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Study Confirms Pathogenesis of EV-D68 Virus Causing Polio-like Paralyzing Illness in Children
BA.2 does not cause more severe illness than BA.1
AstraZeneca signs licence agreement with RQ Biotechnology for monoclonal antibodies against Covid
Cambridge recognised once again as Leader in Openness around animal research
How-to guide to latest COVID therapies
Scientists Develop Test That Easily Detects Variants Causing Covid
Better in combination than alone
New Covid nasal spray outperforms current antibody treatments in mice
How Covid triggers massive inflammation revealed
TGA receives application for an increased dose of GlaxoSmithKline’s Covid treatment sotrovimab for BA.2 Omicron sublineage
How Covid triggers massive inflammation
Statement by White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki on COVID- 19 Funding Proposal
Vanderbilt University, Medical Center reach $1B milestone together in research funding
Convalescent plasma could lower hospitalization risk for newly infected Covid patients
Johns Hopkins-Led Study Finds Convalescent Plasma Can Be Effective Early Covid Therapy
U.S. President Biden’s Remarks on Status of Country’s Fight Against COVID- 19
Promising nose spray could prevent and treat Covid
Vogt Wins $3.1M NIAID Grant to Develop New Monoclonal Antibodies
New tests and treatments developed in mice for pulmonary fibrosis
Promising antibody cocktail takes on Ebola virus-and its deadly cousin
AstraZeneca’s antibody combination, Evusheld▼ authorised for use
New hope for babies born with heart defect
Research confirms bioengineered RSV protein vaccine evokes protective immune response
Antivirals, some antibodies, work well against BA.2 omicron variant of Covid virus
Data published in Lancet journal on COH04S1, City of Hope-developed Covid vaccine
Sotrovimab shown to cause Covid treatment-resistant mutations
Researchers Pioneer Cancer-Fighting Immunotherapies That Infuse Hope
RECOVERY trial shows Baricitinib reduces deaths in patients hospitalised with Covid
Vaccine and antibody treatment effectiveness blunted by all three Omicron subvariants
New study shows significant impacts of severe Covid infection on pregnancy outcomes
AstraZeneca’s Evusheld Granted Provisional Approval For Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Of Covid
TGA provisionally approves AstraZeneca’s combination therapy – for pre-exposure prevention of Covid
Complacency, ‘COVID Fatigue’ Expose Disparities
Nirsevimab EMA regulatory submission accepted under accelerated assessment for RSV protection in all infants
Increased infectivity, antibody escape drive SARS-CoV-2 evolution, studies say
Increased infectivity, antibody escape drive Covid evolution
Research finds Ebola virus can hide in brain, persist even years after treatment
Study will assess prevention of Covid infection in immunocompromised people
Metabolism of Covid Antibodies from Convalescent Plasma Suggests Possible Safe Treatment for High Risk Children
Those at highest risk for severe Covid often least likely to get monoclonal antibodies
Scientists move HIV vaccine research forward by developing an immunogen that produces tier-2 antibodies-the kind that matter
Research collaboration launched to focus on repurposing existing anti-viral therapies to treat Covid
Study Reveals How Migraine Pain Signals Are Generated-and Blocked
Research finds how migraine pain signals are generated-and blocked
NIAID Pandemic Preparedness Plan targets ‘prototype’ and priority pathogens
How Omicron escapes from antibodies
Making RNA vaccines easier to swallow
Researchers Identify Osteoarthritis ‘Pain Pathway’