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Vice President Harris Launches Initiative to Support US-Philippines Maritime Cooperation
World Fisheries Day Statement 22 November
Researchers: Rapid fluctuations in oxygen levels coincided with Earth’s first mass extinction
“We won’t let deep sea mining risk ocean”: Greenpeace confronts mining ship
Long-term changes to kelp forests from ‘the blob’
Changing sea floor
Container ship accidents are little understood but emerging threat to marine ecosystems
Investigating formation of small particles helps to understand climate change
‘Never think you can’t’ says Highly Cited Researcher
New tool developed to monitor health of marine ecosystems and extinction risk of species
CSIRO, DFAT and Google Australia announce ‘blue carbon’ project at COP27
Building our marine economy: Canada concludes successful Seal Summit
IAEA COP27 Event Focuses on Blue Carbon as Nature-Based Climate Solution
Sea urchins keep on trucking while other marine life languishes in Florida Keys
Canada releases results of first five years of Oceans Protection Plan
EcoMaris able to develop tourism offering with Canada support
Global fight against illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing reaches new milestone
Foreign Secretary at COP27 pledges new support for developing countries to deal with climate change
Conclusion of 41st CCAMLR Meeting
Antarctic Ocean Commission fails to deliver ocean sanctuaries, recognises handful of Vulnerable Marine Ecosystems
Canada fights illegal fishing with Operation North Pacific Guard
Qantas teams Up with queensland farmers to help safeguard Great Barrier reef
Australia is poised to be a world leader in offshore wind, but any potential risks to marine life remain poorly regulated
Technology provides views of life in remote habitats
Building regional marine research nexus centred in Singapore
Discovery of new ecosystem – ‘The Trapping Zone’
Record Budget boost to protect Great Barrier Reef
Advanced genomic approaches hold promise for marine conservation
Scaling up marine aquaculture to produce nutritious, sustainable food
New microbial pathway discovered can potentially contribute to combat methane emissions
Tonga eruption spawns massive phytoplankton bloom
New eDNA toolkit could save species on brink of extinction
DNA reference library game-changer for environmental monitoring
Winds of change drive ‘alarming’ rate of ocean warming
Changes in marine ecosystems going undetected
Shifting ocean currents are pushing more and more heat into Southern Hemisphere’s cooler waters
Winds of change are driving ‘alarming’ rate of ocean warming
Statement by Minister Alghabra on World Maritime Day
New figures show population boom near globe’s vulnerable coral reefs
Greatest increase in marine biodiversity can help us understand and control ocean deoxygenation
More Plastic Than Fish by 2050 – IAEA Event Gathers Experts Working Together to Save Marine Environments from Plastic Pollution
Port workshop to send marine pests packing
New proposal to increase marine sanctuary in Great Sandy Marine Park could see greater protection for dugongs, turtles
New material biodegrades in ocean water
Marine protected areas can help safeguard ocean biodiversity
Microplastics found in commercial fish from southern New Zealand
Advancing Science: IAEA Supports Young Scientists at Ocean Acidification Symposium
Researchers discover expanding and intensifying low-oxygen zone in Arabian gulf