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ONDCP Designates 13 New Counties to Curb Drug Trafficking
Home-based Treatments Improve Mobility in Older Adults With Fractured Hips
U.S. President Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Personnel to Key Administration Posts
Seventeen Nominations and Two Withdrawals Sent to Senate
Princeton project to build a diverse coalition of physicists to confront nuclear dangers
Lightning ‘superbolts’ form over oceans from November to February
UConn Ranked in U.S. News Top 25; Academic Quality Consistently Strong
A new study considers methadone to be most appropriate non-addictive opioid drug to treat chronic pain
Here’s Everything We Know about Lethal Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus
Archaeologists develop a new picture of human footprint
Chemistry of Art: Scientists Explore Aged Paint in Microscopic Detail to Inform Preservation Efforts
Archaeological assessment reveals Earth’s early transformation through land use
Blue Carbon Horizons wins 2019 Eureka Prize for Environmental Science
NASA Awards Contract for Flight Dynamics Support Services
Choices of Heart: Healthy Foods More Important than Type of Diet to Reduce Heart Disease Risk
Storms on Jupiter are disturbing planet’s colorful belts
Twitter Data Shows Who Is Hitting Gym
Dangerous operation of vehicle, Stanthorpe and Warwick
Rocky, Earth-sized exoplanet is missing an atmosphere
NASA Selects Proposals to Demonstrate SmallSat Technologies to Study Interplanetary Space
Newfound Superconductor Material Could Be ‘Silicon of Quantum Computers’
Researchers gaining a better understanding of perpetrators of intimate partner violence
NASA Selects Proposals to Further Study Fundamental Nature of Space
NASA Mission Selects Final Four Site Candidates for Asteroid Sample Return
Music of spheres
Dawn of Quantum Internet, Secure Quantum Cryptography, and Harnessing Entanglement
Jupiter’s annual portrait is a beaut
Curtin research helps solve mystery of when plate tectonics emerged
A Rocky Relationship: 2.5 Billion Years of Earth’s Continents Breaking Up and Getting Back Together
Whole genome sequencing may help officials get a handle on disease outbreaks
Police charge man over Shortland carjacking near Newcastle
U.S. President Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts
NASA Administrator Names Acting Director for Goddard Space Flight Center
NASA Announces US Industry Partnerships to Advance Moon, Mars Technology
Leah Broussard: Breaking Standard Model to Fix Understanding of Universe
U.S. President Trump Announces Intent to Nominate Individuals to Key Administration Posts
Rise of Candida Auris May be Blamed on Global Warming
Antibiotics before liver transplants lead to better results
New technology targets cancer, other diseases
Modeling predicts blue whales’ foraging behavior, aiding population management efforts
First Ever State Sepsis Regulation Tied to Lower Death Rates
Imperial launches international cyber security centre
NASA Awards Launch Services Contract for Groundbreaking Astrophysics Mission
Missing 24-year-old woman, Deeragun
NASA Scientists, Engineers Honored with Presidential Early Career Awards
NASA Awards Contract for WFIRST Science Operations Center
NASA Selects 12 New Lunar Science, Technology Investigations
Though politically divided, Americans remain patriotic