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Augmented reality app helping veterans manage anxiety
U.S. President Trump Announces Judicial Nominees
Baylor Medicine recognized for patient care strategies
Lead pollution from Native Americans attributed to crushing galena for glitter paint, adornments
$7.6 million funds center to fight cancer disparities in Missouri, Illinois
Thermo Fisher Scientific Expands Clinical Trials Capabilities and Announces Collaboration with
T. rex used a stiff skull to eat its prey
Seeing is believing: Eye-tracking technology could help make driving safer
Study points to new drug target in fight against cancer
Protecting reputation of our milk and meat
National Science Foundation $1.4 million grant will help develop cyberinfrastructure across Midwest
Halting spread of HIV in Midwest is aim of new network
Seventeen Nominations and Two Withdrawals Sent to Senate
Suicide rates climbing, especially in rural America
Ohio State Study Finds Suicide Rates Climbing, Especially In Rural America
Is laziness a choice or genetic trait?
University officials announce $6.5 million investment
New method could help assess a worker’s situational awareness while multitasking
Science to reveal how long highway construction should actually take
No one cares about restaurants’ stance on animal welfare, University of Missouri study finds
Neurological brain markers might detect risk for psychotic disorders
A how-to guide for small businesses navigating ‘the cloud’
Preventing privacy leaks when online data can be gathered publicly
Banks can choose their own regulators, but their motives are not always pure
Caught on camera
U.S. President Trump Announces Judicial Nominees, United States Attorney Nominees, and United States Marshal Nominees
WashU Expert: Proposed changes will stamp out ‘countless species’
New method rapidly detects invisible dangers to food
No teeth cleaning needed: Crocodiles shed old teeth, grow new ones
New AAV9 Gene Therapy Vector Dramatically Increases Life Span in Krabbe Disease Mouse Model
Hiles announces retirement from MU, will complete Mizzou: Our Time to Lead Campaign
University of Missouri designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence
Investment will help Mizzou researchers tackle ‘grand challenges’
Inside fake meat and honest labelling debate
Growing trend of Emotional Support Animals
Novel camera system could provide cost-effective way to monitor crop temperatures
Lab wins six tech commercialization grants
Frog in your throat? Stress might be to blame for vocal issues
Cleaning Our Water with Groundbreaking ‘Bioinspired’ Chemistry
More cancer patients get help to quit smoking
University Disputes Description of Investigation
Biodiversity grants announced
U.S. President Trump Approves Missouri Disaster Declaration
U.S. President Trump’s Remarks on America’s Environmental Leadership
Tracing roots: Mapping a vegetable family tree for better food
‘Liquid forensics’ could lead to safer drinking water, University of Missouri study finds
Some green ash trees show some resistance to emerald ash borers
ORNL neutron user meeting highlights novel research, DOE priorities, and facility upgrades