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Better Support For Workers And Families Affected By Silica
Licence scheme to protect engineered stone workers
Study pinpoints molecular targets of transplant rejection
Research reveals systemic autoimmune disease patients fare well after transplants
University of Toronto doctor of nursing program focused on improving health system
Steven Harker to retire from Westpac Banking Corporation Board
Virtual Lifeline
Electronic nose can sniff out when lung transplant is failing
New bioink brings 3D-printing of human organs closer to reality
University of Alberta project aims to use AI to help patients with respiratory issues
Research yields insights into chronic rejection after lung transplantation
Three New Organs, One New Life
Hearts from donors who used illicit drugs or overdosed safe for transplant, cuts wait time
Unions call on Minister Hunt to urgently act on silicosis
Study: Immunocompromised Response to COVID-19 Vaccination
Australian research project investigating long-term impact of COVID-19 awarded 2021 Gilead Fellowship Grant
Gene profile in blood predicts risk of poor outcomes, death for patients with COVID-19
Government must act on incurable silicosis that affects 1 in 5 engineered stone workers
Silicosis research awarded more than $1.6 million
Study Led by Penn Medicine Reveals New Mechanism of Lung Tissue Regeneration That Refutes Widely-Held Assumptions on How Alveolar
Molecular analysis identifies key differences in lungs of cystic fibrosis patients
Cystic fibrosis: towards better treatment and stronger lungs
Ability of multi-drug resistant infection to evolve within cystic fibrosis patients highlights need for rapid treatment
Social Work researcher advances literature on pediatric quality of life in organ transplant patients
University of Alberta spinoff company merges with U.S. firm to commercialize breakthrough organ transplant technology
Government funds new treatment for rare heart and lung disease
New study on role of monocytes in sarcoidosis
Patient rounds: Ages-old care & learning concept gets technology upgrade, international collaboration
‘Lungs in a box’ to meet organ shortage
One step for fibrosis, one giant leap for scleroderma
Stem cell therapy discovery brings lung disease treatment closer
Study finds lung transplant patients not given antifungal preventive drugs have higher risk of death
$10 million in grants aimed at preventing organ rejection after transplantation
Penn Researchers Continue to Advance Transplantation of Hepatitis C Virus-infected Kidneys into HCV-Negative
Hitting nail on head: overcoming therapeutic resistance in lung cancer
Remote monitoring of lung transplant patients decreases hospital readmissions
Blood-thinner with no bleeding side-effects is here
Researchers have found a promising therapy for cardiac regeneration
A life-saving lung transplant at UCLA for patient who was turned away by more than 20 hospitals
Scientists investigate rare lung disease
University researcher develops diagnostic lung test to identify patients
Secretary Pompeo Remarks to Press
Licensing Scheme To Boost Engineered Stone Safety
Lung transplant survivor beats odds through ground breaking treatment
Government must move faster on silicosis response
UW Medicine milestone: 1,000 lung-transplant recipients