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Computing goes ‘neuromorphic’ with nanotechnology
Discovery improves catalytic production of chemicals
Nanoparticle Gel Unites Oil and Water in Manufacturing-Friendly Approach
Cornell startup raises $44M to advance ‘C Dots’ biotech
Researchers develop injection to treat skin cancer
Cholesterol starvation kills lymphoma cells
New technique builds super-hard metals from nanoparticles
Gold nanoparticles more stable by putting rings on them
Stanford engineers find a way to control chemical catalysts with sculpted light
In lab study, nanoparticle shows promising results for treating severe allergies
CHOP and Penn Researchers Identify Nanoparticles that Could Be Used in Therapeutic mRNA Delivery before Birth
Shine On: Avalanching Nanoparticles Break Barriers to Imaging Cells in Real Time
Nanoparticle Immunization Technology Could Protect Against Many Strains of Coronaviruses
Researchers Develop Laser-Based Process to 3D Print Detailed Glass Objects
Protecting lungs from ventilator-induced injury
NTU Singapore scientists develop oral insulin nanoparticles that could one day be an alternative to injections
Single-dose COVID-19 vaccine triggers antibody response in mice
Sound Waves Spin Droplets to Concentrate, Separate Nanoparticles
Stanford single-dose nanoparticle vaccine for COVID-19
Extremely Stable Perovskite Nanoparticles Films for Next-Generation Displays
Silver lining of marine paints
NIST Clarifies Structure of Prospective Vaccine for Respiratory Virus
Physicists solve geometrical puzzle in electromagnetism
Nanoparticles as weapons against cancer
SMART researchers engineer a plant-based sensor to monitor arsenic levels in soil
Explained: Why RNA vaccines for Covid-19 raced to front of pack
This Anti-COVID Mask Breaks Mold
Over half a million people taking part in pioneering COVID-19 research
Ph.D. candidates Tingting Li and André Beringhs win 2020 IPEC Americas Foundation Award
New cancer-fighting method leverages mechanical force of T cells
Algae disturbed by nanoparticles
Physicists detect single nanoparticles in motion
Breast Cancer Discovery Could Help Stop Disease’s Deadly Spread
New Technology Allows More Precise View of Smallest Nanoparticles
UConn, DIANT Pharma Licenses Continuous Manufacturing Nanoparticle System
Researchers awarded $3.85million in Marsden Funding for ground-breaking projects
Glioblastoma nanomedicine crosses into brain in mice, eradicates recurring brain cancer
Fighting cancer radioresistance and invasiveness
13 million euros for basic quantum research
Multi-million dollar funding boost for UQ researchers
Polymer derived from material in shrimp’s shells could deliver anti-cancer drugs to tumor sites
Ultrapotent COVID-19 vaccine candidate computer designed
Do twist: Making two-dimensional quantum materials using curved surfaces
A trillion turns of light nets terahertz polarized bytes
Engineers print wearable sensors directly on skin without heat
Thermal MagIC: New NIST Project to Build Nano-Thermometers Could Revolutionize Temperature Imaging
Engineers print wearable sensors directly on skin without heat
Nanoscale Machines Convert Light into Work