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Malawi: Cyclone Freddy Warns of Climate Crisis
Southern Africa: Cyclone’s Aftermath Brings Diseases, Healthcare Struggles
USAID Launches Global Water Security, Sanitation Projects at UN
Mercury Emission Estimate Inadequate to Assess Gold Mining Impact
UN Fast-Tracks Global Early-Warning Initiative for Extreme Weather
Early Warning Initiative Scaled Up to Action
Half Million Displaced in Malawi by Cyclone, Humanitarian Needs Skyrocket
2023 International Day of Forests: Forests Vital for Health
Forests: Key to Healthy Planet and People
New Funding for Smallholder Farmers to Strengthen Resilience: GAFSP
How Do We Make Farming Better for Planet? Ask Women
UN Boosts Aid to Malawi After Devastating Cyclone
Investment Needed Now to Help Key Workers: ILO
Protecting Pregnant Women from Malaria: Role of Community Health Workers
Oxfam Aids Cyclone Victims in Malawi, Mozambique
Oxfam Launches Humanitarian Aid for Cyclone-Hit Malawi, Mozambique
Mozambique’s Services Crucial for Growth & Jobs
Rights Council discusses challenges faced by human rights defenders
Training Madagascar port facility security officers
Tropical Cyclone Freddy Set to Break Records
Tropical Cyclone Freddy may set new record
FAO enhances support for Least Developed Countries with South-South Collaboration
Rare Tortoise Highlights WWD Conservation Priorities
New Snake Family Identified
IMF Approves $32.6M Disbursement to Madagascar After Review
Ancient eggshell fragments ‘crack’ giant bird’s life secrets
DNA from Fossil Eggshells Unveils Extinct Species’ Life
WMO Executive Council meets 28 February
Tropical Cyclone Freddy: Early Action Saves Lives in Mozambique
World Bank Launches Mozambique Strategy for Greener, Resilient Growth
Tropical cyclone Freddy hits Madagascar and Mozambique
Stanford-led analysis could help forecast malaria outbreaks
World Bank Joins to Speed African Electrification
Kids Send World Leaders Postcards from Crisis Frontlines
Uncovering traits of Japan’s dual ancestry
100+ Years After TB Vaccine, Why No 2nd?
Trees as Weeds: Why It’s Problem
Digital transformation will improve early warnings in Africa
Sowing seeds of fruitful labor
WHO Delivers Lab Training at Ethiopia’s Influenza Centre
Harvest of Hard Work Begins with Planting Seeds
Antarctica’s ocean brightens clouds
Canada Funds $69.5M to Protect Oceans in Developing Nations
Madagascar to Give $250M in Social Protection to Poor Households
Exceptional young scientists awarded
Polio: 34th IHR Emergency Committee Issues Statement
EU Donates €65.5M to Combat Food Crisis in 11 African Nations
UK Minister Commits to Help Fight Food Insecurity at Africa Summit