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Microplastics Threaten Typical Remote Cryospheric Regions
Observing microplastic cycle
IAEA Presents Nuclear Solutions for Plastic Pollution and Carbon Dioxide Removal at UN Forum
Almost ready to row – and to make big scientific contribution
Micro- and nanoplastic from atmosphere is polluting ocean
Citizen science study detects vast amount of microplastics in Catalan bathing areas
European farmland could be biggest global reservoir of microplastics, study suggests
Pathogens can hitch ride on plastic to reach sea
Researchers use machine learning to speed up counting of microplastics
Chemistry lab’s focus on plastics inspires Earth Day cleanup
Global “plastic flood” reaches Arctic
Australia-India Indo-Pacific Oceans Initiative Partnership grant recipients
Eating plastic makes for smaller mussels
Cooking up way to remove microplastics from wastewater – with okra, aloe
TSU and IISER are studying microplastic in living beings
European floating microplastics may accumulate in Arctic Ocean
Tiny tire particles inhibit growth of organisms in freshwater, coastal estuaries, studies find
New research confirms multi-billion dollar impact of air pollution on natural vegetation and crops
UN human rights experts urge treaty to address ‘plastic tide’
Risk assessments for microplastic within reach
UN partnership aims to combat microplastics in cigarettes
Impossible to prevent children from ingesting microplastics
Solving global impact of microplastics
‘chemical cocktail’ of sewage, slurry and plastic is polluting English rivers
Microplastic pollution linger in rivers for years before entering oceans
Clothes dryers are an underappreciated source of airborne microfibers
Microplastics Are Widespread in Soils of Tropical Areas
People with IBD have more microplastics in their feces, study says
People with IBD have more microplastics in their feces
Microplastic discovered in ‘pristine’ Pyrenees mountain air
Race with purpose
Origin Duke Forest
Microplastics found to be harmful to human cells
Plastics in agrifood systems: good, bad and ugly
Microplastic pollution aids drug resistance
Angela Loh ’23 is engineering for impact
Whale poop reveals plastics problem: three million microplastics per day
TSU study on microplastic in Yenisei published in Water
Tracking down microplastics in Antarctica
Big-city coastal whales consume millions of microplastics every day
Fishing for solutions to plastic problem
Scientists contaminating their own samples? we may be emitting clouds of microfibers
Bianca finds bird call too strong to ignore
Wools eco rating challenge in EU
Twenty-four trillion pieces of microplastics in ocean and counting
Scientists part of team that points to strong connection between climate change, plastics pollution
NZ study finds airborne microplastics directly impact climate change
Microplastics are in air we breathe and in Earth’s atmosphere, and they affect climate