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Research finds extent of residual lung damage after hospitalization with Covid
Experimental vaccines offer long-term protection against severe COVID
Smartphone tech that responds to breathing could benefit asthma, COPD and long Covid patients
Photon-counting CT reveals more lung damage after Covid
Lee to lead pulmonary, critical care division
More must be done to manage asbestos risks
Nearly two thirds of Australians are complacent about Covid despite emergence of new wave
Using Vapes May Set Stage for Dental Decay
Lung Cancer Screening Dramatically Increases Long-term Survival Rate
Oregon State researchers move closer to better care for life-threatening pregnancy conditions
Decades of Air Pollution Undermine Immune System
Microbial Inhabitants of Cleaning Appliances and Tools
Body’s own cannabinoids widen bronchial tubes
Expert Comment: Air pollution cools climate more than expected
Emphysema more common in marijuana smokers than cigarette smokers
Live biotherapeutic product reduces lung damage in neonatal mouse model of chronic lung disease
Live biotherapeutic product reduces lung damage in neonatal mouse model of chronic lung disease
Adversity in childhood linked to increased risk of heart and blood vessel diseases in early adulthood
ATAGI recommendations on use of Pfizer Covid vaccine for children aged 6 months to 4 years
Tripledemic is For Real: What Parents Should Know
RSV surge puts youngest children at risk
What is Respiratory Syncytial Virus ?
Artificial intelligence could help ease strain on hospitals
Did having kidney disease and other conditions affect Covid outcomes in different waves of pandemic
Patient infected with Covid finally cured after 411 days
Millions of Americans Would Lose Health Care Coverage, Benefits, and Protections Under Congressional Republicans’ Plans
New computational method builds detailed maps of human tissues
Study Identifies Potential New Treatment Target for Sleep Apnea
Research finds potential new treatment target for sleep apnea
NIH-funded studies show damaging effects of vaping, smoking on blood vessels
AATS announces publication an Expert Consensus Documents (ECD)
Update on MESSINA Phase III trial for Fasenra in eosinophilic esophagitis
Common, usually harmless group of bacteria linked to higher death rates in kidney patients
Research proposes new parameters for diagnosis of sarcopenia
Researchers examine impact of pandemic on children’s mental health
Lung disease affects 131,000 people in Nottinghamshire
Global biobank collaboration revealed new risk genes for devastating rare lung disease
Vaping during pregnancy causes long-term pulmonary effects in mouse offspring
Cleaner emissions standards for trucks and buses
Significant milestone reached as extra 2 million scans, tests and checks delivered to bust Covid backlogs
Case of Legionella pneumonia identified
Repurposing existing drugs to fight new Covid variants
Simple new tool allows primary caregivers to detect young kids at high risk of asthma
Research provides further evidence that immune cell dysregulation is driver of Covid severity
Changes to workplace exposure standard for respirable coal dust
Immunologic defect may leave some vulnerable to rare bacterial infection
New workplace coal dust standard commences in Queensland
New automated screening tool could mean earlier, more effective treatment for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis