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Fruit fly aids Warwick scientists’ study on human heart growth
Towards reducing biodiversity loss in fragmented habitats
Liverpool success at STEM for Britain
Infectious Disease Modellers Awarded Mathematics Prize
Tumour cells’ response to chemotherapy is driven by randomne
Randomness Drives Tumour Response to Chemo
Three researchers to present to Parliament for STEM for Britain
Model Predicts Promise in Prostate Cancer Treatment
UK Appoints New Chief Scientific Adviser
Novo Nordisk Utilizes Math Models to Streamline Production
Smallest marine microbes share nutrients – briefly
Bacteria Thrive on Earth’s Ancient Energy in Ocean Depths
Designing Buildings to Withstand Extreme Stress Loads
Carp Plagues Rivers: Is Carp Herpes Answer?
Tool to detect higher-order phenomena in real-world data
7 times our researchers engineered with impact
Cognitive flexibility enhances mathematical reasoning
Discovery at University of Limerick, Ireland reveals that ‘brain-like computing’ at molecular level is possible
Thousands of Tasmanian devils are dying from cancer – but a new vaccine approach could help us save them
Research unravelling “mystery” of extreme waves
New modelling suggests that exercising with friend can boost physical activity
Up to 750,000 people in Australia could be at risk of Japanese encephalitis
New contact tracing method for sex partners of people with chlamydia
Key breakthrough links changes in length-of-day with climate prediction
4 researchers striving to reduce impact of childhood cancer in our community
Birth and death of tree roots under future atmosphere
New bid to ‘outflank’ antimicrobial resistance
Research on nuclear fuel burnup supports reduction of waste and fuel costs
Research on nuclear fuel burnup supports effort to reduce waste and fuel costs
Funding for new research to reduce stillbirths
Changes in gut microbiota have long-term effects on children’s health
With most mandatory public health measures gone, is New Zealand well prepared for next COVID wave?
More than 10 million children were affected by Covid-associated parental and caregiver deaths
Scientists develop most accurate maps yet of extent of UK and Ireland’s deep-sea coral reefs
Real-world study details average duration of infectiousness for Covid
Using mathematical modeling to fight malaria
Four Curtin projects support WA defence research
Mathematical modelling could lead to simple blood test for brain tumours
New Zealand’s latest COVID wave is levelling off, with fewer people in hospital than feared
COVID vaccines averted infection in 10% of patient-facing healthcare staff during second wave
Concordia’s newly appointed chairs enhance university’s research, teaching excellence and impact
Consider farmers at individual level when controlling livestock disease outbreaks, researchers say
Next breakthrough tool in biology?
Swinburne researcher is peoples choice in Universities Australias pitch it clever competition
A new Omicron wave is upon New Zealand, with older people now most at risk – here’s what to expect
I correctly predicted vote on Boris Johnson’s leadership – here’s how I did it
Scientists show how fast-growing bacteria can resist antibiotics
‘Scenario Hub’ projects future health impact of Covid across Europe