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ICMS: institute that revolves around people
Scientists Uncover Real-Time View of Nanoparticle Growth
Nanoparticles Enable Lung Gene-Editing
Rabbit Mothers’ RNA Vaccination Boosts Fetal Offspring Health
Hope for Bone Regeneration Restored with Wishbone Charm
Nanoparticle Could Revolutionize Corneal Transplants
Nanotechnology could treat lymphedema
Bacteria Yields Greener Catalysts
Antibody fragment-nanoparticle therapeutic eradicates cancer
Fluidizing Cell Membrane
UConn Health Hosts 60th CT Junior Sci Symposium
Brain tumour discovery paves way for new drug treatments
Chung-Ang Uni develops flexible supercapacitors on paper
Nanoprobes to Detect Brain’s Neurotransmitters Developed
3D-snapshots of nanoparticles
US Gov’t Invested Decades in mRNA Covid Vaccine Dev
Chemical Imaging Predicts Radiation Therapy Efficacy for Cancer Patients
Chemical Imaging May Aid Prediction of Radiation Therapy Outcomes
Protein Nanoparticles Target SARS-CoV2: UB Barcelona Study
Light Used to Capture Nanoplastics in Tap Water
UC Irvine Researchers Develop E. coli-Based Water Monitor
Lithium-Air Battery Offers Longer Driving Range than Lithium-Ion
Silver Nanoparticles Impact Inorganic Carbon Utilization of Macrophytes
Making nanoparticle building blocks for new materials
Fuel-Cell Nanocatalyst Easily Produced for Hydrogen Economy
Food coloring, anti-caking nanoparticles may affect human gut
Scientists Unravel Rhodium Behaviour in Catalysts
New Test 1000x More Sensitive Than Conventional Tests
New brain cancer treatment is ‘marriage of two technologies’
Pharmacy Researchers Develop Treatment for Glioblastoma
Researchers Find Solution to Stop Pig Diarrhea
Lubricants for Stainless Steel
Nanoparticle Could Aid in Cancer Treatment
Nanoparticles make it easier to turn light into solvated electrons
High Efficiency Nanofiltration Membrane Aids Acidic Wastewater Treatment
Antibiotic-Resistant Superbugs Set to Be Defeated
AI Speeds Up Drug Development for Scientists
Economic impact: Sandia Labs tops $4.2B in spending for first time, added 480 jobs in FY22
Cubes Outperform Spheres as Catalyst Particles
Shrinking Hydrogels Enlarge Nanofabrication Options
Hydrogels Shrink, Open Up Nanofabrication Possibilities
New sensor uses MRI to detect light deep in brain
MRI Sensor Unveiled to Measure Brain’s Inner Light
Co-Delivered Ngericin & Decitabine for Pyroptosis Immunotherapy
Chiral Plasmonic Nanoparticles Show Circular Dichroism
COVID Vaccine Shows Promise in Mice Trials
Chemists create quantum dots at room temp using lab-designed protein
Researchers mimic nature to make nanoparticle metallic snowflakes