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Curing heart disease with CRISPR
Optical Switching Breaks Speed Record, Paving Way for Light-Based Electronics
Salt Restriction May Help Hypertensives
Subatomic & Black Holes Linked by Common Thread: Scientists
Smart light traps to charge batteries: Study
NATO Establishes Innovation Fund with Allies’ Support
Debate on online hate speech targeting women in politics
Return Of International Students Buoys Victoria
Project Improving Alpine Hut Sustainability Successful
AI-Assisted Analysis Reveals New CAR-T Cell Targets for AML
Review of LA Growth Hormone Therapy for Kids: Past & Present
New method to boost speed of online databases
Research: Pain level determines patient preference for male/female urologist
US Vice President Addresses Worker Task Force Employers
Research Challenges Understanding of Immune System
New technologies from perspective of Jewish ethics
Digital Rectal Exam Ineffective for Early Prostate Cancer Detection
Sex and Metabolic Hormones Linked to Obesity Protection
Ashurst advises lenders on mymediset acquisition financing
Important find in Cheops pyramid of Gizeh
Gut bacteria are crucial for liver repair
TUM Klinikum Created
Recycling Rare Earths with biomass
Exotic Bacteria Found to Extract Rare Earths From Waste
Secretary Blinken Visits CBS Morning Show
“Data can save lives”
Plastic Upcycling to Close Carbon Cycle
Closing Carbon Cycle With Plastic Upcycling
KI.Fabrik: Robots as Teammates
UK PM and Ukraine’s Zelenskyy to Hold Talks on 22 Feb 2023
Premature Infant Medicine
G7 Foreign Ministers Unite at Munich Security Conference
Sugar reduction in soft drinks making no progress
75 Years Max Planck Society
Blinken, Todd Talk to Press at State Dept
Blinken, Brennan Talk U.S. Policy on CBS’ Face Nation
Readout of Vice President Harris’s Meeting with Prime Minister Sunak of United Kingdom
VP Harris Meets Finland, Sweden PMs at White House
Blinken Discusses US Policy on ABC This Week
NATO Co-hosts Military Energy Transition Event at Munich Conf
Blinken, Kuleba Discuss Ukraine’s Future in Meeting
Blinken Meets Pashinyan, Aliyev for Talks
Vice President Harris, PMs Marin & Kristersson Meet Before Trilateral Talks
Blinken, Wang Yi Meet to Discuss China Foreign Affairs
Remarks by Vice President Harris and Prime Minister Sunak of United Kingdom Before Bilateral Meeting
PM Johnson to Meet Swedish, Finnish Leaders: 18 Feb 2023
UK PM, VP Harris to Meet 18 Feb 2023
UK PM, Morawiecki to Meet 18 Feb 2023