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Tuning optical resonators gives researchers control over transparency
TSU suggested how to replace scandium in materials for shipbuilding
Catalytic protocells get zingy
Nanoscience breakthrough: Probing particles smaller than a billionth of a meter
Providing Safe, Clean Water: Magnetic nanoparticles with ionic liquids for water purification
SMART discovers nondisruptive way to see surface of nanoparticles
New Catalyst Efficiently Produces Hydrogen from Seawater
Team uses golden ‘lollipop’ to observe elusive interference effect at nanoscale
3D-Printed Plastics With High Performance Electrical Circuits
Weaning ourselves off opioids: Monash researchers use nanotechnology for pain relief
A highly biocompatible and intravenous injectable hafnium oxide nanocrystal synthesized to enhance radiaotherapy efficacy for cancer treatment
Researchers Use 3D Printing to Make Glass Optical Fiber Preform
Nanoceramics from ball mill
Watching materials crystallize
Immune System Upgrade: Catalytic immunotherapy for cancer: nanoparticles act as artificial enzymes
Plastic nanoparticles make larval zebrafish hyperactive
Scientists are creating alloys that can withstand loads of space
Nanoscale manipulation of light leads to exciting new advancement
Nanoform and AstraZeneca Initiate Technology Evaluation
TSU will study nanoparticles at a new level
Process for Making Ductile Glass Discovered by Rensselaer Researchers
Little Heaps of Silver, All Wrapped Up: Determination of crystal structure of a DNA-stabilized silver nanocluster
New platform for malaria vaccine research
Multimillion grant from SSF
Algorithm Identifies Optimal Pairs for Composing Metal-Organic Frameworks
Ultrathin 3-D-printed films convert energy of one form into another
Colour-changing artificial ‘chameleon skin’ powered by nanomachines
A novel cellular process to engulf nano-sized materials
Nanoparticles’ movement reveals whether they can successfully target cancer
EnGeneIC Wins Innovation Award from Australian Financial Review
Enhanced Glow: Direct detection of circulating tumor cells in blood samples
Scientists create world’s thinnest gold
Scientists develop nano-vaccine for melanoma
Actively Swimming Gold Nanoparticles: Chemotactic movement on macroscale by a swarm of bacteria-mimicking nanoswimmers
Automated system generates robotic parts for novel tasks
Designer Proteins Form Wires and Lattices on Mineral Surface
Imprinted Spheres Fight Breast Cancer: Inhibition of HER2 on tumor cells by molecularly imprinted nanoparticles
Scientists Capture Atomic Motion in 4D for First Time
Researchers develop new sensor to help detect early-stage cancer
A Bubbly New Way to Detect Magnetic Fields of Nanometer-Scale Particles
Nano ‘junk’ could save lives
A multitalented scientist returns to her first love – writing