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Seizure of contraband and unauthorized items at Donnacona Institution 25 August
Operation Impede Arrests
Seizures of Contraband and Unauthorized Items at Donnacona Institution 18 August
OMCG charges at Gold Coast
Almost Half of US Teens Have Been Stalked or Harassed by Their Partners
Seizure of contraband and unauthorized items at Beaver Creek Institution – Medium-security unit
NIST to Help Labs Achieve Accurate THC, CBD Measurements
Legal marijuana may be slowing reductions in teen marijuana use, study says
Tests show potential for medicinal cannabis to kill cancer cells
Girls more negatively affected by pot than boys
Study shows surge in e-cigarette and marijuana use among state’s young adults
Researchers identify more than 100 toxic chemicals in cannabis smoke
National police check anomaly a barrier for much needed volunteers
Risk of teen substance use may increase while social distancing
Seizure of Contraband and Unauthorized Items at Cowansville Institution 5 June
$13.7 million to further adolescent brain development study
Seizure of contraband and unauthorized items at Collins Bay Institution 27 May
2020 Kinder Houston Area Survey reveals growing sense of solidarity, empathy ahead of pandemic
Study finds overwhelming support for smoke-free policies among L.A. tenants, landlords
Researchers develop chemistry needed to create marijuana breathalyzer
Does Cannabis Use Amplify Effect of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Vice Versa?
Vaping and edible use of marijuana growing among adolescent users
Seizure of contraband and unauthorized items at Joyceville Institution – Assessment Unit
Coping with COVID-19: Adults turn to alcohol, marijuana
How to know if your pandemic drinking is getting out of hand, and what to do about it
WCPO: Health officials still concerned over vape use among teens
Prenatal substance exposure may impact adolescent attitudes toward gun violence
Whether marijuana helps with pain is unclear, study suggests
Seizures of Contraband and Unauthorized Items at Donnacona Institution
OSI aids investigation resulting in charges of using drones to smuggle contraband into a federal prison
Hotels benefit from marijuana legalization, study finds
Study shows rising age of first drug use in teens, young adults
Nanny state to stop KiwiSaver investments
Paternal Marijuana Will Impact Brain Development of Offspring
Op-ed: Dietary Supplements Can Carry Hidden Risks
Frequent marijuana use may be related to risky decision-making in young adults
Study Reveals Increased Cannabis Use in Individuals with Depression
Seizure of contraband at Collins Bay Institution – Medium-security unit
Presidential Proclamation on National Impaired Driving and Prevention Month, 2019
Case implicates vaping compounds in lung injury
Seizure of contraband at Joyceville Institution – Assessment unit
U.S. Air Force says CBD products not ok to use, may cause positive drug test
Study Provides Insights on Effects of Cannabidiol on Severe Form of Epilepsy
First New Zealand study of cannabis use in people with spinal cord injuries
Teen marijuana use may have next-generation effects
Frostier flower, more potent cannabis
Seizure of contraband at Collins Bay Institution
Health uninsurance rate in California remained low in 2018, survey finds