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Working across disciplines, University of Toronto and UHN researchers are rapidly revolutionizing lung transplant surgery
Unexpected electrical changes seen in first successful transplant of genetically-modified pig heart
Unexpected electrical changes seen in first successful transplant of genetically-modified pig heart
Modified pig-to-human heart transplant had unexpected changes in heart’s conduction system
AATS announces publication an Expert Consensus Documents (ECD)
NIH Honors Two BU Researchers “Poised to Blaze New Paths of Discovery”
Scientists develop screening tool to aid early diagnosis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
Manuka honey could help to clear deadly drug-resistant lung infection – research
New treatment could result in more donor lungs
Bioengineering Lab Advances New Approaches to Congenital Heart Surgery
Surgeons talk critical care at Queenstown conference
‘For me, it was miracle’: Novel treatment improves quality of life for COPD patient
Novel blood test helps evaluate severity in pulmonary arterial hypertension, rare lung disease
Recruitment open for new study of lung disease
When heart-assisting implants could save life, patients who are Black or female don’t get them as often
Penn Medicine Performs Its 1,500th Lung Transplant, Giving New Life to Father, Truck Driver, and Poet
More support for injured workers and families
More Support For Silica-Affected Workers And Families
Mount Sinai Names Scott Scheinin, MD, as Director for Lung Failure and Transplantation
Chronic lung disease treatment hits speed bump
Virtual immune system roadmap unveiled
Scientists use virus to fight bacterial infection clearing way for life-saving lung transplant
Remind me, how are hospitals funded in Australia?
UCSF Lung Transplant Patient No. 1,000 Looks Ahead to More of Good Life
Bone growth protein might help more newborns survive severe lung disorders
Decisions in Heartbeat: How 2 UVA Researchers Help Children on Transplant Waitlist
ECMO may offer sickest COVID patients chance for ‘exceptional survival’
Mode of intraoperative support impacts primary graft dysfunction after lung transplant
Creating universal blood-type organs for transplant
SCAI releases updated expert consensus to SCAI SHOCK classification
Public urged to sign-up to world-first Covid antiviral study
Bare shelves in blood bank means threat to patient care
Groundbreaking pig heart transplant in human may help patients awaiting donor hearts
Successful transplant of porcine heart into adult human with end-stage heart disease
How cytomegalovirus affects survival of heart transplant patients
Australian-produced eucalyptus compound effective at treating lung damage in sheep mode
Better Support For Workers And Families Affected By Silica
Licence scheme to protect engineered stone workers
Study pinpoints molecular targets of transplant rejection
Research reveals systemic autoimmune disease patients fare well after transplants
University of Toronto doctor of nursing program focused on improving health system
Steven Harker to retire from Westpac Banking Corporation Board
Virtual Lifeline
Electronic nose can sniff out when lung transplant is failing
New bioink brings 3D-printing of human organs closer to reality
University of Alberta project aims to use AI to help patients with respiratory issues
Research yields insights into chronic rejection after lung transplantation
Three New Organs, One New Life