated care category at EAPC Congress 2021
Researchers design microfluidic device to understand how air pollution affects lungs
$2m NHMRC success for Centenary Institute researchers
Covid vaccine recommended for children ages 5 – 11
Research reveals systemic autoimmune disease patients fare well after transplants