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Phase 2 referral of proposed acquisition of Perpetuus Group by Shanghai Kington Technologies and others
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Commute without cracks
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Building precise smaller nanoparticles with templates
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Taking look at tiny bubbles
Self-assembling and complex, nanoscale mesocrystals can be tuned for variety of uses
All optical logic devices based on black arsenic-phosphorus with strong nonlinear optical response and high stability
Germanium Halides Serve as Ideal Precursors to Synthesize High-quality Perovskite Nanocrystals
Scientists overcome hurdle on path to renewable-energy storage
Public’s view on using graphene to treat cancer sought
Development of transparent and flexible ultra-thin memory device
Smart transformable nanoparticles promise advances in tumor diagnoses, treatment
Novel Two-step Mechanism Revealed in Two-dimensional Material Formation
“Magic wand” finds a colorful nano-world
Hybrid artificial neural networks and analytical model for prediction of optical constants and bandgap energy of 3D nanonetwork
New Chiral Nanostructures to Extend Material Platform
Nou llibre blanc de les nanotecnologies
Exploring new ways to test blood sugar levels for diabetes patients
Stretching capacity of flexible energy storage
Modulation to Sonoluminescence Achieved in Presence of Carbon Nano-dots in Water
Zinc’s oxidation state can be made +3, fundamentally changing element’s chemistry
Researchers Reveal Anticancer Property of Nanomaterials with Mitosis-targeting Mechanism
Reversible male contraceptive, targeted to testes with magnets
Unlocking efficient light-energy conversion with stable coordination nanosheets
An artificial leaf made from semiconducting polymers
Novel SERS Sensor Helps to Detect Aldehyde Gases
Study Reveals Degradation of Antibiotics in Water by Iron-based Fenton Catalytic
Twisted particles could give physics a new trend
Australian researchers develop next-generation battery on nanotechnology
Pore-like proteins designed from scratch