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Using mathematical modeling to fight malaria
Four Curtin projects support WA defence research
Mathematical modelling could lead to simple blood test for brain tumours
New Zealand’s latest COVID wave is levelling off, with fewer people in hospital than feared
COVID vaccines averted infection in 10% of patient-facing healthcare staff during second wave
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Consider farmers at individual level when controlling livestock disease outbreaks, researchers say
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I correctly predicted vote on Boris Johnson’s leadership – here’s how I did it
Scientists show how fast-growing bacteria can resist antibiotics
‘Scenario Hub’ projects future health impact of Covid across Europe
Pioneering study identifies global dynamics of Antibiotic Resistance
Nominations of EPFL professors 21 May
20% of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis cases in children could be averted by household testing and treatment
Mercury removal made easy
What do stem cell aggregates and whipped cream have in common?
Engineer ing investigates freezing technique for water treatment
Mathematics maps lifecycle of melanoma in new biotech experiments
New modeling reveals that ‘shielding’ strategies instead of lockdowns would have led to tens of thousands more deaths
Three cutting-edge research projects to receive EU funding
Novel computing approach to recognizing chaos
Rational neural network advances machine-human discovery
Almost everyone now breathing polluted air, warns WHO
As New Zealand relaxes restrictions, here’s what we can still do to limit COVID infections
Dispersal strategies drive marine microbial diversity
Hidden footprint of low-carbon indoor farming
Genomic study shows that England’s travel quarantine measures were effective – up to limit
Research reveals that England’s travel quarantine measures were effective – up to limit
Mathematical Model Demonstrates High Viral Transmissions Reduce Progression Rates for Severe Covid
Omicron BA.2 predicted through Exeter professor’s mathematical modelling
Unlocking mechanical secrets of giant Amazonian waterlilies
Mathematician receives 2022 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scientist Award
Scientists develop AI solutions for next-gen biomedical research
Our hospitals are at greater risk of flooding as climate changes
Laboratories move to White City: new opportunities and incredible views
Grants pave way for further discovery
Covid ‘has reshaped science forever’
New technology to make finding sun-safe parks easier than ever
London Millennium Bridge wobble finally explained
Modelling potential impact of Omicron in England
Covid and impact on cancer outcomes in Australia
Visual processing is slower in kids with dyslexia
King’s Engineering and climate change
Eliminating hepatitis C in Pakistan could yield return-on-investment of US$9.10 billion
Seven local students shared their scientific projects against clock
Delhi outbreak highlights challenge of herd immunity in face of Delta variant