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Plastic Trojan Horse
FAU team discovers microplastics in Arctic ecosystem
Crime scene tape set to revolutionize microplastics research
Study discovers microplastics in New Zealand’s seabed
Portsmouth becomes first non US partner of new project to tackle plastic pollution in USA
Mathematical model predicts movement of microplastics in ocean
Ocean plastic sink that went away with rivers
Oil and chemical giants lobbying against rules on microplastic chemicals, investigation reveals
Scientists use NASA satellite data to track ocean microplastics from space
NASA Extends Cyclone Global Navigation Satellite System Mission
Public concern on human health impact of plastic pollution
Urbanization drives antibiotic resistance on microplastics in Chinese river
‘Digital dumpsites’ study highlights growing threat to children: UN health agency
Soaring e-waste affects health of millions of children, WHO warns
Ocean microplastics: First global view shows seasonal changes and sources
Bacteria-sized robots take on microplastics and win by breaking them down
University explores impact of climate change and microplastic pollution in Antarctic
Scientists find solution to measure harmful plastic particles in human sewage
Citizen researchers tracking air pollution in our homes
Water companies are main cause of microplastic pollution in UK’s rivers
Tiny plastic particles in environment
Plastic pollution in deep sea: A geological perspective
Fish have been swallowing microplastics since 1950s
We’re all ingesting microplastics at home, and these might be toxic for our health
‘We are living in a sea of microplastics’: alarming new study
Microplastics and human health: FSU researchers find exposure to microplastics may alter cellular function
Atmospheric travel: Scientists find microplastic everywhere
In water: Research investigates impact of microplastics on frog parasites
Addressing plastic pollution
Research calculates: human consumes about a grain of salt of microplastics per week
Aspiring scientist sails seas in search of birds
Scientists will find out how much microplastic is in snow
‘Biodegradable’ plastic will soon be banned in Australia
Waverley Council joins fight against microplastics
Ocean advocates welcome polystyrene and microplastic action in National Plastics Plan
National plan to tackle plastic waste
Microplastic Sizes in Hudson-Raritan Estuary and Coastal Ocean Revealed
3 reasons to choose a wool face mask for everyday use
UBC chemist helps create new compostable coffee pod
University of Toronto Trash Team and PortsToronto battle plastic pollution in Lake Ontario
Combined flows send up to 3 billion microplastics a day into Bay of Bengal
Are Britain’s land animals eating plastic?
Maldives records highest micro plastic pollution