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New cancer-fighting method leverages mechanical force of T cells
Algae disturbed by nanoparticles
Physicists detect single nanoparticles in motion
Breast Cancer Discovery Could Help Stop Disease’s Deadly Spread
New Technology Allows More Precise View of Smallest Nanoparticles
UConn, DIANT Pharma Licenses Continuous Manufacturing Nanoparticle System
Researchers awarded $3.85million in Marsden Funding for ground-breaking projects
Glioblastoma nanomedicine crosses into brain in mice, eradicates recurring brain cancer
Fighting cancer radioresistance and invasiveness
13 million euros for basic quantum research
Multi-million dollar funding boost for UQ researchers
Polymer derived from material in shrimp’s shells could deliver anti-cancer drugs to tumor sites
Ultrapotent COVID-19 vaccine candidate computer designed
Do twist: Making two-dimensional quantum materials using curved surfaces
A trillion turns of light nets terahertz polarized bytes
Engineers print wearable sensors directly on skin without heat
Thermal MagIC: New NIST Project to Build Nano-Thermometers Could Revolutionize Temperature Imaging
Engineers print wearable sensors directly on skin without heat
Nanoscale Machines Convert Light into Work
A step toward a universal flu vaccine
‘Like a fishing net,’ nanonet collapses to trap drug molecules
Squeezing light inside memory devices could help improve performance
Nanoparticles can turn off genes in bone marrow cells
UNSW finalists announced in 2020 Eureka Prizes
HKUST Researchers Developed World’s First Sound-transmitting Glass Material
NTU Singapore scientists devise ‘Trojan horse’ approach to kill cancer cells without using drugs
Scientists create world’s smallest ‘refrigerator’
Shape matters for light-activated nanocatalysts
Size determines how nanoparticles affect biological membranes
Squaring Circle-Breaking Symmetry of a Sphere to Control Polarization of Light
Novel drug could be a powerful weapon in fight against malaria and toxoplasmosis
Fighting breast cancer with nanotech, immunotherapy
Significant leap forward in method for cancer treatment
New Process Boosts Lignin Bio-oil as a Next-Generation Fuel
High-impact discoveries for UTA physicist
ARPANSA’s radon laboratory contributes to fight against COVID-19
New Nanoparticles Hold Promise for Radiopharmaceuticals Efficiency
Nanoparticles show promise in defeating antibiotic-resistant bacteria, University researchers find
Tiny engineered therapeutic delivery system safely solves genetic problems in mice
Researchers create nanoclusters that mimic biomolecules
Toward a coronavirus breathalyzer test
Layer of nanoparticles could improve LED performance and lifetime
Nanoparticle system captures heart-disease biomarker from blood for in-depth analysis
LLNL researchers achieve greater understanding of color origins in low-power electronic displays
Heat Smarter, Not Harder- How Microwaves Make Catalytic Reactions More Efficient
Pioneering Materials Scientist James De Yoreo Receives Distinguished Scientist Fellow Award
COVID-19 vaccine has hefty response in nonhuman primates
Exhaled biomarkers can reveal lung disease