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How sex cells get right genetic mix – An interdisciplinary approach solves century-old puzzle
Creation of abstract thoughts in brain
ATAGI statement regarding vaccination of adolescents aged 12
New insights into biochemical signalling of cardiac muscle cells
Mathematical model predicts movement of microplastics in ocean
Projected effect of implementing roadmap Step 4 in England on 19th of July 2021
Scientists help solve insulin puzzle
Tighter ‘Stage 4’ restrictions will likely be needed to control Delta variant outbreak in NSW, new modelling shows
Likely ‘Stage 4’ tighter restriction levels will be needed to control current Delta variant outbreak
How much intelligence is there in Artificial Intelligence?
Scientists reveal how cauliflowers develop their unique shape
A specific protein complex from plant stem cells regulates their division and response to stress
English neighbourhoods which have less-healthy diets
Researchers part of international team shortlisted for Cancer Grand Challenges awards
New Premier’s Fellow to advance artificial intelligence research in WA
Modelling Step 4 of UK Government’s Spring 2021 “Roadmap” out of lockdown in England
Thousands of deaths likely if COVID-19 ‘left to run’ in Victoria without high vaccine uptake and public health measures
Modeling mysteries of universe, closer to home
UK Government COVID restrictions linked to dramatic reduction in people’s social contact
Scientific evidence that informed UK Government’s response to COVID-19 including first lockdown is published
Health Canada extends expiry date of two lots of AstraZeneca vaccine by an extra month
A year of challenges and successes
Covid-19 travel plan will let new variants into UK
Open-source GPU technology for supercomputers
Forecasting COVID-19 cases and deaths in Europe – new hub will support European pandemic planning
Research breakthrough in understanding how neural systems process and store information
Megafauna extinction mystery – size isn’t everything
Brazil at high risk of dengue outbreaks after droughts because of temporary water storage
New modelling provides greater scrutiny for supply chains
When rock art meets machine learning
Pharmacists prescribing for minor ailments will save health-care dollars, study shows
Neuronostics close oversubscribed seed funding round
Safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines linked to £100bns of net value for UK
B.1.1.7 variant linked to 55% higher mortality compared to other strains of SARS-CoV-2
Shining stars of science honoured with Academy awards
Exeter Professor selected for EPSRC’s Strategic Advisory Network
Tropical paper wasps babysit for neighbours
Impact of reopening schools on SARS-CoV-2 transmission in England
New research studies “domino effects” and synchrony in brain activity
Clients of female sex workers should be targeted for HIV prevention and treatment in South Africa
Snake Micro Scales Reveal Secrets of Sidewinding and Slithering
Research receives global recognition
Modelling study estimates impact of ‘test to release’ strategy to reduce – or replace – quarantine for contacts of COVID-19 cases
A Biological Strategy Reveals How Efficient Brain Circuitry Develops Spontaneously
Good vibrations from renewable energy