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Chillest Ape: How Humans Evolved A Super-High Cooling Capacity
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NIH experts discuss post-acute COVID-19
Slow easing of restrictions may come at a high cost says a leading economist
Student advocate on race and medicine wins Soros fellowship
Modified Nanoparticles Can Stop Osteoarthritis Development
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Monoclonal Antibody Injection Significantly Reduces COVID-19 Progression
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Study Finds Americans Eat Food of Mostly Poor Nutritional Quality – Except at School
Scientists explore source of well-being and happiness
How pharmacists contribute meaningfully in primary health care
A Focus on Climate Change
Myovant Sciences and Pfizer Announce First Participant Dosed in Phase 3 SERENE Study Evaluating Contraceptive Efficacy of Once-Daily
New research reveals why some of us are hungry all time
New research on good cholesterol possibly finds better marker for cardiovascular disease
Time for calm and clear information on vaccine rollout
Medication-related harm ‘common’ in New Zealand – Otago study
3Cavaliers 2.0 Sparks Research Collaboration Across Disciplines
New 3D mapping technique reveals hidden microbial communities on coral reefs
LSHTM reacts to death of its patron, His Royal Highness Prince Philip
Certain Cancer Patients at Risk of COVID-19 Vaccine Failure
Glass injection molding
Brazil at high risk of dengue outbreaks after droughts because of temporary water storage
A twin study indicates that metabolic changes in fat tissue in obesity associated with adverse health effects – No similar link
Local athletes join South West Sydney Academy of Sport
It’s your health and it’s in your hands
Chromosome 8 assembly reveals novel genes and disease risks
Even before COVID-19 pandemic, youth suicide already at record high
For severe COVID-19 illness, inpatient rehab helps but functional deficits remain for many
How can masks help allergies?
Chronic sinus inflammation appears to alter brain activity
Molecule could beat antibiotic-resistant infections
COVID-19 roadmap for reopening could lead to a third wave in England
Scientists discover that watermelons grow faster at night
Heart failure and stroke rising in men under 40
Inheriting acquired traits requires trailblazer modifications to unfertilized eggs
Urolithin A shows effective against muscular dystrophy
Structural Racism and Anti-LGBTQ Policies Lead to Worse Health Among Black Sexual Minority Men
Fellowed GPs without Ahpra speciality recognition must apply for it by 16 April 2021 or will lose access to A1 rebates
Awards & Accolades 8 April
No pain, no gain in exercise for peripheral artery disease
Program May Help Patients With Rheumatic Diseases Quit Smoking
Chain length determines molecular colour
Surgical sutures inspired by human tendons