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Böttger Luster: Solving an Artistic Cold Case
Magnetic nanoparticles in biological vehicles individually characterized for first time
Nanobiotics: Model predicts how nanoparticles interact with proteins
Development of high-durability single-atomic catalyst using industrial humidifier
Scientists Develop Highly Sensitive SERS Substrate for Gas Sensing
Nanoparticle technology could be new, noninvasive treatment for endometriosis
Study finds nanomedicine targeting lymph nodes key to triple negative breast cancer treatment
NIH launches clinical trial of Epstein-Barr virus vaccine
Using sound to control enzymatic reactions Sound
Metamaterial significantly enhances chiral nanoparticle signals
PolyU supports startups to translate industry-recognised research excellence into societal impact
UW Medicine-developed COVID vaccine effective in test
Researchers develop patent-pending IV injection treatment for sepsis
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology researchers detect coronavirus particles with “slow light”
Bone growth protein might help more newborns survive severe lung disorders
Nanoparticles prove effective against yellow fever mosquito
Chiral gold nanoparticles increase vaccine efficacy by more than 25%
Extract from common kitchen spice could be key to greener, more efficient fuel cells
Development of metastable-phase advanced material synthesis technology
Real-time ultrafast humidity sensing optical sensor
Decoy particles trick coronavirus as it evolves
Microcavities as sensor platform
Newly identified neutrophil subset is promising therapeutic target
Dr. Pieter Cullis named 2022 Canada Gairdner Award laureate
Tel Aviv University Nanodrug Enables 2-in-1 Attack on Cancer
Nanodrug that attacks cancer twice single nanoparticle does two jobs
TSU-developed paint will help fight nosocomial infections
Scavenger nanoparticles could make fuel cell-powered vehicles reality
Nano-sized Gold Stars Open Window into Predictive Materials Synthesis
Scientists create sea of nano-sized gold stars
Optoacoustics for high-precision neuromodulation
Nanoparticle-based Covid vaccine could target future infectious diseases
Paving way to tailor-made carbon nanomaterials and more accurate energetic materials modeling
With machine learning to new supramolecular materials
Novel nanoparticles with potential for enhanced deep tumour therapy
Fostering research and mentorship in materials science
‘greener’ way to clean wastewater treatment filters
Improved fuel cell performance using semiconductor manufacturing technology
Data from Codiak’s exoASO-STAT6 preclinical development program for treatment of primary and metastatic hepatic cancers published
Size matters in particle treatments of traumatic injuries
Potent and economical anti-cancer therapeutic
Engineers reveal cause of key sodium-ion battery flaw
Engineering better glaucoma treatments
Engineering better glaucoma treatments
New system speeds screening of drug-delivering nanoparticles
Ultrafine particle sensors for drastic improvement of air quality
Paving Path to Develop of Safer and Sustainable Batteries
Matthew Jones wins NSF CAREER Award